12-13-11 OE GA Minutes

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12-13-11 OE GA Minutes

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12/13/11 Occupy Eugene General Assembly

Opening Morale (5)
Intro Rap (5)
Brief Committee Reports (20)
Brief General Announcements (10)
Intro Item/Discussion: Office Space Rental (10) Jen H
Discussion: City Council Motion (?) Lauren/John M.
Proposal: Visioning Committee Letter (10 or Table?) Fergus
Closing (5) Everybody

Facilitators: Getch S. & Joe T.
Minutes Taker/Time Keeper: Jennefer Harper & Fergus
Ustreamer: Rob Sydor

Opening Morale (5)
Thank you to Soul and Esteban who gave us a lovely song.
Intro Rap (5)
Agreement to give the bulk of the meeting to the discussion item: City Council Motion.
Review of process & hand signals.
Brief Committee Reports (20)
N17 Committee: 9:15pm fundraising for N17 @ Speakeasy 8th/Oak suggested donation
Legal/Research: More police presence on site. Police are feeling threatened on site lately. Personal weapons are what they want to crack down on. Be more careful interacting w/cops. Pot, open containers, and fires are no-no infractions. If you get cited for open containers or fires, there is really no legal defense. Legal is geared up to defend protesters who are actually protesting. Next Tuesday at 5:30pm is the next Legal/Research meeting.
Neighborhood Action Committee: Dec. 22nd is the next action planned. Go online and look at it. More to come. They need a hearst!!!
Fundraising Committee: oec_fundraising@listserveriseup.net. Please check in with them if you have an event so they can help you raise money. Concern with transparency and accountability. Where is the money going? Should be to the general fund. We Have a Dream Jan 14th Saturday fundraising event. MLK Day weekend. Electronic Dance Party. Starts at 5:30pm with speakers from Occupy. Then followed by a film about the dance community. Dancing from 9pm to 4am? Thursday at 1pm meeting in the Dome, or if taken, meeting in the tipi.
Sanitation/Finance: $800 - $2,000 ($925?) cost for graffiti in the bathrooms. 5:30 at New Day on Thursday is the next meeting.
Engineering: Met last night. Gonna start building Derek’s thing. Pallet cabins. Gonna try to build 30 of them and turn part of the site into a gingerbread village. Starting any day (tomorrow!?) Come help. There’s lots to do with it. Jeremy bringing pallets tomorrow to build a floor in the dome. Come at noon to help! Another tipi on the way.
Facilitation: Consensus Training this Saturday noon to 3pm at 55 W. Broadway. Please come!
Communications: 1274 7th Avenue meeting : Day/Time?
Women’s committee: Actions committee after the GA. Want to create lock boxes.

Brief General Announcements (10)
Kamkar and Bills (police officers EPD liaisons) want to come and answer questions at a GA. Let’s talk about the ambiguities. Some officers enforce “laws” others don’t. Friday at 7pm GA they will come.
Special Collections at UO want to start collecting items for OE. A deed must be signed. Lots of details. A document will be submitted. Individuals may submit items too. Jamil has cards for Linda Long, Special Collections director.

