OE GA Minutes 11/29/11

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OE GA Minutes 11/29/11

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Occupy Eugene General Assembly 11-29-11 Meeting Minutes

Committee Reports
Organizers’ Meeting Proposal
Removal Discussion

Facilitator: John Flannery
Livestreamer: Rob Sydor
Minutes By: Jennefer Harper

A beautiful, originally written song about Occupy was sung and strum on guitar by Ben.

Committee Reports:
Neighorhood Foreclosure Committee-
Concern about occupying already foreclosed homes because that would be trespassing.
We are not occupying foreclosed homes right now.
5:30 pm at Reality Kitchen is the next meeting tomorrow!

Library Committee-
Going to occupy Kesey Square/informational sit-in. Date TBA

Safety Cluster Committee-
On Sunday, smashed their way through some safety agreements. This is a social contract. No alcohol, drugs, weapons, etc. Medic, Peacekeeper, Mental Health personnel & more will make up a group that will intervene with someone who violates the contract. Everyone will have to sign it. This will be brought to the GA. It will be printed, talked about at a GA, put online. Your tent is your domicile.

Research/Legal Committee-
Sgt Jen Bills (head of SWAT Team) mtg, Thursday morning with City Manager, Mayor, Sgt. Bills, and others. Signs on trees & fences need to come down. Signs cannot be hung near the street. There is overflow trash. Needs to be taken care of. There is a hole in the fence. Open fires, not okay. Hostility from people around fire when cops came by. The more compliance shown, the increase the chance of City support. Police officers noted: Generalized hostility at the camp. Illegal parking in yellow zones. Open fires w/tents are tarps are a bad combo. Can we use fire-proof tarps instead? If you fall asleep or become inattentive, something could catch on fire. Where is the triage tent? We need to mark it. Next Meeting: 5pm 55 W. Broadway.
Officer Kerns said most officers are supportive, and said he would try to find out about “dumping.” Get name and badge number and patrol car number. Offenders are being dropped off at 5th Street and the people being dumped are walking over to the Occupy Site.
10 am walk through Wednesday morning by park maintenance group.
Campaign sized signs are okay. Nothing on the fence.
Document interactions with police: Both good and bad.
Chief Kerns said dumping is not appropriate.
There is also an Organizer’s Meeting tomorrow at 6pm at 55 W. Broadway.

Actions Committee-
Upcoming actions:
Gonna work with Whitaeker Action Group
Dec 10th: Another action
West Coast Port Dec 12th (maybe carpools to go up to Portland on the 12th.) 4 Medics are going up to Portland on the 12th to be on hand.

Systemic Change Working Group-
An actual teach-in here onsite; a week from next Sunday, we’ll have the first Constitution Class. December 11th.
This will happen every Sunday after-

Communications Committee-
Friday at 5:30pm in the dome (meeting).
Get quotes, photos, count money at OE events.
Saturday at 2pm in the dome, meeting.
Tell us: What, When, Where, Why? Needed for events so we can get stuff up right away.

Kitchen Committee-
Doing lots of construction so can’t always stop and get people snacks. Don’t forget: You need to bring your own CLEAN dishes, utensils, etc. Kitchen is not providing anymore. The dish cleaning zone is open for the community to use. If the water is dirty, YOU can change it. It’s there for your use. We have been having a hard time getting water to the site. Take a bucket to 7-Eleven and fill it up with the hose. Ask 7-Eleven first. Be respectful! The blue vessel is drinking water supply. We need a water committee. 2/ 250 bladder from Glory Bee are being attained. These are vessels we can fill with water. Feeding 75-100 people for breakfast , 100-150 for lunch; 150-300 for dinner & always more on the weekend. Willy will head water committee.

5:30 Wednesday Medical meeting

Women’s Space-
It’s here, contact Geneva if interested.

