12.20.211 GA minutes

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12.20.211 GA minutes

Postby laurenasprooth » Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:51 pm

General Assembly
December 20th, 2011
Facilitators: Getch, Luke, Joe
Livestreamer: Rob
Notetaker: Lauren A.

Open/morale (Groove Spitter) (5)
Intro Rap (5)
Proposal on spaces to rent- Jennefer Harper (10)
City council emergency meeting report- (John Monroe and Jean Stacey) 10 min
10 min for general response 30 seconds each
Carla’s two proposals (20)
Next steps (50 min)
Committee Reports (10 min)

Intro Rap-going over hand consensus signals

Proposal on spaces to rent- Jennefer Harper (10)
Proposal -Occupy Eugene rent growers office space (454 Willamette) and the space at 7th and Polk Building (old AAA building/Dog Cat Rescue)
Growers: $100/month for growers, supporter who has pledged $300 donation towards space
7th and Polk: owner requiring OE to only pay utilities ($300/month estimated)
Growers market free until Feb and 7th and Polk

-can’t have that many people at Growers market location response: two places very different for different needs. Growers says they are excited to have us there, have both places for different reasons. One for lots of space, one more for meeting.
-what do you visualize happening for the space? Use of buildings would be for storage or office space or what? A: Office space to hold meetings/make calls/hold trainings/workshops. Larger location; medical needs, gatherings, storing things, fundraisers.
-7th and Polk building, will it be heated? Yes, that is the expense of the utilities.
-WOW Hall is $30 for day time hours rental
-Concerned about having 2 locations. 1 site can be elitists and another worker bees…in interest of unity and solidarity should have 1 site where we can do everything.
-Helen owner of Cat and Dog rescue: Up stairs not available at present, by May there will be remodeling and can’t have OE anymore
-Won’t it be good to have one solid spot (growers) that we are not going to have to leave come march when 7th and Polk office ends?
-7th and Polk also has store front space and office space! Can hold concerts/workshops and store all of our droves of stuff there! Lots of skilled unemployed labor here to help renovate building
-Support both spaces. Growers has commons area that you can use to have meetings, nice space. Like to do both spaces.

Clarifying Questions (Helen, owner of 7th and Polk building responds)
-Fire marshal to cite for too many people at 7th and Polk? Getting building up to code, can at least have storage without an issue and in less than a week get up to code
-Down time at building: up for negotiation, being remodeled as a commercial and residential space. Probably until March and hopefully May can donate the space and after negotiable.
-$300 for utilities…are we certain it’s not more? Haven’t turned on heat much, $300 heating sometimes, could go over and would need to discuss at the end of the month. $300 somewhat informed estimate
-5,000 square ft at bottom and 5,000 more at top if we can get it going
-Woman who pledged to growers office: said she would think about using money towards 7th and Polk bldg
-medical supplies/donations can all continue at 7th and Polk? Yes.

New Proposal for one site: 7th and Polk Building
Temp check:
Blocks: John Monroe, Sabra
Stand Asides: lots

7:35pm Temp check to continue discussion, yes, revisit at 7:45

John: Why would we not take a free office space, we need to decentralize and still be a family and work in many different spaces. If not we are not really a movement, got to be able to survive. Need to spread ourselves into many different spaces. Smarter to rent BOTH.
*sufficient to vote on one building at a time? Yes.
Sabra: Growers market natural allies, and here they are offering to bring us in and if we say no we are being cliquey!
Stand asides:
-financial feasibility? Jon from finance-$300/month is feasible (* note if we don’t use utilities and just storage, no money spent on 7th and Polk)
-better to save money and rent WOW hall.
-Need multiple spaces, not just 7th and Polk and can get past cliquey thing. Growers market opportunity is an important alliance.

