12-17-2011 GA MINUTES

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12-17-2011 GA MINUTES

Postby laurenasprooth » Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:54 pm

Occupy Eugene General Assembly

12/16/11 Meeting Minutes

Faciliators: Getch and Perry
Livestreamers: Michael & Jennefer
Minutes Takers: Lauren A., Jennefer H., Jain E., & Mystery Woman

Opening Morale
Intro Rap
Police Officer Bills & Kamkar Q&A
Committee Reports
Discussion: Offsite Office Space Locations
Proposal: To rent office space in Growers Building (Tabled)
General Announcements (Tabled)

*Lauren Asprooth starts taking minutes here.

Police Officer Bills & Kamkar Q&A
Officer Jennefer Bills-been occupying Eugene since 1987
Lieutenant Sam Kamkar

Officers open for questions about rules and regulations. Lots of changes in the last week, will answer nitty gritty police, law related questions. If they do not know the answers, they will “parking lot” the question and come back with an answer. Officers will come to another GA to answer more questions and respond to parking lotted items from tonight.

**Parking Lot items are highlighted in Red so that we can remember items to check in on when officers return and hold accountable to answering questions

Q: Pocket knife issue, what kinds of pocket knives are OK? A: -spring blade not okay, citation or jail, officers will take common sense approach. In a dispute or confrontation its worse to have knife, will be at officer’s discretion.
Q: How can we get Molotov cocktail report that is unsubstantiated taken down from the city site taken down? A: It’s a Public record, so can’t take down, already there and can’t take it down now. Police recognize it is unsubstantiated.
Q: Why are some up and not others? A: OE generating a lot of attention throughout city, and getting thousands of phone calls about OE, so need to report out about what’s going on, and this is something people are interested in. Trying to be as transparent as possible about OE.
Q: Why was that one report up there without any further explanation of its incredibility and not other arrests on site that were legitimate? A: Will get back about it! PARKING LOT

Q: Task Force set aside police to patrol OE at night. If task force put out to patrol OE why are they sitting in parking lots and not walking around? A: Are they? Youre talking to bosses we’ll take care of that.
Q: Thanks for being here, concern about the wooden structures, front perimeter fence made of wood, fence around kitchen for safety and engineering work area, neither have roofs, do you have specific guidelines on how you are going to be enforcing wooden structures. A: Kitchen gets to stay, private cabins are the concern, fire a concern they have to go. Pallets filled with straw does not fly, incredibly flammable. Fence out front splitting hair and may have to come down at some point.
Q: Finding flame retardant materials are expensive and not going to get donated, how can we build more fire resistant structures? A: Yurts here are good to stay, but no new yurts.
Q: What if they were going to rebuild yurts instead of tarp topia style structures that you also have an issue with? A: Will look into it PARKING LOT

