GA minutes 10/20/11

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GA minutes 10/20/11

Postby breathedeep » Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:49 pm

(Please note there is a discrepancy on the date of this GA from the original post. This was orignially posted as 10/20 in the title, but notes indicated 10/21. As there is a different entry for 10/21, I have posted this as GA 10/20)

General Assembly October 21, 2011 7pm

Agenda Review
Committee Reports
15 Second Announcements
Communication Committee Proposal
Film Series Proposal

Sanitation: First meetings was today. Everyones help is needed on sanitation during move.

Medical: Saturday 6pm meeting for new and old volunteers. New Policy for Medical Tent. Please don’t come into tent unless you are being treated. Please don’t touch medicines/equipment unless you are volunteering.

Peacekeepers: 5pm meeting everyday.

Elders: Addressing issues around inclusion, accessibility, and visibility. They are promoting Bank Transfer day on November 5. Requesting everyone talk to an elder about transferring their bank accounts. Since Nov 5 is a Saturday, can transfer the Friday before or Monday after also.

Visionary: Saturday 2pm Visioning Process
Engineering: Preparing for tomorrows Exodus. General structures should be packed tonight as much as possible. People prepack tonigt as much as possible. Needs: trucks, cars, vans, uhauls at 9am. EPD issued a statementthat they will stop the relocation and issue tickets.
3 phases of the relocation; 1)infastructure 2)private gear 3)clean up by 5pm
Youth: Starting for young people to be part of the movement- address issues of outreach and safety.

Legal: City Manager is saying the Occupation cannot continue after 5pm tomorrow. Sleeping overnight will be considered trespassing. First a warning will be issued and then a ticket. Tickets will mean that you won’t be able to enter a city park for 30 days. Call your city counselor to help stop the city Manager. What kind of legal support exists? Lawyers are available, but no fund is known of besides General fund. Letter was received this afternoon. Someone will be at Occupy Eugene library after GA with his personal computer so
people can send letters and emails.

Morale:Occupy Eugene is more than us here. Please reach out to sympathizers to come support us. Saturday at 5pm is next meeting at Meditation hut.

Info Booth: Please post meeting times and locations of upcoming meetings to info booth. Send meeting times to Web so they can get online. New committee proposal to connect with other Occupy movements all over the country and world. If you are interested in this committe, sign up at the info booth wit contact info and you will be contacted. Considering next Sunday am as first meeting time but this an be moved to meet people’s neeeds.

Finance: Meeting Sunday at 5:30pm. Please make donations at info booth only.

People of color: meeting 2-330 at Cosmic Pizza.

lost wallet
bring 2 people to help tomorrow
BofA protest at 3:30 today. Peace village at Library. let’s work together
Whiteaker Parade at 6:20/7pm on Friday at Hostel
Saturday market vendor; we will keep local economy going on this site after you leave.
Occupy Eugene shirts stashed at info booth are missing. There was no pro-fit making intended only seeking donations to cover costs.
Man wants to go to Portland at 3:30 (day?) and looking for riders to help with gas.
Encouraged to join committee.
Saturday maket artisan looking forward to returning and making living in a good way and thanks Occupy Eugene for what they are doing

Communication Committee Proposal:

Communication Comm wants to be able to pulicize events that they feel will support the goals and values of occupy Eugene (OE) but are not created/started by OE. Lots of events that are good but need to be able to act quickly without waiting for GA. Takes alot of time to get on

GA agenda.

Discussion around scope of this. Concern for what guidelines they are using to decide what to promote.

Decision Passed: Communication Committee is empowered, for one week, to pulicize events not initiated by Occupy Eugene but which support OE and they will use their own discretion as to which events do this. The Communication Committee will create guidelines by which they will decide which events to
promote and present them to the General Assembly.

Film Series: None showed to present idea.

Open Forum: Concerns:
City Manager, Jon Ruez, is not elected official. Please don’t strike tents till 2nd phase.
We are too powerful for the police
Concert later. Lost items.
Let’s keep smoking to minimum. Need for night time info booth staff.
Concern that hand signals are not being used, understood. Couldn’t hear alot of people at the GA and so didn’t feel comfortable participating in concensus process.
Gay rights committee needed.
Stay away from food being cooked. Keep hands out of the the pots. There will be pre-wash set up for dish area. Help in kitchen.
It’s time to say ‘no’ to false wars and people dying under bridges
Let’s look at prison industrial complex. Boycott
Wash hands often.
water out at pumps at toilets.
Quiet hours reminder 11pm-6am.
Important that homeless population has somewhere safe to sleep, food to eat, water to drink. Mentall ill and senior citizens need taken care of.
Let’s express gratitude for food being given to us and pick up garbage.
Glimmer of prosperity.
We are global movement. Iceland rewrote constitution.
Use the buddy system. If you can pay for a ticket and someone elses, get with someone who can’t and buddy up.
Help with sanitation.
No discouragement. We are only limited by how we limit ourselves.
Only demand is demand we place on ourselves. Compassion and mutual respect.
We could create a whole new world.
Torch, LcC’s school paper in support of OE. LCC supports staff and students who support oe.
We can createa whole new world.
Street families are uniting across the country and world.
We need viable alternatives to the money system.
Stop offshore drilling.
We are the solution: getting together as a community.
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