11-19-11 PM GA Minutes

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11-19-11 PM GA Minutes

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11/19/11 Occupy Eugene General Assembly


30 Second Announcements
Committee Reports
10am GA
December 15th

Facilitator: Sam Rutledge
Minutes Taker: Jennefer Harper
Ustreamer: Rob Sydor

Kid March Recap; “Banker, Banker” sign-a-long
Dome Reminder-
Community Agreement: 10am to after the end of the GA, the dome is a public space. Please do not store your personal stuff in it or sleep in it during these public space times.
Sam would like our permission to facilitate. He doesn’t use direct response. Guy volunteered to one-on-one with people.

East Blair housing co-op at 4th and Adams benefit until 1am. $2 - $2000 sliding scale fundraiser for Occupy Eugene. Lots of bands playing. No one turned away for lack of funds.
Dave Hazen announcements: 1) Monday 28th Cozmic Pizza Community Conversation
2) 5th 12th Dec 6pm UO Community Conversation with speakers @ Harris Hall
3) Tues Nove 22nd 3:30 pm at Dome is a planning committee for these events. Team Meeting!
Blackhorse: 16X20 foot canvass drying/missing. FOUND! @ Vet tent
Lunch on the Banks idea: Let’s shut at least one down every day!
Sobriety committee not reforming, but starting over from scratch. A couple incidences today due to substances. If interested in joining the committee, talk to Bridget.
This Monday at Cozmic, movie VIWW free! Educational movie Inside Job at maybe 7pm.
If you’ve had a bad or rough day, pet a dog (?). Do dishes & pick up trash. Some people are disgusted by it!

Committee Announcements:
Legal/Safety- Rumours going around camp that is not true. No one has died in our camp. There was one overdoes today. No one died. Conversations with police regarding ways to permanently ban people from camp and reintegrate them.
Arrestee Support- Changed Jail Support to Arrestee Support committee. First committee today. 15 showed up. Goal: organize so people are supported if they go to jail and do fundraisers for supplies to make support happen. Very productive, lots of brainstorming. Will post next meeting online. Come get involved! Need more support for when jailbirds get out of jail.
Education Alliance- Lots of teach-ins coming up! 21st @ Bin Linder EMU debate about administration . Not OE conference, but related. 29th teach in/OE teach in discussion with professors. 30th National Walk Out! Student or faculty urged to walk out this day. 3-5 Tuesday Bin Linder EMU room. Michael Stern will be there for sure.
Engineering- Tomorrow work party! Road and infrastructure system. Tonight we’ll draw a draft. Work in progress. Will stake out roadway. Will have to move some tents. 5foot wide path needed. Medical access road needed. Let’s make roads tomorrow. Bring stakes!!! Hammers, shovels, wheel barrows, trucks. We need those things! Bring hay, leaves, straw, bark-o-mulch. Carpet, landscaping stuff. Road work party Sunday!! 10am at engineering area→ meet there. Don’t camp in work area. Please don’t camp in the fenced off area. Please move if you are camped there right now. Can the City deliver free leaves to the site? Eli will call City.

Communication- Will do some more media trainings. Calendar items can be forwarded to calendar address which is online. How much money is the city saving from having Occupy here? We’re researching here. Press Releases needed before and after events. Please talk to communications about events. We’re thinking about having a town crier to get information distributed. Talk to communications. Tuesday at 5:30pm talking about Buy Nothing Day. Come to this next meeting in the Dome.
Kitchen- We got a lot of construction going on. Stay away if you are not getting a meal. Please wait for the next meal. 1 and 6 for lunch and dinner. Coming Monday there will be no dishes or utensils provided. Bring your own clean dishes. 1pm Chili cook off with Vets for peace. Closed on Thanksgiving. Come down to the Whiteaker School, that’s where we will be having dinner. FYI Big John was interviewed on KLCC. It was a great interview. We think it is up on the website.

If you want to be on the facilitation team, come to our next weekly meeting Saturday at 2pm in the dome. We are holding a committee peer training on Dec 3rd, and then will offer the training to the whole community.