Q: What wiggle room we have about having structures that might be up to some code. We are trying to teach ppl carpentry skills and working with city codes. By taking this away from us I feel as if you are blocking progress. A: We’ve been told absolutely not, were in a position of delivering those messages, but doesn’t mean we won’t continue to talk. The issue is that it’s a structure, no semi-permanent structures. Q: What if its not a permanent structure and we plant to take it down soon? A: PARKING LOT it, and get back to you.
Pt of info: When we spoke with buildings code fellow, any structure that doesn’t have 180 days intention to remain is whether its determined permanent. A: There is a difference between whether it’s a permanent and its defined as a structure.
Q: Concerns about anger level of those who don’t yet understand this camp, can you report in EPD and let public know were working with you and we have a good relationship? A: the chief and city manager have consistently been talking about our relationship and they think it’s heard loud and clear.
Q: There was a lady last night taking part in native American ceremony smug stick and forced to put out by police and treated very disrespectfully. But people smoking? Mistrust placed between police and occupiers from incident. A: Not sure if religious practices qualify as exemptions –PARKING LOT and come back. A: Interaction between officers-in their own mind they felt, right or wrong, that they were following city managers discretion. Stick got too close to officers and went sour. Lesson learned is that any time officers come out here, know that they are a little bit on guard and reasonable that we understand that and give them a little more distance to avoid confrontations. Point well taken by police.
Note: Last night after that happened chief came and said okay to burn sage.
Q: Fires, can we have one? Some cops say OK, some not. A: Fire in camp not acceptable, stove not acceptable. Rocket stoves okay. But can’t have fires. Discretion of officers: officers may choose to cite while others may choose to warn, encouraged to use your discretion.
Extend talk with police?: concensus to go to around 8pm
Q: Are we being an asset to the surroundings, what is the perception of the public of OE? A: Success won’t be known for a while.
Statement to police: Thank you officers for being here and having this respectful discourse. I am a family practitioner (doctor) and I believe that having a fire in dome far outweighs the cost of violating a city regulation. Fire will reduce much sickness. Great to follow codes when you have money and a warm place to sleep, When you don’t have enough money to follow codes, must do what makes sense, and from a public standpoint it makes sense to have a fire in the dome.
Q: Fire in dome is actually controlled and closed in stove. A: If you’re cooking on the stove can be in the dome.
Q: IF the stove has a plate on it is that cooking? No, must be designed for cooking, not for heating. Q: Could an old cookstove work with fire? A: Old antique cookstove would work.
Question: Officer safety, when an officer comes near us, should we step back. A: keep in mind space they need, they are a bit on guard.
Statement: We all have Lots of trust with you two up here, but other police officers are not as nice, loss of trust. You two are great, but we can’t have police hassling pp over pissy little things. Understand why you feel you need a presence, but need to be saving public money by removing you guys as much as possible and using our volunteer peacekeepers.
Q: Situations are easily diffused with peacekeepers, will you allow for peacekeepers to first intervene before police? As long as your going to be here, if police could just get that sensitivity and allow peacekeepers first…A: We can convey that message
Statement: Please do not feel like the only homeless ppl here are not working, I am here and I am working I am safe here, there are things to do, food. Before I was in an ally, bush, now I am in a community and doing things. Want it to be known in the community.
Statement: Unreasonable to not allow ppl to have heat is must worth the infraction of some small law. We have a right to take care of ourselves. There has to be some way for this assembly to move forwards in a peaceful way without having the presence and the cost and no one is asking for the police. Making it now look like a minimum security prison.
Q: So can Chief Kerns change law, waive fire regulation? Who can change the law? A: City council agreed not to change fire law for OE so the police cannot do anything else, can’t go against the city council. Talk amongst yourselves about how to best address this, alternative heat sources?
* Jennefer Harper starts taking minutes here

The police officers will come back; that is their commitment to us. Don’t think they can do everything we asked them, but they will take the info back.
Does the police force plan to raid before 1/11/12? Officer Kamkar/Bills reply: NO.

They will give answers to us on Tuesday at the GA.
We appreciate you! :)

Committee Reports

Occu-Sisters group forming: To support each other. Gonna interview all the ladies! Saturday at 3pm meeting in small women’s dome. There is a small women’s space.
Library: Need a new used bookcase. First court hearing for Bradley Manning. Been in prison since May 2010. Tomorrow is his 26th birthday. Letter World online. Check it out.
Legal/Research: Saturday 1pm 55 W. Broadway: Tactic Strategies. Everyone who is not a police officer is invited. WORK SESSION. Come. Cop Watch Info: video cameras coming to record police presence. We are legally entitled to record cops as long as we announce it. Say: I am recording. This is not asking permission. Just do it, but announce it so it is recorded. This is our legal right. Send it to Legal/Research Committee before making it public if it is a police abuse situation so they can evaluate it.
Neighborhood Action Committee: 22nd having a procession. They are going to bury the American Dream and then resurrect it. 1am Sunday at Reality Kitchen is the meeting. The 22nd is on solstice.

Comm Comm: Released a press release regarding City Council response. We are still committed to our goal of having a protest. Tomorrow: Saturday 2 pm is the next meeting in dome.
George Poling: What can we do with him? Let’s recall his election. 1200 voters in Ward 4 in NE Eugene. With that many signatures, we can recall him. New Committee to do this? Several hands went up. Let’s meet tonight at the end of the GA.
Finance & Sanitation: Sanitation is worn out!!! Costs $900 to clean graffiti outta the portapotties so stop graffiting them! Dale is the only Sanitation guy now. He recycles and cleans the potties.
Info: Lack of bags and gloves. Need these.
Police Announcement: Stop approaching cops with your knives to ask them if they are legal. Karen is frustrated about Info Booth Stuff. Need more Info Volunteers.
Solidarity Committee: Plaedo taking over of this: research on other occupation and communicate with them so we can coordinate.
Occupy City Hall Committee: Needs to be formed. Who can do this??
Engineering: We cannot build structures. We can only build tents. Let’s build some tents (tipis, & “tents”) Domes are cool too. It’s easy to get rid of us if there are only tents here and not “structures.” Do you have any awesome tent ideas? If you want to help build tents, come Friday (today). OOppps. Love. Monday is next meeting. 6pm
Drako w/ Metrics Committee: How can we measure tangible progress with what we can move forward with. ? It’s complicated. How can we measure our progress? Let’s figure it out and do it. People want to see progress. How do you measure the progress of a revolution? Usually by the fall of the Empire. Joe, Drako and Neptune are in it. Contact them. 6pm on Tuesday is the next meeting.
BadAss Committee: Alley and Big John want you to join if you are bad ass. Legal badassery is encouraged.
Facilitation: Consensus Training this weekend cancelled. Hope to reschedule soon. What is the interest? NonViolent Communication Training January 7th 10 am to Noon in Dome w/ Kristin Collier. A sooner one to be scheduled by Gary. Stay tuned.
Donate a boombox to the cause so we can have music in the dome! Music helps.
Outreach: We had our first meeting. Bumperstickers are coming soon. Can you donate $1 for each of them so we can pay back the General Fund? Next meeting: Thursday at 2pm at Cozmic Pizza. If you join the email list you can participate in the Doodle poll that will determine our standing meeting time. There are 13 lawyers who want to make phone calls for the Outreach Committee. Let Lauren R. or Jamil know and they’ll pass on the info.

