11/21/11 7pm GA minutes

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11/21/11 7pm GA minutes

Postby Luke Novak » Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:05 pm

GA Minutes Mon Nov 21

Committee Reports

Action: Flash Mob Black Friday at VRC
Next meeting monday at 5
Global action 10th
Shut down ports on west coast (portland/coos bay) 12th

Removal procedures ask Carla
Its online
Code of conduct/standards for safety online as well

Needs help
Emergency meeting @ 10am
Opened up a tent for offsite organizers
Raffle system for blankets/tarps etc...

Moving right along
Still under construction
Don't provide dishes, its your responsibility
Bring a clean plate.
Keep your dishes
Water is now out front for access.
Creating water committee to fill it.
Incorporating utilities under public works. Kitchen/Sanitation/Electrical/Engineering
No kitchen on thanksgiving, go to whit dinner
Times posted in kitchen
Cloths @ 8 food @ 11

Still have needs
List is on general list on the website
Under medical comm and finance
Donations are slow
More sleeping bags/tents for those who want to camp but don't have supplies
working on cpr classes

New dome for womens center
Buying big roll of shrink rap for domes
Josh and Peter are awesome, and are picking it up
Building a floor for the current dome
Looking for secure storage for work yard
UO Prof wants to hold his class here on site next term (Chuck/Social Movements)
We assume there is no plan B we are here until further notice

United statements:
Coming up with unified statement by dec 7th for city council
Want a discussion at GA
If you have goals, or ideas talk to Luke

Edu Alliance
Meeting 3-5 @ ben linder on campus
Teach in 29th discussing occupational movement
30th in solidarity national walkout day with profs/students UO/Lane
12:15 walkout march to EMU with discussion about athletics vs. academics Salaris student debt
Asking for occupiers to march to walkout

Report for committees
Outreach booth in holiday hall @ fairgrounds this weekend
Need volunteers for booth
Bring flyers from your committee
Organizers committee for 2 week trial.
Going back to ga every night
Committee structure reform meeting to create new structure
Slated/requested to have a review of spokes council
Bring us art
Go to art walk
Peer training dec 3rd is closed
Looking for people
Going back to GAs

Robin hood tax
Tax financial transactions
Proposal in congress
Asking for consensus of support for HR 3313 Robin hood tax
.03% tax on "wall street financial transactions"
Proposed by defazio and other congressmen
Rob: Collective visioning was supposed to be a collective statement, not this
Committee felt it was time for the movement to define itself in a positive way.
Why is the tax so low?
Similar to europe's proposal
So low to get passed, intended for huge transactions of super wealthy
Designed to stop "robo-stock trading"
Kirsten Unacceptable to be endorsed, the system is fucked
To make endorsements of politics in any way is a failure
We are here to show a different system, politics/politicians are not okay
We can not endorse these things
Politicians are hijacking the movement, and its a huge failure to tie occupy to politics
You might as well spit in our faces @ .03%
Doesn't like legislation/taxes
ALl the atrocities that have been committed and corporations have done their share
But the government has done theirs. More taxes for the government means more money for the tyranny
The movement is a league of its own, and does not support the established powers that be.
To have this as our first statement is silly.
Truth is young men dream dreams, old men have visions. Help the people with nothing
This is revelation people open up your eyes.
Tons of transactions around the world. Unbelievable amounts. Tiny brake on this.
Step to slowing down the process of global economics that caused current collapse.
If you spend money, and get benefits from government you are involved.
If you have something better, propose it
Stand in solidarity with OWS
Individual feelings vs. What OE endorses. Its a good bill individually, but
as a movement this is not what we need to step out with
Jeremy: Agrees with not endorsing this. What might be beneficial is to say this is not enough.


Offsite GA proposal:
Lots of involvement online, but its NOT here
Proposing an off site GA once a week to get more participation
Whatever your reasons we stand in solidarity with other occupations stand in solidarity together
People don't want to come to camp.
Want to respect everyone in the community here and elsewhere.

Reopen the discussion?
2 blocks
Failure to recognize the occupancy's power, opportunity to take steps to deal with trauma that our nation
is responsible for.
3 peoples comments faster than talking about talking again
Blocks were uncalled for
Robin hood tax/unified statement should talk about it at the GA's and come together
2.5 weeks to define ourselves as a movement. We need to start thinking out of the box
We define ourselves as much what we do as what we don't do
Defining ourselves by being here and doing what we are doing.
Need to start thinking differently
Dropped the proposal. No more tongue lashing, move on.