Next action on Thursday at 11:45pm at Valley River Center. There will be a flash mob action. Come dressed like a “normal consumer.” We will occupy the midnight madness!!!
Neighborhoods Proposal-
Lots of issues with safety and accountability. Disrespect and non-helping going on in the Occupation. There are some people here who are not contributing to the movement. Basic needs must be met, but then what??
TarpTopia! What a community! Also got the Street Kids camp, Juggalo camp. Recognized neighborhoods in the Occupy.
Proposal: To officially recognize these neighborhoods as a community and not dismiss it as “nothing.” We will use this as a basis to build infrastructure.
We are eventually going to run out of space here. After roads, and neighborhoods go up, every square inch will be occupied. Hospitality is coming up with a list of campers, neighborhoods, etc. Maybe each “neighborhood” can send a representative. ?
Will plot a map? Yes! All roads will have names. This was discussed at the Grand Assembly. Did you think about: How do you think it will affect the overall sense of community here in the Occupation? It is complete chaos here! We need to recogize communities here. It is hard to get everyone here to the GAs. It may help build community here.
Are we tip-toeing around the issue of homelessness with this proposal? Need a clear sense of who is politicized, and who aren’t.
Please don’t name our streets after things that will give the Occupy bad PR.
Let’s offer people a reason to join the Occupy site.
Proposal: Let’s all be one neighborhood!
Some people have had to move many times while at the Occupy. This proposal will help lessen the need to move around. The representative idea- from coming from neighborhoods to the GAs is liked by many.
Segregation could be a problem.
Some people think the proposal is a wonderful idea. We are a microcosm of communities. Reminds some of the Folkmote Spokes Council.
Lots of different life styles here. This proposal might help.
Point of information: “Neighborhoods” are already sending representatives to the GAs.
How will the neighborhoods be decided or names? Self-identifying is how neighborhoods will be created.
Neighborhoods allow people to camp in their neighborhoods if persons follow the neighborhood’s rules.
This is already happening. Are we going to drive out people?? You don’t have to be part of a neighborhood. It can encourage community connections.
Batman announced that anyone can submit a suggestion to the Bat Box in the Info Booth.
Call for consensus: Strong reservations? No. Stand asides? No. Blocks? No.

Proposal: We will have morning GA meetings everyday at 10am.
Some people really like this idea. The woman who was pushing for 7am GA meetings has withdrawn her blocking concerns and really likes this idea.
Friendly amendment: AM GA will send a report to the PM GA.
Can the PM change decisions that were made at AM GA? Yes, any proposal can be reconsidered.
This is an incentive for people interested in camp issues.
Some big issues like Safety might be something the PM GA might want to consider.
If someone at a PM GA has a strong concern about an AM GA decision, it can be readdressed.
Morning GA can discuss anything at all that they want, but only decisions pe
Stand Asides=0 Bock=0
Who is going to convene the first AM GA at 10am Sunday???/
Elli will put together a sign up sheet to facilitate GAs

Proposal: We recognize it as a goal to form a unifying statement using the GAs. CONSENSED
Statement of purpose, list of demands, a sentence, a laundry list of grievances. This must be something we all agree to. If we don’t agree by the deadline, that’s okay. We must start discussing why we are here as a group. This will help people take us more seriously. It should not be our end all statement because our goals are many and ever revolving/evolving.
Where & how will we contribute to this statement: At GAs.
We are crafting language. Is there a form?
This proposal is regarding what we want to do, not the means.
Should we have this ready by the time of the City “meeting?”
Some people are against having a statement.
City Meeting is: 2nd and 4th Monday. (?)
3 minutes available for people to speak. Occupiers should come!
Friendly Amendment: Change date to “by December __7th___” CONSENSED
Stand Aside: 0 Blocks=0
December 8th we can put copies in the City’s packets for the meetings.
Dec 12th- is the next meeting, we think.
November 28th we can speak at as well.
Next GA: Luke will bring a proposal addressing the means to do this ^^ (means to draft goal)
Friendly Amendment: Allow a set amount of time at GAs to do this if needed. CONSENSED
Stand Aside
We should give preference to issues pertaining to this goal at GAs.
Friendly Amendment: One goal per week? (Ellie will re-draft this.)
Does OE have a declaration?
One Demand?
Why haven’t we adopted the Declaration of Occupation from NY/Wall Street?
Date: December 12th. Can we release it to the media earlier? How about: At least by the 10th. Eclipse, full moon day on a Saturday. Okay, let’s do it by the 8th then. ? Oh, but it’s a Thursday. Do we have GAs then? Evening before the 7th would be best so it can go in City’s packet.
Do we really need it in the packet? If we give it to them in advance, council people will read it and think about it.

1pm Wednesday 8th Court Date for the Eugene Seventeen
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