Whitaeker Community Council meeting At 7pm tomorrow, @ Whitaker community center. 6pm is a potluck first. We’d love to have OE’ers there.
Donations got us a wood stove in the dome. Seneca has a fire burning all the time to the 1%’s advantage. We have a fire to keep people alive.
Closed ports yesterday! Lots of positive feedback from community in Portland. OE had a BIG presence there.
Portland Occupiers are one phone call away from coming down to support us. They may already be on their way!
Portland will wait until they hear from us. Best day of support will be Eviction Day. Portland will help gather people to come down to help us.
Some people want to try to busk for money with a flute. What about art that is displayed? MECCA has art supplies! Awesome people next to the train station. See Irene after meeting if interested.
Medical: Doctor coming on Tuesday and Sunday. Albany medical students coming here to help as part of their studies. Found a resource for gas. Need last name and last 4 digits of social for gas vouchers. First Respond Certification Cards are carried by our medical team.
Intro Item/Discussion: Office Space Rental (10)
*Fergus took minutes for this section
Jennefer: using external spaces as office spaces discussion for action Friday.
Upstairs room in Grower’s Market available. $100/mo. #221. Friday Dec 16th at noon the tenants will consider accepting our application. Questions & comments?
Functions?: typical office space stuff: computers, materials storage, 2 desks.
Might duplicate info booth, hurt on-site connection. (Use 7th and Polk for storage?) Pretty small for our purposes. (Could build an office on-site. 55 W Broadway is only available for occasional use.) Month-to-month lease. $200 up front. More people might plug in if we had an off-sife office. Co-occupy is working on getting jobs going, and an off-site office would. Old AAA Appliance bldg is large & available, it has an office space. Donated storefront office is in the works to be donated. Jennefer will be going to the Growers’ tenant meeting

Discussion: City Council Motion
18 people met at a pre-meeting; Of that: Alley, Lauren, Jeff, John M., Big John, Joe & Chief of Police, Building code person, Asst. City Meeting all met at the scheduled City Manager meeting. We are very vague in communication right now with the City. The location is not secondary. It is the beating heart of Occupy. Why are we here? Why is this not political? Why is it working? Zelenka’s proposal at last night’s council meeting was discussed. City intends that we solve “problems” by traditional methods. The City doesn’t know what they want. OE doesn’t know what we want. Let’s ask them to postpone decision until January 9th. City Council is off for the holidays until January 9th. Zelenka brought up a 6 part motion last night that no one had heard of before. It requires the city and social services to do certain things. Does OE agree to these things?? The second of the 6 things: OE will voluntarily disband on December 15th or whenever they are instructed to. Occupiers do not consense to this suggestion. Counter proposals: Let’s work with them but not blindly agree with them. Lots of unanswered questions. City wants to “Mobilize and coordinate” OE? Ha, funny. St. Vinnie’s said they don’t want to do this. OE has been successful in ways the city hasn’t been. Small car camps with port-a-potties is what they want us to do. It is unsafe with the concentration of people here?? City wants us to agree to work with social services to transfer homeless people from site to services. Basically, the City wants to split the OE community up. City seems puzzled. What are “transition services?” Veteran Housing? Car Camping? Add name to a list; get help. Other services could be assisted by the city to people who need them. OE is happy to have social services offer their services, but we don’t want handouts. Services don’t want to help politically, but will offer services to help with needs.
Three questions: 1)Clark: On deadline, how many at camp are going to decamp? Who won’t leave regardless of the deadline (45 days from today is the tentative deadline) ? Answer: CONSENSUS to stay put. 2) Poling: What’s a reasonable amount of time for OE to vacate once an eviction day is set? Answer: Until “an alternative location to current location is our current consensus.” 3) What is the OE process around decision making? Answer: Consensus by General Assebmly. Is there a secret point of contact? Answer: Giggles. City is voting tomorrow (14th) Eviction date would be the 15th, 45 days from the 15th, or some other date. Clarification: If Eviction date is the 15th, that would mean we have all day and night on the 15th to remain on site legally. Midnight then, is the witching hour.
Consider: Extend camping exemption until January 9th. Postpone vote until January 9th. We can come up with a counter proposal. If on 9th, and we are evicted (we’ll have 72 hour eviction notice). This is if City doesn’t like our counter proposal.
Health and Safety measures that are concerning to them:
City is willing to give us lights. They are concerned with officer safety, so now we get lights.
City demand: OE shall pay for the lawful removal of trash, recyclable, and grey water.
City demand: No structures other than tents. Tent= tent, tipi, yurts, dome; NO combustable structures.
City demand: Tents shall be organized to be safe for cops.
City demand: Fire safety proof tents/tarps. Tarps as roof only; not surrounded.
Legal Note: if you have an entirely closed building: Then it is considered a dwelling and needs a search warrant to go into. If it is not entirely zipped up, then cops can come in. Rips are opens. Any openings= don’t need a search warrant to come into dwelling. Completely closed: Need search warrant to enter.
No fires allowed except in 55 gallon warming barrels with clearance 20 feet around them. Not near trees. Exemption on fire code.
Doesn’t solve indoor fires or tipi: bows, hatchets, axes, knives, guns not allowed. Crossbows not allowed.
Opinion: Hatchets and axes should be allowed for cutting firewood.
Comment: Voodoo was disarmed by OE (I guess he had an axe.)
Personal weapons/2nd amendment issue will have a meeting.
Kamkar coming Friday night at the GA to answer concerns.
Other concerns = minors and sex offenders.
No alcoholic beverages or drugs w/o prescriptions allowed onsite.
Generator/propane/gas heater codes must be abided by. These will be enforced.

