Ga minutes 10/22/11

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Ga minutes 10/22/11

Postby breathedeep » Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:55 pm

General Assembly Meeting October 22, 2011 7:00pm
Facilitator: Getch

-Principles Repeated
-30 second announcements
-Teepee proposal
-To do list for new site


4 restrooms and 1 hand station from Buck’s sanitation coming tomorrow (Sunday) between 6-8am
Folks by the river requested that we not start drum circle until 8:00am
Tomorrow (Sunday) Facilitation training open to all @ 1st Congregational Church on 24th and Harris.
Don’t hesitate to call peacekeepers/identify with white arm bands
Pubic phone at Chevron gas station
Saturday Market vendors praised Occupy for cleanliness of park
Showers available in morning 10-11 @ Eugene Mission
Peacekeepers may cause problems with street kids if hassling too much
Some people seeing problems with committees
some people seeing problems with too much structure/rules
4 corners gas station offers showers, computer access
Eugene 11th largest occupation out of 1570, larger than cities with over half million people
Venting session proposed to express any growing rifts
20 Minute sharing session approved with majority pole taken

Sharing Session

-It’s still a process
-Occupation has occupied my mind, heart, hands, pace ourselves
-Here to see what democracy might look like
-Need to trust, this is a learning process that most of us are not experts, we are all still figuring it out
-Waiting my whole life for this, still very overwhelming
-Sustainability includes self care and communication
-Get out on the streets with signs more
-Families glad to be accepted, sorry we’re rough and tumble, we love you
-This is the most positive meeting I’ve heard yet
-More outreach
-Reminder of Nov. 5th Bank Day
-Public school teacher-39 kids in their class, WRONG
-Looking for dry erase board for workshops on what is now and what could be
-Part of solution is identifying problem, think about what problems are and put them in personal terms

Committee Reports

Vision: Met today (Saturday) from 2-6pm
Discussed 3 questions: What are we doing here, what do we know is true for all of us, what do we want to accomplish. Results will be posted in forums and on fliers. Encouraged to think about the ?’s. Tues 5:30 next mtg.

Elders: Confusion on what is an elder. Answer: If your an elder, you know it!
Mission statement created. Action item, bank transfer day, talk to your elders about transferring their money. Meeting times in information booth.

Kitchen: Stuff disappearing. If you see someone lurking around kitchen, ask if you can help them, bring dishes back to kitchen, help with dish washing!asking for patience @ meal times.

Morale: Open mic talent show every Thursday from 2-6pm. Working on reaching out to other sites to grow stronger. Need projector, screen, computer and internet signal.

Sanitation: Scrape plates in compost, utensils go in plastic recycling or wash and re-use please, paper plates in trash,help pick up plates lying around, need volunteers to sort garbage areas, need buckets for committee tents trash.

Engineering: Meeting tomorrow (Sunday) @info booth 1:00pm. If you have lighting concerns, need help building structures, bring issues then. Spoke with people at Parks dept., worried about rope around trees, please wrap cardboard around the tree, under the rope, ask for help if needed.

Library: Cross mingle of ideas every day at 11:00am @ library

Peacekeeping: will continue having trainings

Facilitation: Trying to figure out issue of getting items to the GA

*No representatives for legal or financial, should be incentives to join those groups!

Teepee Proposal

Proposal to set up a 27for Teepee with a fire
Parks & Recreation allow open fires as long as they are being cooked on and always attended
Clarification that it will be a community fire
Built on raised metal
concerns on fire; individual fires vs. community fires, making sure someone is attending fire, need wide stable base and buckets of water on site
Consensus reached to table item to tomorrow’s (Sunday) GA with a more detailed proposal

To do for New Site

Bring back occupy bulletin board (engineering will work on in next few days)
Children’s area
More outreach
Down to 32 degrees Sunday night, get blankets, warm clothes, tents EARLY
Teamsters support us!! They have blankets and sleeping bag to donate
Should be 12 or more people attending bridge @ all times
Find way to make entrance more attractive, composting isn’t 1st thing people see
Think about next protest
Toilet Paper inside info booth
Idea for collection of business cards on board of all people in town who support us along with personal testimony of support. Our job to to out and get cards! Find Ellie to help.

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