Back to business:
Decision making body? Where?
Available rooms on campus, west coast cat and dog
Bus to ferry people to location
Holman hall at courthouse
Saturday grand assembly/GA combination
More participation and more involvement, people aren't coming
Why can't you call it a community meeting, but not make decisions
If we agree to HAVE the meeting, then we can begin to discuss logistics
55w broadway is a spot.
Warm, better parking walking distance
Don't call it a general assembly, open forum, working group or something
Acknowledgement of why it is offsite? We need this
Calling it a forum may cause confusion and concern about decisions offsite.
Gaining more support i9s a good idea. Tread lightly.
Strong request not to have a decision making body.
Ally: Likes the idea, community outreach forum. Give a summary and statement of intent
Wouldn't want to confuse people outside of camp. Really important
Friendly amendment: Town Hall meeting every other week
Sweet: Bring the camp to them. In favor of the shuttle bus. Take everyone out there, in favor of the university.
Outreach at UO is really well. Feed this. Merging together with Education Alliance. Keep ourselves
Open to many different locations, to help diversify.
Glad this is happening, online discussion. No matter what the source, THIS is the occupy, and outreach is good. Get out of your comfort zone. Encourage that. Accommodate, but don't split who we are.
Can move a meeting offsite here, or there. Would like to warn moving the majority of our meetings offsite.
Advise to do it sparingly. The more you leave, the worse it gets.
People want to take possession of Occupy without the inconvenient "problems". If you start having meetings other places, and then more offsite meetings. Terrible effect on this movement.
Critical we move out into the neighborhoods. Support in circles we don't see. Every week is preferable.
For coming here, parking and a picture of the GA in the dome. Expand.
Agrees going out into the community. Likes town hall ID. Splinter groups are happening. Unify these
groups, not division.
Senior citizen occupy group @ the library. Going on right now.
Folks from camp attending the meetings.
Occupy the splinter groups.
Understands where we are coming from, this is the heart of it here.
Different conversations in different parts. Talking about different things at different places.
Formualte some sort of system that brings it all back to center.
People outside can be really heard. Strengthen as a whole
Remember morning GA's? They were great, no one was going.
Dissolution happened because of participation.
If it can't make decisions, it might not continue.
Friendly amendment(Argus): Outreach only
Worried about decisions, but committees can do actions without approval.
Letting the nature flow, groups are going to form. These groups are valuable.
What types of decisions need to come to the GA?
Actions must be able to occupy sometimes without consensus.
I'm just a dumbass kid, 55 years, alcoholic, fa la la la. Happened to be homeless here
Listening to us every night since we have been here. Agree with lots we are saying.
Thank you for coming here, been floating around for 1.5 homeless, just got here.
Don't know where were going next, but I'm coming with you.
If we had decisions at the offsite meeting, could be hijacked by people here.
If its one a week, and we DONT have one, I would imagine most of us will go there, if its nearby.
Allowing decisions offsite could be dissolution or evolution. Weigh both.
Derek: I am for this, if it were a temporary thing for the next few months, until we get the camp Purdy.
Were trying to get it so housies can better participate with OE.
We are well on our way to addressing the issues of why they don't want to come.
Argus:Ammend to call it an open forum. People have no clue what we are about.
Informational presentations, "mock" GA Don't move too many meetings offsite. Trial run.
Have people fill out a form why they don't come for our knowledge. First topic of the GA there this to
Have them acknowledge that. Every week.
Move grand assembly to cat and dog on saturday @ 4.
Need to reach out to the splinter groups.
Call for consensus to move grand assembly offsite saturday @ 4
Argus stand aside. Calling it a grand assembly will make it a decision making a body.
Already said the grand assembly doesn't make decision. There is a precedent.
Proposal passed with 1 stand aside.
Stand aside addressed.
Friendly amendment to change the name to Open Forum. Agreement in crowd.
Suggested that we keep this list, as a description for what this Open Forum represents.
Grand assembly reintroduced.
Open Assembly suggested. Agreement in crowd.
If there are people who only come to the grand assembly, to them, that would be the GA. This way it is the OA.
Open Assembly name change agreed to with no stand asides.
Location discussion tabled until tomorrow's GA.

Occupy Eugene Open Assembly
Every Saturday @ 4pm
No decision making ability concerning Occupy Eugene, can develop proposals to be brought to GA.
Have participants tell why they don't show up to the General Assembly.
Informative of process - getting more to camp.
Locations? may differ. -West Coast Dog and Cats -55 W Broadway -UO Campus
Getting people out of their comfort zone.
Outreach only.
Don't move too many meetings off site.
Revisit proposal in at least two months.
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