Idea: Minor sleeping area only unless w/guardian?
Clearly marked off area for minors only.
There is a concern about sex offenders.
When are the cops going to guarantee that sex offenders will be off the site?? Why can’t the cops do their job regarding this issue?
Anyone under 18 is a minor regarding guardians or sex(?).
City needs reassurance that OE is protecting minors on site.
Consent from parent gives you permission,; then you are a guardian. It should be in writing.
This could be like putting a big bull’s eye on the “minor’ area.
We need to build language.

City demand: Compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.
[groans, gripes]

We need to protect storm drains since we’ve disturbed grass. Get wood chips to protect storm drains.

Location is our community.
City: 160,000 people population

Question/Comment time:
Message to city: Stop getting in our way because we are doing a good job.
Can we put more wood in the stove? ;-)
When are we coming up with a counter proposal? If the motion is postponed, our counter proposal will be our priority.
Mill Race- flood lights will probably be brought in. We can run other electrical stuff off this. Ask KamKar about electricity. He is our electricity contact. He will be here Friday at the GA.
Yes, they may say “get out” tomorrow.
Shall we plan to make phone calls for backup?
City votes at noon.
We will be given at least 72 hours notice to get off site.
Can we make this a permanently legal camping site? Can we put this in our response to council?
City punted this to the GA. If we say no we are not going to disband, City will probably not take that off their motion.
If we agree to punt it to January 9th, and take the bait and say “yes, we will disband” ← Maybe we should agree to this.
Current process: On the 15th we will ask for an extension. ← this is what’s going on now.
The City Manager office is free to decide at any time (yes, with the Chief) to close the camp. ← important point!
City Office & Police Chief can still decide to close camp if there is a serious risk of health and safety. (For example: a dead person.)
Do you think it would be a good idea to set a meeting in case we are given an immediate eviction?

Proposal: If City Council moves to evict on 15th; we will transform the Wednesday Village meeting at 7pm to an “emergency GA.” CONSENSED
Friendly amendment: Team to set agenda if needed following the noon decision. CONSENSED
Friendly amendment: Come down after noon decision so we can chat! CONSENSED
Friday midnight tentative eviction.
We will get notice; but no guarantee for 72 hour notice.
Sweet point person for agenda setting to set a tentative agenda that will be reviewed at the 6pm agenda setting meeting prior to the 7pm meeting. Sweet contact info: 541.232.1246; email: improvised.explosieve.duck@gmail.com He will be on site immediately if we hear bad news.

