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GA Minutes 10/23/11

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:57 pm
by breathedeep
General Assembly Meeting Minutes
October 23, 2011 7:00am
Facilitator: Christi

*review of hand signals


Porta Potties
Committee Announcements
General Announcements
Park Events
Homeless Ticketing
Underage Children
Closer Living Quarters
Smoking/dog poop/loose dogs

Porta Potties

*Reminder that morning GA cannot make major decisions
4 porta potties and 1 hand sanitizer are supposed to be coming this morning
Proposal to use Occupy funds to pay for porta potties
Consensus reached on bringing the proposal to night GA

Committee Announcements

Engineering: Look at newspaper to see Occupy being praised by Sat. market!, goals not to get in the way of the park, engineers are going to build a line of boundary to respect activities and events going on in pavilion (people rent out pavilion in advance and pay). We want good PR for causes coming through and using space (Walk for Cure, Nearby Nature etc.) give them space and don’t harass them. refuse and sanitation will be putting buckets around tents. Bring own recycling/trash to main container.

Peace Keepers: Normal conversation in pavilions sounds louder than it is. Several instances with camp last night all handled well. Details of incidents in peace keeping binder.

General Announcements

*Consensus reached on proposal to bring discussion around the barriers between camp and pavilions to tonight’s evening GA

Children’s area will have babies crying even at quiet times, they are babies
Suggestion to connect events happening throughout the community (communications committee meets Monday at 6:00 at Public library)
Student sign makers caught up and plan on getting back in action

Park Events

Make signs
Getting great press from other people using park (Nearby Nature, hopefully Race for a Cure)
Give out fliers
Help clean up their trash

Homeless Ticketing

Not a worry, camp is legal
Will not get tickets for unloading cars on gravel


Respect for Dave/round of applause for facilitators last night
Worry about priorities/things being tabled
Concern around people not being heard/feeling shut down by facilitators
Whole process is structured so that people can be heard
Suggestion for vibes watcher committee/mediation between people that feel like they are not being heard.
Reminder of today’s (Sunday)facilitation training
Normal experience in all communities and groups working with consensus
Goal of facilitators not to be rude, differentiate personal views from role of facilitator while facilitating
Facilitation is a difficult job, we must be patient!!

Underage Children

Incident last night with older man sexual assaulting underage female. He was removed from site by peace keepers.
Way to look at issue: it is a societal issue that is not being addressed
Suggestion to seek help from community organizations that are trained around these areas (cahoots has been asking how they can help)
Peace keepers can ask individuals to leave site
Suggestion to start committee on helping underage homeless/street kids. Meet after breakfast, ask some of the kids to join the group, they are already feeling empowered from the occupation-awesome, clans are coming together, good things happening

Closer Living Quarters

Reminder that we cannot make decisions for the whole, must happen at evening GA
Brainstorm session, villages considered, more of an autonomous area for those seeking less regulation
Lend support to street kids, give them a little room.
Don’t move closer, fill in
Start to have 2 way conversation outside of meetings on issue

Smoking/Dog Poop/Loose Dogs

Consensus reached on bringing proposal to evening GA
Proposal: Personal camping areas have autonomy in regards to smoking. Cannot smoke in Occupy community covered areas.

People at this GA, please come to the meeting to talk about proposal and support it.

Suggestion to put up doggie bag pole
Small buckets for poop
Dogs must be kept in line of sight
Not dog problem, but person problem for those not watching out for their dogs