OE GA Minutes 11/26/11

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OE GA Minutes 11/26/11

Postby emeraldopalite » Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:49 am

11/26/11 Occupy Eugene General Assembly Agenda

Minutes by: Jennefer Harper
Co-facilitators: John Flannery, Joe Tyndall
Livestreamer: Joshua McWhorter

Opening Morale
The Outlaw wrote a song and sang it for us. Guitar and drum accompaniment.

Intro Rap/Hand Signals

Committee Reports

Neighborhood Action Committee-
245 Van Buren at noon on Sunday meeting. Important meeting regarding foreclosure. We will occupy those homes if nothing else can be done. They need a facilitator. John F. will facilitate.


Will renew the space to lift the energy. Show up in the morning if you have stuff in the tipi. They will be clearing out the space and placing stuff in the Info Booth. Noon is deep cleaning time. We want to keep this family space sacred. Please talk to Blackhorse. Move your stuff out of the tipi if you are storing it there. Family campers can keep stuff there, but must claim it by noon Sunday.

Rob (Safety?)-

EPD dropped 24 “undesireables” (child molester in RV van) on the Occupy Site.
Peacekeepers please give this “Good Neighbor Agreement” to the offender, have them sign it, and remove them.
Safety meeting tomorrow at noon at the World Café.
Document is found at Info Booth.
The police are dumping people here! Eyewitness to these happenings.
Do we have a welcoming committee? We need one.

The raffle has been suspended until 10 people sign up for it! Come to the Info Booth to sign up. Get a raffle ticket. Lots to give away! You must come to a GA. Tents, blankets, sleeping bags & more to give away! Smuj needs lots of help in the Info Booth. Please see her to help out.

Facilitation Committee-
Today was our weekly meeting. We discussed a lot of stuff and will soon be offering an Occupy wide facilitation training. We need more people to help out with facilitation. Please email interest to the address on the web, or contact Jennefer after the GA.

Travelling committee AKA Ambassador Committee-
Leaving in March and heading eastward. Maybe some short trips to the west coast. Come to the dome at noon. Don’t kill the romance before it starts?

Safety/Police Dumping Discussion Item
Shall we get a signed safety card per person and you need it in order to get fed?
Safety Guidelines should be on a really big sign.
Some of our signs are a little depressing.
October 18th We consensed to adopt the Occupy Portland guidelines. These were read.
How do we interpret these guidelines?
Melinda takes the incoming Occupy calls. She reports that some people feel unsafe with the thought to even coming down here. However, some people do take away golden morsels when leaving.
How can we separate the topic of Police dumping and safety? They are related.
Please come to the Safety Committee Meeting noon Sunday at World Café.
There are some undercover cops onsite(?) (unconfirmed?)
Can we do anything else besides just informing offenders of the community agreements?
There is already a Safety Committee Proposal in a working group. Rob’s proposal seems bolder and perhaps better.
We have the social right if not the legal right to expel people from the site.
Remember: Some police are our friends; however, some are not!
We have a social contract here, folks!
Some people think we should put in a certain amount of hours of work at Occupy.
We really need a welcoming committee!!
People are weary to sign stuff.
Who is going to enforce any number of hours worked?
We can make “Citizen Arrests.”
Portland and Boston have adopted removal processes.
Joshua Welch, Krystal Kroslin are registered police officers. Joshua does not have a badge but claims that his wife does. (unconfirmed!)

Proposal: Code of Conduct (See pic-doc)
Can we get some more signs made?
Get a lanyard and wear it.
Why doesn’t the Safety Committee post their contact info and meeting info on the calendar?
The website is a really important thing. Communication Committee might be in charge of the website.
We should wait for the Safety Committee to report back before we consider any additional proposals regarding removal of persons.

New Committees/Working Groups Forming?

Sound Healing Committee-
Tones w/no words. David is convening it. Let’s meet in the tipi at 4:20pm on Sunday.

A second committee was formed, but I could not understand what the speaker announced. Something about spreading love.


General Announcements

Representation from Occupy needed for a group meeting regarding smart meters. Meeting: 6:30 pm this Wednesday at EWEB.

Petition to mayor and city council asking them to extend Occupy’s stay at Washington Jefferson Park. 5418702580 Jean for petitions.

See Peacekeepers if stuff gets stolen and you need help getting it back.

Cozmic Benefit tonight for Occupy Eugene. Please go down, there will be music and speakers. All money raised goes to help fees incurred by people arrested at protests.

KWVA 88.1 radio needs a female speaker/guest tonight from 10pm and midnight to speak about Occupy Eugene. Call Esteban at 3144887608 if interested.

Alternative to Violence workshop possibility coming up! Stay tuned & watch the calendar online. Katherine Bragg is the person who does this. Perhaps an offsite location.

We need 5 more lights on site, especially around the port-a-potties. People are stealing toilet paper. Geez.

Closing Morale
Ended with high fives!
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