To schedule General Assemblies and Coordination Meetings on alternating evenings at 7pm at least four nights a week: General Assemblies on Tuesdays and Fridays, Coordination Meetings on Mondays and Thursdays. This would not affect the current scheduling of Grand/Open Assemblies on Saturdays, and leaves it optional to have General Assemblies, Coordination Meetings, Open Assemblies, Spirit Circles, or any other form of collective activity on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Big John and Ira tasked with drafting a proposal for a Coordinators’ Meeting at the Sunday special meeting. Some reservations were expressed about altering a proposal that was originally drafted by another working group. However, it was claimed that the proposal brought forth tonight had shifted into something other than the original proposal that Rob Miller and CJ submitted.
Purpose/Intent: How to make GAs most effective as possible. Not when we have to meet every night.
This is a working group, not a deciding body. ← This needs to be a friendly amendment.
We need to talk about how this proposal was formed, how the meeting on Sunday came together. We need to stop subverting ourselves. There was a working group who had been working for a month on something like this. A concern about the process this proposal has come about has strongly been voiced. Some feel like another’s committee’s work has been subverted.
The Sunday meeting discussion of Rob and CJ’s proposal was considered, but the group felt that it didn’t meet our needs and a different proposal was suggested.
Concern: Why and How was the proposal was brought up?
Some feel that the content is not at issue; it is the process and principles that are at question.
Some think that it would have been better if Rob and CJ could have been part of the Sunday meeting. They couldn’t attend.
Should we have an Emergency Committee? Some people think this proposal is coming out of a sense of emergency.
It’s hard to remember when we have meetings some nights, but not others. It might alienate some people.
Rob’s concerns: Processes can always get more horizontal. The intent is to help us be more accountable to one another. We’d have more attendance with fewer GAs.
Concern for the irregularity of meetings voiced.
Concern re: #2 What about committees of one?
Friendly Amendment: We want working groups to figure out an agenda process.
We are understaffed.
Let’s not function in crisis mode.
#2 : mixed feelings. Would like a space at the meeting for Occupier input on the agenda.
Friendly Amendment: Input from non-organizers put on agenda.
There is a master list of committees being generated.
Friendly Amendment: Offsite meeting on Monday.
Should it be up to the Coordinator’s meeting to decide the logistics?
We currently have no process to define committees.
Friendly Amendment: 24 hours before, we will set the agenda, and it will be approved.
Let’s figure out as many logistics before calling for a consensus tonight.
Some people feel that this meeting can take place without consensus from the GA.
Proposal re-wording: Every Tuesday and Friday, there will be a GA meeting.
Concer for process: There aren’t many people here.
Some people don’t feel good about calling for a vote tonight.
This proposal might help increase the attendance at GAs.
There are a lot of Occupations doing this. We are stagnant because we are caught up in the process.
Some people think process is very important.
We need GA buy in. Organizers need to meet anyway! They just won’t be at the GAs then.
This proposal can actually help set up and implement the proposal Rob and CJ made.
Friendly amendment: A need to insert what type of process the meetings will use. ?
Can the GAs call a meeting anytime? Yes.
Communication among Jamil, Rob Miller, and CJ took place before the Sunday meeting in regards to original proposal that Rob and CJ drafted.
Can’t we just try harder to communicate with each other and tell people about meetings?
In consensus, feelings matter.
Blocks defined.
Concern: This group will eventually develop into a decision making group. Some feel pushed to make decisions.
Some announce that this group will not seek decision making power.
The people’s voice will be heard.
Yelling and cussing is not helpful to group dynamics.
Rob’s proposal was presented at the Wednesday before Thanksgiving’s GA. It was a great conversation.
Some of us jump to question other’s integrity and we have assumptions, perhaps unnecessarily.
Some don’t think we did a good job listening openly to Rob’s concerns tonight.
This proposal could help the communication among committees.
Why can’t we take the time and let everybody be heard. Let’s either do consensus or not. Stop pretending to do consensus. We need to listen without snarky comments and actively listen to people. Consensus takes time.
Gratitude acknowledged for Rob’s efforts. Some people don’t want to step on Rob’s toes.
Much support for trying to come to agreement tonight.
Block concern: We are not in a space, mentally, where we should decide on going to GAs tonight.
The closer we get to the 15th, the more tempers and anxiety will rise, some people think.
Why are we choosing days before we know who is available?
We need to acknowledge that the process is broken. We are still learning and need to be patient with each other.
It seems like most people agree with the content of this proposal.
The way Rob and CJ designed their proposal is dependent on more than two GAs a week.

