OE GA 12/6/11 minutes

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OE GA 12/6/11 minutes

Postby laurenasprooth » Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:40 pm

Occupy Eugene
General Assembly (7 p.m. on site)

Facilitator: Jennefer, Marcus
Note taker: Lauren A.
Live Streamer: Rob S.
About 50 ppl at GA

Opening Morale 5 minutes (Paul)
Intro-Consensus, hand signals etc.
Proposal: City Council Request (Jean) 25 minutes
Proposal: Unifying Statement (Luke) 35 minutes
Proposal: Generator Finance Request (Jamil/John) 10 minutes
Proposal: Financial Process (Chris)
Committee Reports 15 minutes
New Committees/Working Groups Forming? 5 minutes
General Announcements 10 minutes
Facilitator Feedback 5 minutes
Closing 5 minutes

Opening Morale 5 minutes
Intro-Consensus, hand signals etc.

Proposal: City Council Request (Jean) 25 minutes

We have Tonight’s GA to Friday’s GA to discuss what we want to do in regards to the city council vote on the 12th , we must decide if formally through the GA if we want to make the request for extension, and if so for how long, under what conditions, and with what additional requests or terms.
Do we want to stay here until we have better options?
Thoughts of staying here for now, and ask for extension and then talk about for how long after we are granted extension. Do not need to discuss other locations tonight.
-Want options to be discussed so that we aren’t pigeon holing ourselves, want to stay here until there is a better option
-concern that we should redirect efforts to the ballot box and end camp after 15th

Proposal: To stay at Washington Jefferson park until we have a better option: Consensus reached

Do we want to make an attempt to define the terms of the extension tonight and Friday night, or do ppl feel that is not enough time?
-lets discuss even if we don’t make a decision
-Clarification: We don’t have to have these terms to City by Thursday anymore
-should not talk about, the city haven’t given us anything, and we have gone in asking everything. Ask for any support we can get. Need ppl to figure out what the city can even do first, our posture in those meetings should be anything and everything that you can give us, not demands.
-could be discussed at coordinators meeting

-we want camping exception for OE lifted indefinitely
-At least stay for entirety of the winter until March
-Can we talk about terms without defining a time limit
-Did we consensus that we can say what we condensed on to the city?
-are there any other exemptions we are asking for? Like fires? What other code sections do we need to be exempt from?
-friendly amendment: let Jamil and those who go before the council to do the best job without giving them anything
-friendly amendment: take facilitation out and have open conversation
Do we want to add time: some support (10 minutes decided)
Do we want to bring it back later tonight: 1/3 of room
Do we want facilitation to step back: yes

10 min free time/open un facilitated discusion: (point to someone else after you talk)
-have city council make a proposal to us, worth a shot
-make a decision on amt of time we are discussing, but leave up to ppl speaking the terms
-agree not to leave until they give us a new space
-time: until we have a better place
-need strategy, ask for we want and have something to give
-Ordinance states we need to provide an end date
-need ppl to ask for moon and stars but also have bottom line, bare bones proposal (maybe another 30 days and then come back and check in again)
-Time limit-enough time! To make sure ppl are safe, to get up to fire code, to do what your asking of us.
-proposal to join with occupy Salem and make Occupy Oregon
-mean a time that we are going to ask for until they review it again (ex: they are asking for 60 days before review, and we go in with 60 days)
-Need to go into the city and be strong, firm stance that we are going to stay here; don’t need to ask for anything
-empower are working group to see what our bottom line is, we are live streaming rember and the city could very well be watching
-Working group not be revealing strategy to whole group, send our dogs in that will work with the city and give them what we got.

Time’s up on agenda item, finish discussing terms at Friday’s GA


Proposal: Unifying Statement (Luke) 35 minutes

-Luke would like a unifying statement that we as a GA have consensed upon to bring to the City Council
*Luke reads statement* click here to view statement or see on Crabgrass

-Coordinating committee
-sent to the city council, not read
-do not use the term camp, use protest site
-do not use emotional terms like greedy and malicious, use facts, speak louder than sentiments
-some redundancy
-WJP isn’t really a park (maybe not use park)
-Remain a living document and put it up on crabgrass in order to get in the nitty gritty with language, but maybe try and approve the best we can before the city council
-cite source statistics come from or take out (use footnotes)
-paint a picture of what is true; paint picture of greed with statistics instead of throwing out terms
-committee should take our considerations under advisement before changing the document
-friendly amendment to agree on content and allow committee to work out minor changes/issues
Content concern: foreclosure stat-will change
-use usurious as a term