Motion to vote on renting both spaces: Growers building and 7th and Polk building

-1 consent with reservation for renting both buildings (outside area highly contested for schedule and parking hard, for 7th and Polk)
No blocks

Consensus Passes to rent Growers building and 7th and Polk building

City council emergency meeting report- (John Monroe and Jean Stacey) 10 min

Spoke with Lieutenant Kamkar as what peacefully and practical mean in regards to the eviction. He met with his bosses and met with us, then went back to meet with his bosses again. Here to see how much we want to or don’t want to work with that. Then we begin to establish what we want to do.
Option 1: steady withdraw so that police and city can see we are in fact leaving this spot and they would not close us down entirely until the 26th. If we are in fact showing a declining population and structures coming down then they will leave to 26th. If they see ppl starting to arrive then they will consider shutting down on 23rd or 24th
Option 2: Don't have a stead withdraw and keep site in tact and get evicted the 23rd or 24th

They expect civil disobedience. Symbolic trespassing. They have made decision that they have effectively closed the park this afternoon but will not arrest so that we can get together to exit camp. Anyone that comes in as new faces may try and kick out as trespassing, as well as any ppl that create problems.
Saw on a blog something about sleeping dragons or all forms of mechanized resisting arrest considered resisting arrest, Class A misdemeanor and no longer consider it a peaceful protest.
Fine for resisting $5,000 not $500
Cops will use as grounds now that it has been stated.
Fence placed around perimeter, mostly 6th so as not to prohibit removing stuff. Intelligence that ppl from Portland are coming down and rumored that bringing pepper spray.
Would like to shut kitchen down as quickly as possible and work with social services to deliver food to us.
If anyone has a pet on site, extremely concerned that they be removed before arrests take place. Resources if you don’t have a place to put your animals, pay attention to your animals
New set of lights turned on at 9pm tonight.
Donkey pie group-going around with loud speakers trying to incite ppl against us, police concerned that on a day of civil protest they may come in an ignite things.
Concerned about children, Lieutenant Kerns reported infant crying on site between 1:30-2am. Concerned for the children
Impetus to come in early if they feel like the camp is expanded. What do we want to ask of our brothers and sisters coming to help us…new ppl will not be let in. Once someone who is moving out leaves, will not be permitted to come back in. something worked out so you don’t have to make multiple trips.
Long talk about concern for group of individuals that will be violent. Re-assured that we are a non-violent movement. Need to discuss again our non violence tactics.
Deferred all statements to the GA

10 min for general response 30 seconds each

-Lights up tonight? Yes.
- Fence going up, then you can’t come in. They will let “organizers” in. If it seems like more people are moving in to camp, they will stop letting people in.
- What’s up with Donkupy? Let’s encourage them to come down! A: There has been some outreach to them on facebook.
- If someone has to leave because of an appointment, are they allowed to come back in? If they are leaving for good or facilitating the process of decamping, then it will be easy for police to let people in and out.
Fyi: meeting tomorrow at 11:30 am w/Laurent, John Monroe, Jean, and Michael Carrigan WITH police
- If I’m a camper, and I left the site w/no tent or stuff, can I transform into an organizer? Yes.
- Is everyone in this room an organizer? Yes! And then some!
- Unoccupy/Donkypie: Jim and Jennifer Clark are family members of Mike Clark, the Councilor.
- What about lone acts of violence? Police will target the individual, not the whole group—so the police say.
- Have they officially announced anyone to leave? A: No.
POI: Public Radio announced the police will allow Occupiers to deconstruct.
- How will info go out to people camping here but not at the GA?
- Other Occupiers- can they stay offsite in the offices. A: NO.
Q: Chair of Whiteaker: Tomorrow is an important time galactically. Let’s go forth. Whiteaker want to know how to set up a tent city, knowledge we have gained here will be very practical, write it down, ppl need to know.
*Balance conversation with planning time
-Jean: Terry from St. Vincents depauls working on expanding tent sites/rv sites. Working to set up an Egan type of warming center. How many ppl might be interested in transitioning into other programs. Still working on getting it all published, working on adopt an occupier program. Put ppl up for a week or two, do some work trade. Particularly ppl involved

