GA 11-11-11 Pm

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GA 11-11-11 Pm

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General Assembly
Facilitator: Samuel Rutledge
Co-Facilitator: Jennefer Harper
Listener: John Abbey
Notetaker: Lauren Asprooth

Letter to City Counsel
Process Review
30second Announcements
Committee Reports
Move on (Intro)
Location (Discussion)
Safety (added on after meeting started)
Closing (Morale)

Letter to City Counsel

Getch reads letter to City Counsel regarding Occupy. *can someone please post letter

Process Review

As a group we are all working to agree before we take action together
In consensus, each person is bringing a piece of the truth
Facilitator-draw out everybody’s truth and help us craft a collective truth
Co-facilitator-run interference
Listener-listen to questions, points of process, points of information before they go to the facilitator


Triage area needs help setting up new tent
Library open, donate books!
Elders petition at elders tent on taking away corporate personhood, please sign
Safety is an issue at WJP, need to discuss further
Portland being closed down, someone from OE should reach out and invite them here
Vince from Community TV is interviewing ppl and thinking of turning over property to community
**Peacekeepers called for community support outside of dome due to a potentially violent issue

Committee Reports
FORMAT WORKING GROUP- will meet Mon 3-4:30 and discuss things such as committee reform
MEDICAL-lady hurt neck from tripping on cord, please secure cords. Natural cold medicine available
ENGINEERING-please clearly mark all crazy cords, see engineering for materials. Looking for a platform for the entire dome
MORALE-expression center open, Mon nights DVD night with popcorn and hot chocolate, Wed letter world.
EDUCATION ALLIANCE-University students are visiting site Monday and could use some work projects. Teach ins went well, excited to continue working !
SANITATION Thank you for everybody cleaning up
LEGAL: Next Thursday is National Day of Action, Tue 5:30 know your rights training at 55 West Broadway, legal observer training wed. nov 16 at 12pm. Police-cops came last night and talked to Lauren. They will be here more frequently from now on because they do not believe we are doing an adequate job of policing ourselves and will be enforcing violations such as parking and open container: No parking on yellow paint, leaves cover up paint to please check (can someone insert actual streets that the towing is occurring) police will be towing. Cops have also been called on a mom here at camp, please remember we have consensed upon the St. Paul’s principles and should not be calling the police on fellow occupiers unless acts of violence against humans. Find alternative ways to deal with police.
ACTIONS: Tomorrow is the Egyptian solidarity march-12pm leave from Free Speech Plaza and march back to site at 1:30pm for a community Middle Eastern potluck with bands, belly dancers, videos, and a skype call with Egyptian Revolutionaries! BBC has contacted us and would like to cover the march. Action meeting Monday on site at 5:00pm.
SAFETY: committee starting up, will meet Sunday at 1:30 in the dome. De-escalation training at 2:30pm
COMMUNICATIONS: Always looking for people to sign up to talk to media and do interviews, email communications if interested
CHILDREN’S COMMITTEE?: classes and workshops can be held in TP space, thanks for great children’s painting workshop held today. Children and families best peace keepers we have
KITCHEN: needs help washing dishes
PEACEKEEPING: need to fill schedule tonight

Move On Proposal (intro)

Will hear proposal from Colby from Move On, take clarifying questions tonight, and table for discussion
Move On would like to work with OE on next week’s protest being planned by actions committee.
Move on would like to join protest with one addition stop to the Coburg Road bridge being added to the end of the march route.
The reasoning for marching to the bridge would be to bring awareness around the cited structural deficiencies of the bridge, as well as the I-5 bridge, and the lack of plans to fix them.
Will revisit issue at the next GA, Saturday 11-12-11


The proposal to move to WJP included an amendment that we revisit the location issue in 9 days from 10-31. Discussion was tabled until today

Rob spoke about wanting to discuss 2 items: the process and integrity of the decision to move to WJP, and the location itself.
-He felt there was a pressure to consense and that we were operating in crisis mode
-The proposal to move to WJP included and agenda of creating a permaculture homeless camp and we need more discussion around this.
-Need to begin talking about what happened in our move to ABP and address those issues
-hopes to have a respectful, honest, open conversation, we don’t have to decide anything, we are no longer operating in crisis mode

*there were comments on several issues; WJP/moving, process getting to WJP, process getting to ABP
-90% fallback is not consensus, we did not have consensus to more to WJP
-Must consensus on staying, we are losing donations because people think we are moving again soon
-Greenway Trust is threatening possible law suit against OE, not sure how serious this is
-Discussion of research on more locations is dangerous
-Many have concerns with our process, have more conversation around it
-Behnind the scenes stuff does not mean bad, proposals brought to us by hard working committees that are working to enable us
-If a committee member has taken on the responsibility to present an idea, also take on responsibility to take out biases, there was much bias/opinion in presentation of WJP
-Felt pressured to consense on WJP, but happy to addressing issues
-suggestion that issue of process in moving to WJP be put on the agenda
-recognition that some need more closure around issues, but some do not need to be part of that discussion
-suggestion to use “until further notice” instead of permanent, term permanent can be used against us in the media

-*Proposal to stay in WJP and talk about process issues later
-*Amendment to stay in WJP until at least Dec. 15th
-*Rob blocks, wants to first address the issues at hand with the homeless camp/permaculture community idea and overthrow to ABP/process of move to WJP. Do not need to decide anything now, wants more discussion first.
-Not at consensus on anything, table discussion until next meeting


Jean addressed group on her concerns for safety:
Needs to be addressed, very much agreed upon
Need to talk more about our process to evict people from camp
No written record of people evicted/crimes they have committed
People scared to come into camp, not including the whole 99%
Need a clear clean process on addressing safety issues

We do have a process we are trying to follow, removal from food, form circle to get them out
Portapotties have been vandalized
Helpful for peacekeepers to call for people trained in our process, not general public
Problem-we have process for peacekeeping but not for security, have relied on street families for security in the past, not a good idea, need something to pose as threat so as not to have to call police
Discuss more ways to avoid escalation in first place, conflict prevention
Cahoots should be used more! Talk to Benj. Alternative to police, can transport people, they feel like they are not being utilized as much as they could in OE
Geneva wants to start women’s tent for safety email if you would like to help.
Better communication!
Should be on persons responsibility to calmly relay information to medics without confusion
Call for an emergency safety meeting
Safety committee also meeting Sunday at 1:30
If interested in role of safety committee and how it differs from peace keepers, talk to Getch
Safety committee deals with tactics, but more want to share concerns, experiences, need a focused emergency meeting with solution oriented results
More focused discussion on safety to happen in dome Sunday

*Proposal to put safety on the agenda tomorrow night 11-12-11
Consensus reached

Location of GA

Discussion on whether or not to have GA in geo dome or in the big tent
-arguments for big tent: open, no walls, everyone can see, conducive to breaks, necessary side conversation, out in front of everything
-arguments for dome: warm, no need for mic check, muddy/needs tarp,

*Proposal to move GAs to outside big tent tomorrow 11-12-11.
Consensus reached with one abstention due to lack of knowledge on process

Morale-the people united will never be divided!! :D
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