Call for consensus: we agree on content and will allow committee to work on nuts and bolts (no substantive changes)
-no concerns
-no stand asides
-no blocks
-2 consents with reservations
Do not know how the tweaks will happen, maybe diff opinions on what tweaks are
A. Get on crabgrass and help edit to address any concerns

Proposal: To adopt unifying statement as far as the content and allow committees to work on the nuts and bolts i.e. there are no substantive changes: Consensus reached

Proposal: Generator Finance Request (Jamil/John) 10 minutes
Concensed that GA would have to approve any expenses over $200
Proposal to purchase new battery bank for $537
Battery bank concern in kitchen, possible explosion risk, was not a certified product
Jamil and John Found battery bank to purchase
Current system 700 watts
New 1700 watts, much bigger charge to power all our needs through the night
Trying to work with city to get electricity, but can’t depend on city or E Webb, let’s be self sufficient, it can roll so possibility to take to events.
-on wheels, handle, mobile
-powered by batteries

Clarifying Questions:
-how much money do we have and how often is it coming in? A. Finance committee member: Roughly $5,000 and money is coming in irregularly as we have fundraisers, finance committee member thinks this is affordable
-Where are we buying it from: Amazon.com
-Used or new: Brand new
-For that same cost can’t we go up to more watts? No almost triple price
-Can it be used for construction on site? Yes

-Still utilize battery bank we have even though City told us no A. they will shut us down (claimed hazard, not meant to be in a wet place and it puts out hydrogen gas)
-Concern about constantly running out of fuel, don’t have enough. Need to figure out some way to take care of this problem A: should actually reduce fuel with new device (fuel is gasoline)

Call for consensus on proposal to purchase a new generator for $537
-1 stand aside: buying it from a corporation. If we buy local may cost more and would be fine with higher cost, way to build community here. A: exhaustive search and Montana was closest place, thousands of dollars more expensive for others. Did not look into solar companies: We should get into dialogue with solar companies and build relationship A: didn’t have enough time, but this isn’t a great place for solar at WJP. Blackhorse will try and get solar generator on loan and try and find a way to connect and build relationships, if we get solar powered generator, can use the gas powered generator if needed.
-1 consent with reservation: Should use an alternative energy source

Proposal: to purchase with Occupy Eugene funds a new generator for $537 -Consensus reached

**Will try and get our fuel from Sequential-Gwen will work on

Proposal: Financial Process (Chris)
Proposal to allow a space for financial requests under $200 in the GA due to people, specifically people at camp, that have a harder to accessing finance committee

-what kinds of requests would be going through this new process? A: hard to get to finance, shouldn’t have to go to committee, doesn’t need committee interaction
-Allow for those that have had conflicts and if finance isn’t meeting the needs. If GA approves it, then finance has to approve it. Alternative method to deal with financial concerns, especially for ppl on site that have an easier time accessing the GA than online.
-No restrictions as to what can be requested from finance? A: Yes, does not mean we have to approve though
-Friendly amendment: Come to GA only if you feel you have been treated unfair by finance, like an appeal process. That way it won’t clog GA. Have to take to finance first and if request is denied then through GA.
Concern if proposal for funds is not being addressed by finance, and they are just not replying then, then need to go to other means such as GA

-good that it decentralizes power: suggest that it be brought up in GA and then goes to mediation

-**Point of information: Finance committee member: already allow/in our process that if someone’s request has been turned down by finance, they can go to the GA for reconsideration. The amendment is already part of our process.**

-Can an individual request money rather than a committee? Finance committee member: We encourage ppl to go through committees, otherwise hard to distinguish projects that have support or not. Committee support makes it easy to say yes. Anyone welcome to submit request, if individual, may ask to provide evidence that there is support in the community for the project. Likes the idea of having some formal mediation
-lots of frivolous request
-Can’t judge the situation unless we know what you are talking about (Chris) please explain your situation
-Original proposal already resolved? Chris: Not withdrawing proposal formally
-does information meet need: Not in our process to bring request for funds to GA BEFORE going to finance
-Finance committee member: the reason why we have our process like it is; we did not want to clog up GA agenda with small requests, personally feels not a good use of time to deal with small requests
-Concern from Chris: finance meetings off site, all communication on list serve hard to access finance
-proposal: have small fund to be distributed and administered by ppl living on site
- if we gave finance the right to make finance decisions under 200, why does that mean that only finance can make decisions. Does not hear that decision as the GA can not also make those decisions A: Finance committee member: not sure, lets clarify, we will work with it either way.
-Concern is access to finance; isn’t there a form at info booth to fill out. A: No forms left, more for future requests. Need for more forms for future and reimbursement
-concern about if we are avoiding committee we are loosing the ability to prioritize our funds, they are community funds, avoiding process of priorities, if we go straight to GA without tying to committee it becomes a popularity process. Safeguards implemented months ago and shouldn’t be chucked out the door as soon as one person has a problem A: Chris: Faith in the body of the GA to make rational decisions
-Chris: Would like a section in the Ga for a period of time for ppl to bring up finance proposals

Restated Proposal: People can have the ability to come first to the GA for finance requests instead of going to finance committee

*Realized that this can already happen/is already the process, now seeking to clarify as an official agreement and be written in minutes*

Proposal with Friendly Amendment: One is able to bypass finance and bring a financial request under $200 directly to GA only as a last resort; if the person making the requests cannot successfully make any finance committee meetings, get in contact with finance or can’t find paper work in the info booth.