*Jain Elliott starts taking notes here

Proposal: To rent office space in Growers Building
Off-site office-Jennefer—do we want one?

Helen owns the building at 7th & Polk, we’ve also discussed having a office in the Growers Market building
Meeting at Helios is also an option (as is meeting at the WOW Hall)
Helen says she’s remodeling, construction starts in May. Would like to lend it to until l then. It’s huge. We’d have to pay the utilities—be expensive to heat. $300 would be easy to get. Now $40 w/o using it. If we turn o the water it would cost more. Would need to get it u to code. Wouldn’t require a lease, but doesn’t want to allow Occupy in if we’re to going to be responsible. Eeds to make sure it’s accounted for.
Should we have an off-site office? Lauren says Jamil wants the office space here on site in the info booth. Also Mary has a friend with a storefront who would do it with no cost to Occupy (she would pay utilities.)
Ross says if for some reason we’re forced out of here, wouldn’t it be a good ides to have an off-site site? Would $20 a day be enough for utilities (Helen thinks so). Helen’s OK with our using it for a month & then seeing what the utilities were. Ross confirms we can store stuff there if we need to—Helen agrees.
Gwen supports putting focus on info, but she has a PC we can use & she doesn’t want it stored ere.
Jennefer reminds us that NY does have an off-site office space. Sees valid purposes in each of the 3 options. Escribes Growers space—upstairs at 454 Willamette, upstairs offices all related to non-profits I’s small—10 x 13 ish. $100 a month (covers utilities, wireless.) We can use the 2 meeting rooms Door’s pledged $300 towards this. GM BOD & tenants have each consensed to rent to us. F we don’t want it another group will snatch it.
Clarifies w/ the $300 donation, we could check out the GM space for free for a moth (first & last & a moth rent.)
Ellen thinks her insurance would cover us w/o change. Sister wants signage storefront open, activities. Helen isn’t worried, but worried about liability. Would like to see a committee with scheduled hours who’d be there, who she could connect with a point person for.

Lauren doesn’t see a downside to renting G, at least through the next couple of months during the eviction threat, except that we might lose momentum here. If we decide to decamp, we could contact Helen and move into her warehouse—we wouldn’t be paid for portapotties then or generator gas so we could then afford to pay Elen’s utlities. So both things could work, especially if we’re to here next month. So maybe we should sign up for GM now, & for Helen’s if we lose this space.
Sweet—we should take everything all day all week occupy everything—we’re going to continue to grow—likes the idea of having lots of space. We have space here, but we’re always wondering where to invest energy (we lost our engineering space.) (repeats Lauren’s pots.) (at length.) We spend so much time on camp issues we’re losing productive
Freya—city found $250,000?
Sister thinks we should take all 3—info gets distracted b people donating stuff & asking questions but need a quieter office. Helen’s space could be great for parties. Storefront being free-we could ower each other to do an art co-op, street art. Is that bad? O—supporting local. Could e a creative crafts center, warm & dry & safe. Could get a swing machine.
Livestream wants addresses. 1274 W. 7th, Growers 454 Willamette
Is the GM $300 jus for tat space, or could it move to another space? Jen will ask Diane.
Ross checks with Helen on current use of space—confirmed.
Maggie—what about $250,000? Ross-it’s coming from other projects: roads & gang prevention. Magie says there’s a lot more money out there than we realize. We should kick and scream.
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