GA Minutes 10/30/11

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GA Minutes 10/30/11

Postby breathedeep » Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:01 pm

Occupy Eugene GA Notes from Monday, October 30, 2011 at Millrace


Committee reports

Facilitation team:

John, lead facilitator
Christina I, note taker

Committee Reports
Jesse, Medical, reports that medical tent hours are 8 am to 11 pm; please find Jesse in his tent next to the medical tent if you need help overnight.

Facilitator Committee will meet tomorrow at noon.

Legal/Research will make info available on future sites online and in the info booth. To propose a new site, research on the space is required.

Kristen, Action, invites members to come to Mill Race tomorrow to get “zombified” for Halloween marches.

Esteban, Education, invites members to come to Mill Race for two marches on UO campus tomorrow; the first will march from the occupation site at 9 am, the second from EMU amphitheater at pm.

Peacekeeper committee will meet on Tuesday.

Attendee announces that she is looking into making lawn signs for Occupy Eugene, to be used as an outreach tool.

Jean has placed 100 copies of a flier related to Bank Transfer Day at the info booth.

Another member is making 2000 buttons for Occupy Eugene.

Vince, a community television journalist, wants to interview members.

An attendee is leaving information on the occupation of Palestine at the info booth.

Eugene Free School is willing to send teachers. Please contact them to let them know what classes we want.

Lenders are pushing students into debt. MIT offers coursework materials free and online at

A UO professor will bring a group of student to Mill Race on Tuesday at 9 am.

Please check Google calendar for events information.

OE now has a premium account for livestreaming.

There are not enough people at the morning GA to make decisions.

John, the facilitator, will put a flier about the history of corporate personhood, dating back to the 1800s, at the info booth.

Moya asks elders to speak to us with stories that help put this movement into a historical and global context.

Two covered smoking areas will be created, on one side of the camp, past the kitchen, and the other near the lights on the other side of camp. GA reaches full consensus on this proposal with a friendly amendment requesting that smokers use the area furthest from the kitchen as a first choice, especially at meal times.
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