Temp check on understanding of proposal: Most ppl understand

Friendly amendment:
financial may have a legit reason for not funding a request; they know about finances, financial committee member would need to be at a GA when a request is brought.

Out of time: Tabled for Friday

Committee Reports 15 minutes

Legal Research: know your rights training in dome 5:30, strategic discussion afterwards on making site safer for dec. 15 deadline. Friday 5:30 meeting with city staff for permanent future location 12:00pm atrium bldg. Task force that has been started that will be focusing on permanent location issue. Talk to Majeska or Jeff. 4:30 Friday at CALC 458 Blair Blvd. planning mtg for ppl who want to offer testimony at City Council-try and split issues up and orchestrate presentation. Did research on sign ordinance, have strong constitutional argument to put signs back up. Have also come up with other legal resources if city council evicts us, talk to Lauren 1 on 1 for more details.
* in Occupy LA, they cited alcohol and drug as reasons to close down, need to watch out, be discreet.

Elders: Does anyone know where solar panel made it to? It’s daphenes A: went to site library. Cooler with battery: A: Also library

Finance: Address concern on not being able to connect with finance, if anyone else has had an issue, we try and check once a day in info booth, please talk to us after meeting and will try and do better.

Systemic change working group: organized class starting this Sunday 11th at 3pm continually on analyzing constitution prof from UO will lead. Next mtg at 2pm in dome

Neighborhood actions committee: Gone into alliance with good grief America, lots of legal help in good grief America. Get information from them, and bring ppl there that are facing or afraid of foreclosure. We can stop 100% of all 800 foreclosures in Eugene, we only have
Sunday at 11am mtg reality kitchen

Communications Committee: meeting tomorrow, wed at 5:30 at Cozmic Pizza, Lauren A. will do informal trainings after meeting on WordPress (system used for website), Crabgrass and sending press releases. Communications needs more help with website and press work. Anyone that has more info on global human rights march this sat let us know so we can get the facts straight and let everyone know. Also let communications know about any events happening so we can get it on calendar and/or website.

Morale: quit doing mtgs because only Plaedo shows up :( but many ppl doing numerous events and plug in with Plaedo to coordinate or have new ideas. Vigil Dec. 12th at 4:45 candles and signs

Fundraising committee Possibly? or just a fundraising event-Jan 14th “We have a Dream” event 5:30pm till all night. Sonic Boom hosting with OE-small community of artists that organize events as a fundraiser and would like all proceeds to go to OE. Music all night long, actions and speakers. Ask help from sanitation and all committees that find a part. *urged to connect event with fundraising* meet after GA in front of TP to talk further.
Fundraising committee: Reserved a spot at Sam Bond’s for Jan 5th for open mic night

New Committees/Working Groups Forming? 5 minutes

Fundraising committee

General Announcements 10 minutes
there is a work session on city council site where we can listen to them discuss what is talked about with the city in regards to their decision. 7:30pm is the public hearing part and there will be a candlelight vigil at 4:45. Show up wearing something that identifies you as occupy Eugene. Petitions going around, we still need more names!

Someone asked WOW hall if we could use their space and no one showed up to board meeting to follow through. Next board mtg Jan 12th so please whoever did so please follow through, they really would like to connect with us and let us do so. Fergus will work on it.

Egan warming center open this Thursday, shuttle between 6-7pm. Mission has 38 beds open, shower lines open and no longer have to attend religious meetings!! New director.

Interfaith meditation prayer circle Friday 11:45-2pm bring cushions

Letterwriting workshops to city council in the dome everyday at 6pm. Going on up to Friday, stamps, paper, envelopes provided.

Closing 5 minutes
-Great job, came to some great decisions
-LA occupiers declares our GA as the most organized and together and amazing occupation he has been to. This GA is strong and it’s not like that at all occupies. ROCK ON.
-thank you facilitators!
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Re: OE GA 12/6/11 minutes

Postby Ross » Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:10 pm

nice job Lauren, thanks so much for your time and dedication. You are helping to build a new world,
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