1 more stack, transition at 8:30 to planning

-commotion due to an individual speaking out of turn

Proposal: nightly GA’s for the duration of the camp (if breakdown on the 26th then possible GA for 25th)
No blocks
No stand asides
Question: can we continue to have mass meetings once fence is up? Will ask police tomorrow, use it as part of our de-camping effort

Consensus reached to have nightly GA's at 7pm for the duration of camp until we are evicted

Concerns: rob needs help extra livestreaming

-Lauren R. says ppl back in forth will not be a problem, set to have a 10am conversation with police to bring up a few things and until then says don’t give them your id and name, unless they can articulate a suspicion that you have committed a crime, don’t have to talk, don’t’ talk to the cops!! If you are asked to leave because you are part of the occupation, get officers name and call legal or Jean: 541-870-2580
-increase non violent resistance to site at same time we gently slowly de-camp? Come back
-those that want to protest but don’t want to loose possessions will be able to keep at community location? Yes, police want all possessions off by time of civil disobedience. Can house in community space, 7th and Polk or anther occupier with a home
- sleeping bags and tents available through St. Vincents, Micheal Carrigan: Mayor says she is keeping a close eye on things to see they go peacefully from every perspective.

Support to move on and talk about next steps, if you have anything else please bring to john and jean

Morale Half Time: Alley-been occupying public space for 66 days, amazing, cannot underestimate it, be strong, be in love, be in solidarity, be in your power. Love in this movement incredible, don’t’ ever forget collective power here. You are all fucking amazing and I love you all.
Happy birthday Alley

Carla’s two proposals (20)
Proposal 1: OE consensus to request of the city that, after the deadline has passed and the 24-hour presence onsite is at an end, that the park remain open during daylight hours so that participants can remove all infrastructure, personal belongings, and trash.

Proposal 2: Also, OE consensus to request of the city that OE participants be allowed to rehab the site ourselves, and replant preferably with native plant species, but with whatever the city horticulturists and park departments recommend.

-The right thing to do to restore the land, regardless of the city
-want to consense to take to city

Temp check:

1st proposal
No blocks
No stand asides

Consensus passes

2nd proposal
No blocks
Friendly amendment-Expand it and have whole space opened as a community garden, friendly amendment? Just as a suggestion
-not easy to open community garden, all for it, but not easy
-need to get together an actual extensive proposal, talk with parks and recs…
-already been mentioned to city to let us work with the and set up friends of a park with collaborative relationship in park. Will talk with Carla
-shortage of veggie plots in Whiteaker, would be great to have veggie garden, occupark!

Concensus passes

Next steps (50 min)

-Talk to Rob sydor about getting on email lists for alerts or join text alert system

Re-asserting our pledge to nonviolent eviction

- other groups not with OE, still follow st pauls principles that we don’t condone or oppose what they are doing
-If you are agreeing to OE you are agreeing to non violent action.
-St. Pauls actions say different tactics not done together at once
-Reaffirm St. Paul principles (Agenda item for tomorrow)
-Self defense non violent? Can you help others defend themselves? Acceptable to put yourself between an attacker and victim
-Stated pt of OE that we are nonviolent and by being with OE you accept that we are a non violent movement.
-PPl acting violently will be non associated with OE
-Don’t turn over to police, just separate them
-Need trainings in nonviolence

Move on

Material removal-(Derrick)