Let’s call for consensus.
3 Stand Asides
1 Block

Concern: Is having two GAs enough to make decisions? Answer: A GA can be called anytime by the GA.
Can anyone call a GA? How does this happen? How can a GA be called that have decision making powers? Anyone can call an emergency situation in crisis such as the midnight GA called in Berkley when the cops raided. So for example, if 100 cop cars arrive on site at midnight here, we think it would be okay for anyone to call a crisis GA.
Friendly Amendment: Let’s have a GA this Thursday this week only.
Major decisions without thinking it through is not a good idea. (Need more time for this.)
Stand Aside Concern: Why do we have to cut the GAs down to two when the Org meetings can happen at other times.
Will not hold up the group, but have a concern for the lack respect for process and a better need for consideration for the community health and efforts.
Side Note: Many people would not be okay with anyone being 86’ed.
Two nights a week of GAs sounds really awesome. We can’t all be here every night and less meetings would be awesome.
We need to demonstrate that we are united in a huge goal. Let’s not let our personal feelings and small things destroy us. How can the world do it if we can’t. It’s okay if people don’t agree with us.

Another call for consensus:
5 stand asides
1 Block

Can Rob & CJ and representatives of proposal supporters get together and problem solve? This would remove a stand aside.
Holding up the group due to process and not content is problematic.
Going to 90% Consensus fallback?
Why can’t we go the Org Meeting at 5:30pm Wed and hold a GA at 7pm to finish this discussion and then go onto our next discussion item?
Let’s keep this discussion going and not table it.
We are making an effort to work together. Can Rob and CJ make compromises?
Table it if there is not a crisis. We don’t need a decision right now. We can also go to 90% consensus fallback.
We have to do some give and take. The good of the group is above “personal feelings.” Can we find some common ground?
Our way of interacting with each other needs to be brought to discussion soon.
Some people are not supportive of a 90% consensus fallback; others are.
Let’s deeply engage with hearing people.
Rob issues could be addressed, with notification in advance, at a larger GA a week from tomorrow? Will this help alleviate Rob’s block/concerns?
Three issues
1. Rushing
2. Content
3. Subverting a previous effort

NOW we are calling for a 90% Consensus majority vote.
Blockers 3
Consenters 21
Abstainers 4
21/24 is not 90%. Proposal does not pass. Needed one more Consenting vote in order to pass.

Removal Item:
There was a hypothetical threat of submitting an agenda item regarding 86’ing Lauren and Jamil. Discussion of this follows:
Someone has been speaking very disrespectfully about a couple members of Occupy on line. Let’s remember the St. Paul Principals.
It’s inappropriate to talk about kicking people out of the movement.
Side Note: If someone wants to block someone on facebook, it needs to come to a GA.
Temperature check: Do we want to block this person from facebook? Not a lot of support for this.
We need to keep a positive image.
What about a letter to this person to express concerns?
Let’s not be hypocritical.
We have freedom of speech.
The St. Paul Principals are being violated.
Can we have a section for rants?
Why are we tolerating this?
Slanderous stuff doesn’t look good.
We don’t have the right to censor speech.
Let’s bring our grievances to the GA?
Some see this person as problematic to the movement.
Lizzy will talk to this person.
Let’s put this energy towards positive ends.
How can we air our grievances in a productive way with listening and problem solving. The St. Paul Principals are being broken often.
Why is facebook sooo popular?? It’s like a lifeblood.
What about if the Communications Committee came up with some sort of policy?
Let’s have more tolerance?
Acceptance vs. tolerance
We tolerate shit from people we like all the time and it’s not okay.
Vibe Check: Vibe is different now! (Better)

Too many drugs/alcohol and violence happening here.
Organizers meetings are very important now seeing that there is an impending December 15th date.
Remember why we are all here folks!
Committee Forming of Residents.
Listen for music happening here on site, soon!
Student Walkout tomorrow at noon!
Facilitation Meeting tomorrow at noon.
Ronnie is a tour guide for our site here.

Closing: shake hands.
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