OE GA 12/09/11

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OE GA 12/09/11

Postby Tree Knowlton » Sat Dec 10, 2011 2:20 pm

7pm in the OE dome

Facilitators: Guy & Perry
Morale: Paul S.
Ustream: Rob
Notetaker: Tree K.
intro (hand signals, etc)
finance requests, 1.Port Action 2.Heaters
committee reports
new committees

Financial request made by Kristen (via Margaret) for $400.00 on behalf of Monday's Port Action in Portland. OE group will carpool; funds to be used for gas money. Receipts will be kept and turned in, along with any of the remaining funds allotted.
Q & concerns...
Coos Bay was considered as a more local option but determined not suitable for increased potential of arrests &/or violence.
Suggestion that if Action Committee is empowered to organize activities on behalf of OE, the committee ought to have a budget that it's obligated to operate within.
As of today, there are 60 people going; there's still room available for others to come along.
Finance reports that the funds exist and would not drain the OE account at this time.
Temperature check produces some yeses, some maybes, 2 stand asides.....more group conversation about solidarity w/ longshoremen's union and Occupy Portland as well as concern about whether enough people will be present for Monday's City Council meeting and related local events.
1st Stand aside: not enough information given about the action; No one from the Action Committee present to sponsor the request themselves? Thinks the city council meeting is the priority.
Margaret notes for clarity that the OE group Will be going to the Port Action whether funds are ok'ed or not and the plan is to be home in time for Eugene's city council meeting.
2nd Stand aside: Concern expressed about whether this action will be effective; strikes have demands and protocols - will the longshoremen be in support of this action? Half-assed action?
Response: Yes, this is an action organized up and down the west coast and on the east coast.
The point? "No More Business As Usual!"
Concern about whether this action is the best use of limited funds that may be drying up soon...
Comment made that actions like Port Action are examples of advertising that brings in donations/contributions/additional support.
Financial request for $400.00 Consensed with 2 stand asides: 1. not convinced of effective strategy 2. not enough information given about the action; thinks the city council meeting is the priority.

Financial request made by Paul & Gwen for small heaters to distribute throughout the site because it's #*@% cold. :o
Propose to purchase 7 small catalytic propane heaters, rated for indoor use and designed with certain built-in safeguards. Seven OE group areas would be identified and receive one heater & one small propane canister each. Each group area would be responsible for replenishing their heater's propane.
Cost details per unit:
1 lb. propane canister $3.00
Questions & concerns:
1 canister is rated to last 5 hours on max flow; Paul reports that his can last 2 days with careful usage.
This heater design is not suitable for hook up to a larger propane tank.
A cheaper heater available? Yes, but this one is brought forward for its inherent safety features.......with noted cautions about exercising caution and Not carelessness....individual responsibility prevails.
Why necessary now? Using the (heated) geodome for all-night gathering Is Not working.....some try to sleep while others stay up late 'cavorting', while others feel uncomfortable with the party energy that takes over the space.........and it's *$@#! cold........need some way to keep from freezing.
Friendly amendment to equipment list: how about the adapter that would allow fuel re-filling instead of canister disposal? Jeff G. will research and report back.
Joe will go buy 4 canisters right now.
Concern: What if the fire marshall complains anyway? Jeff re-iterates that these heaters are designed and rated for indoor use, with certain safety features and precautions.
Doing the math.....
Consensed. $480.00 approved for Paul and Gwen to manifest 7 portable heaters as discussed, at $63.00 @.

Committee Reports:
Sanitation (Karen): Oregon Country Fair donated $1000.00 for the porta-potties....coverage good until the 15th. Yay, twinkles the crowd....
City paying for dumpster and co-mingling but they must remain locked. Karen and Dale have keys. We can still take our loads to the white trailer behind the kitchen; sanitation will transfer it.

Fundraising: Margaret, David, Liz are getting this committee together. Got fundraising ideas/events planned? Bring them to these folks - they meet every Friday 9:30am at Wandering Goat.
upcoming fundraisers: January 5 at Sam Bonds; January 14 at Cozmic Pizza.

Legal: Jeff Gent met today w/ City officials for some 'bridge-building'...agreeing to facilitate a conversation. City agreed to reach out & talk w/ people "about a long term solution to a real problem that existed before Occupy". Jeff will reach out to OE folks for input about same topic.
Random comments: Mention of problems of current site - no potable water, no sewer, electric, etc.; check out r2d2 in Portland for example; homeless count is higher than ever in this town.
Jeff suggests check out this week's Eugene Weekly OE article (pg.16) and for his contact info if you'd like to contribute.

Legal sub-committee: Michael C. urges big turnout on Monday the 12th. Big day:
11am press conference
4:15 vigil outside city hall
5:30 work session - we can observe, shown live via video feed
7:30 public hearing - city council will make decision this night to either extend the WJ park camping provision or shut it down. This item is currently scheduled to be Last on the agenda
Michael encourages all to email city counselors and keep getting petition signatures in favor of extending beyond Dec. 15.
Michael's contact info: calcpeace@efn.org

Communication: Sign making for press conference before Saturday's march, 12pm @ dome.

New Committee, Job Committee: Ronny is compiling a list of folks with hire-able skills! Ready to go to work right now? Add your name and skills to the list to help get it started.
Find Ronny on-site.

Today's speech at the World Climate Control Conference in Durban Africa was awesome. (The Youth Delegate, Anjali Appadurai spoke and then mic checked the U.N summit. You can find it on the Democracy Now website, the article, "Get It Done: urging climate justice".)

Saturday, 1-4pm Global March begins at WJ basketball court (north of 5th St) and will end there too.

Sunday, 3pm @ geodome, a UO professor will present and discuss the U.S. consitution. All are welcome to attend.

Want a Crabgrass training? Talk to Liz.

Closing Morale tidbit:
Draco (Don) idea: let's play Santa this year.....hang stockings full of coal from bank doors. :)
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