How to Write GA Minutes - TRAINING

Please post all general assembly meeting minutes here. Arrange them by Year, Month and Day (e.g., Minutes GA 10/20/2011).

How to Write GA Minutes - TRAINING

Postby KatieDee » Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:50 pm

GA Minutes writing training Sunday Dec. 5 3:30-5
Location TBD

Occupy Eugene GA Minutes Training
by Katie Dee, Jennefer and Karen

What to write down

*List the agenda
*Note the facilitation team
*Record the date
*For smaller meetings: Can record who is present/absent (Not recommended for GA’s)
*Substance of what happens during the meeting
*Include general comments rather than specific comments from individuals (Ex. Some people thought it was a good idea vs. Katie, Jennefer, and Guy thought it was a good idea.)
*Each agenda item, followed by the discussion of it (can summarize in one paragraph)
*Any proposals/decisions made by the GA
*The outcomes of any proposals: Unsuccessful, Consensed, friendly amendments
(**The most important thing to capture in minutes are Consensed Proposals!)
*concerns about proposals, clarifications
*Note the progression of a proposal: Did it fall back to 90% consensus or did we reach 100% consensus? Etc.
*Note number of stand asides, reasons for stand asides
*Note number of blocks, and reasons for blocks
*Note stated concerns
*Remember: It is okay to interrupt the meeting (talk to the facilitator) if you miss something.
*List any tabled items

Best to sit up front, use a laptop if you have one


Read past meeting minutes to get an idea of what has gone on recently, and to get a feel for what our GA minutes should look like

For more information on notetaking and the consensus process, see Tree Bressen's website:

Posting minutes

Post minutes to the forums within 12 hours of the GA, if possible. Ask the rest of us for help if needed.

When posting to the forums, format email addresses like this: minutes [at] occupyeugene dot com (to fend off spam bots)


Email Katie at katiedee [at] riseup dot net or Jennefer at jenneferharper [at]
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Re: How to Write GA Minutes

Postby emeraldopalite » Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:45 am


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Re: How to Write GA Minutes - TRAINING

Postby emeraldopalite » Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:16 am

This training is happening today, Sunday, December 4th! Hope to see you all there!
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