Continued discussion:
Let’s still try to work cooperatively.
Do we really need hatchets and big knives??
We will lose support if we don’t try to accommodate.
No more opportunities to talk to the City Council. You must directly contact by phone and email. Contact info is on website. We still have the power to speak out to them!
The request was all knives; just not big knives. Site prohibition for all knives was requested.
Who is giving the reports of moltov coctails and open sex? Unconfirmed!? Reports generated by police chief. A woman, who appeared high, made the report about maltov cocktail manufacturing to the Chief. This report is not substantiated or credible.
We are here to stand up to oppression! We need our city to stand up to the federal government! Let’s push the tentative 45 days to 90 days so we are at least into spring.
No weapons! Some do believe that knives and hatchets should be allowed.
Zelenka, Brown, and Ortiz seem very supportive of the 45 days extension.
None of the councilors were at the meeting this afternoon.
At least ½ of the councilors seemed supportive of the 45 day extension. ??
POI: Tomorrow’s meeting w/the City Council is an open meeting to the public. At 11:30 am you can go up and talk to the councilor. They have lunch there. @ McNutt Room at City Hall. We can fill the room with an audience and talk to them before they call the meeting at noon. Seats about 25 people as observers. It is open, but we cannot speak at the meeting.
There is a law in Eugene: You can bare a knife as long as it is exposed.
It is dangerous for the police officers to enter a space where people have knives. An officer was killed by this means this year. We want to know how we can accommodate officers.
Some City concerns are understandable even though we don’t agree with them.
Can we come to a consensus to ask Council to give us an extension to January 9th?
People with big money and BS comments to RG article written by John M. and Jamil are putting pressure on City Council and police.
We need good PR to these “opposing” people.
**Proposal: A: Occupy Eugene requests City Council to extend the camping ban exemption, and to postpone the City Council’s vote on the motion before them until January 9th , so that Occupy Eugene, social services, and the City can draft a more concrete proposal. B: If the City Council declines to postpone its vote on the motion before them until January 9th, Occupy Eugene requests at least 90 days to remain onsite until a better solution is revisited, as per our agreement as consensed on by the GA.
CONSENSED 12/13/11 by Occupy Eugene
* Left with 1 stand aside only
Change to: remove January 9th and 90 days?
POI: City has to give an end date.
Call for consensus:
1 Block: → stand aside therefore 0 blocks
Concern: We got to give them something! If we can’t get our stuff together in 45 days, we don’t deserve an extension. Block rescinded to a stand aside
4 Stand Asides: Now 5 stand asides → now 4 stand asides→ 3 stand aside→ 1 stand aside.
1 consense with reservation→ resolved
Concern: Want the 45 day as in the original motion; doesn’t like harming the grass. Doesn’t want to work with social services.
Concern: Reiterating to not disband is not groovy to this stand asider. Can’t we revisit
[*Many people leave meeting at this point]
Concern: “Postpone vote on January 9th” desired; concern resolved; stand aside withdrawn
Concern: Let’s change the language some. What part?
Concern: Doesn’t want to give January 9th and 90 days.
Response: We, legally, have to give dates.
One stand aside moves to →>1 consense with reservation. Reservation resolved, therefore 0 Cw/R
Proposal was consensed on.

FYI social services cannot be “political” and there are some things they cannot do.
Can we start immediate conversations with the City and social services? Yes, we already started this.
The “injunction idea?”
We are not discussing the “injunction idea” on livestream but we are working on it.
Does the City have an emergency/budget crisis plan? Who is eligible for these benefits? City has offered bus tickets. ??
Are we a “natural disaster” situation?
There is no difference in safety codes for disasters.
It is necessary that we have more time to discuss proposal that the City wants us to comment/respond to.
Fergus presents some language (the letter) to offer to City Council from the visioning committee.
Concern: Should we say we will never disband the camp?
Can we just get as much out of them that we can get? We need more people to actually DO stuff. We need more action.
Alternative Proposal: Give us as much time as possible and people with direct contact with council lobby them until noon Wednesday. → morphed into consensed proposal.
This site is very important to the National Occupy Movement. We need to make it through the winter. We are a small handful of sites still occupying a physical site.
Why can’t we work with them within the 45 days? Can there be a review in 45 days??
45 days vs. January 9th? (45 days vs. 27 days)
Proposal/Friendly Amendment?: Not agree to de-camp & give us 90 days
Friendly Amendment: Lobby City Council
Proposal was consensed. See above.

Proposal: Visioning Committee Letter (10 or Table?) TABLED
Closing (5)
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