GA minutes 10/21/11

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GA minutes 10/21/11

Postby breathedeep » Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:53 pm

Discussion on the fact that the pavilions where we landed (Alton Baker Park) are rented by other parties on this weekend and the next.


Kitchen Committee – has not set up a temporary site yet.

Visioning Committee – have a meeting tomorrow 2-6pm at the occupation.

Engineering – Thanks to all. Issues of temporary structures, possible school buses set up for our use. Can place kitchen in one of them.

Info Booth – Please have time and location of every committee posted at the info booth by tomorrow.

Sobriety Tent – organizing AA style meetings. If sober, you are encouraged to attend.

Library – meeting tomorrow at 11am NE corner of “far pavilion”

30 sec announcements

Propose that we march at least once a week
Porta-potty in use by homeless car camper community in parking lot, in place for them. Restrooms at the other end of the park. Ladies, dont leave toilet paper on the ground.
Safety issues, being a dark park. Be safe.
Attempting to organize a quiet camp.
“Life is the flash of a firefly in the night. Its the breath of the buffalo in the winter time. Its the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.”
River is nearby, common courtesy to not use bathroom next to river.
Topic suggestion. Talking about a constitutional convention. With out this we are just a mob.
I never met a better batch of people in my whole life. I am two days homeless. Wandering aimlessly. I found you, we are family. Lets all watch each others back like a family that loves each other.
Im glad to be here, we will make a huge difference. Everyone relax, welcome home, dont forget why your here, thank you.
We’re all doing this right now because we want to, for a really good reason. If we create division there will be negative energy, if we stay together there will be a lot of positive energy.
11:30am protest starting in front of Hilton, they will be marching, Kitty Piercy will be there, if we participate we will be in solidarity with them, info will be at the information booth.
Keep this place clean, if your dog poops clean it up, it will make people sick.
Proposal that we talk of this location as a temporary location. Because the pavilions will be rented on the weekend. This may be a more pressing issue, lets make time for that discussion.

Consensus reached that we should talk about our location.

Proposal that we should go back to original location on Sunday.
Proposal that we should go back after November 12th when they are done for the season.
Remark that we need to be more visible.
With this space, being rented by other groups, it makes a scene in the city of Eugene. It also gives us the opportunity to do outreach with them (the groups). Our ability to be flexible in any situation, is what makes this community stronger, and able to last longer.
Fairground suggested as location.
If we interfere with the small business people, we will be giving Wall Street an easy victory, the farmers market, are our friends.
I think it will be very important, to make the move decision, as part of a collective process, at the GA meeting.
There were a lot of considerations, into this location. We all had the opportunity to attend the Logistics meeting.
Pavilions were first on the list.

Decision to speak on the 9am meeting by GA.

First I wanna say, congrats again to us, the park next to downtown, looks fucking incredible. Proposal, for tommorow specifically, we consens to stay out of the way, of the people who have rented the pavilion.
I would like to know if we would like to boycott the people who have rented the pavilion.
Rejected by GA

The feeding of the homeless in the morning, the Halloween event in the afternoon, is an event in the whole park. We should get a map of their event.
I believe that all parks have been reserved for all us people.
The proposal to have marches when we are not allowed to hang out in the pavilion.
Maybe we could join the march that was mentioned earlier, starting at the Hilton, help it grow.
How will we vacate? What will we vacate?

Engineering deputizing everyone again, vacate pavilions before GA, perhaps starting at 6:30, having a general assembly at the new stage location.
Friendly Amendment –propose we vacate tonight.
Consensus reached.

Not sure if we have a PR committee, but if there is someone that is up and around when people come in, and feels comfortable approaching them, to welcome them.

Proposal to open disscussion on permanent location issue.

POI – before we make this decision, point out, no matter how passionate you are about this discussion, but all of us are fatigued, and thusly, unable to think straight. This discusion is important and long, and should be started, after a long nights sleep. It is not something, that anybody wants to avoid, if you feel that it is that important, then you should have the conversation amongst other people who think it is.
I think, underneath the washington-jefferson bridge. Rain season coming, this might be the best place to be.
Proposal to leave the discussion for another time.
Friendly Amendment – next GA at 7am.
Friendly Amendment– GA tomorrow night
Consensus reached that we will table this discussion until tomorrow night.

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