Derrick: Dome-with nightly GA’s probably want dome. Donated to us by pacific domes and if anything happened to it, then we (member of community that has put his/her name on the line) owe them $5,000. To respect pacific dome and this member of our community, when shit gets really real we should take it down. *Decision made later in GA to taking down tomorrow (Wed) morning. Stove leaving. GA’s in engineering yard.
Material evac: anyone with a truck or van or transportation to offer help to community. Get a hold of derrick after meeting. All expensive equipment going to cat and dog rescue. If you have personal stuff that you just don’t know what to do with, it can go to cat and dog. When we moved last time, no one labeled stuff. So if you want stuff transported to safe location make sure its labeled with phone number.
Teepee came down. Medical taking care of itself. If you consider yourself in charge of a booth that that comes down at your own discretion.
If you have a pallet we would like to keep them, so make a stack. Need to organize our assets
Working all day tomorrow to take things down
Can still be cited for fires
-Info booth should remain throughout the rest of camp if at all possible!
-Info booth: possibility of moving some equipment off, if anyone wants to help load up any expensive equipment that we don’t need at the moment, please help Jennefer
-Whiteaker booth now turn into bulletin board and ideas for what to do next can be housed there. Group housing, announcements, protests etc. notes to each other while everything is getting dismantled. Behind library, Washington side of front entrance.
-Should we bring tools? Sure, only stuff that needs tools is domes. Nuts and bolts, bring cordless drill gun with socket
*Conversation moves back to our options for remaining at camp*
- have we condensed to be out by 26th to slowly move out? Which decision did we make option 1 or 2??
-do we want to discuss our options? Discuss options and hold off on deciding anything?

1: steady withdrawal through Dec 26
2: Evict Dec 23rd or 24th on our terms
-shouldn’t decide on something and announce it, lots of ppl that left, discuss again tomorrow.
-is time sensitive because if we want to expand our numbers then must do so right away
-ppl have known for a while and will come to defend whether we like it or not. We may decide to trickle down to 26th but not in our control
-off topic, finish material removal stack
-request for trucks; fossil fuels, bring bicycle carts and by hand. Have signage, lots of media looking at exodus, show signs that get pt across with
-tomorrow morning at 10am striking dome. Derrick will not be here. Volunteers. Delegate. Fits on palette when packed up. Instruction binder will be available from derrick, it’s at info

Back to discussing physical presence on site:

Discussion on whether we should discuss right now, or better in discrete locations away from livestream.

-there will be affinity groups that have plans that are out of our control
-some ppl that have a commitment to transparency, some philosophies in recording that go along with transparency.
-don’t talk about tactics at GA
-Do we want to talk about physical presence/tactics on site at the GA…or should that be handled elsewhere?
-already empowered actions/legal to make these decisions for us. ..still functioning normally
-we have groveled at the feet of city council and go out like an occupy
-How does it turn out the dome can be taken out w/out GA consensus? Its private property.
-Derrick: love to put it up to GA consensus, I should not be the only one making it. Person who has money down also unsure what to do with it.
-Not our dome
-build back stage? Engineering idea better, under bridge, no new buildings.
-some discussion of whether there should be a GA vote on taking down the dome
Proposal: group of ppl to meet with Michael right now to address his issues while we go on with other topics
-will not need to consense on issue

-We are talking about: physical presence on site, how do we intend to assert our presence on site
-splitting up into affinity groups is fracturing and destroying unity. Don’t feel comfortable empowering groups that I don’t’ know what will happen. If this is a movement we want to make sure we move forward with the broadest support from the community. Need to do what they don’t expect and stick together and not act as victims but move forward. Do not want to alienate support.
-affinity groups while initially gathering in separate spaces resulted in greater unification.
-table this discussion on site pending reports from legal and action? Yes

Nonviolent resistance
- Passive non violence resistance tomorrow at 3:00pm @ 7th and Polk building, talk to Kristen Carpenter
-everyone will be able to participate in one way or the other
-all cameras on site, police demeanor completely changes when they are on camera
-Lauren Regan holding cop watching training tomorrow wed at 8pm part of GA

Planning items to discuss at another GA:
-schedule another large march after site closes
-Location of GA’s
-permanent occupation of city council meetings
-Occupy your local government, run for boards, commissions, task forces
-politics of city council expressed today
-donations for land or homes for cause
-read Jean Sharpe
-OE task force for permanent location and Mayors task force on long term solutions to homeless
-commit resources to living together, talk to Librus
-more classes and more educational workshops
-disseminating information to campers

Did not get time for Committee Reports

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Gene Sharp's Dictatorship To Democracy, free download

Postby Moon Just Moon » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:13 am

Here is the link to the free download of the pdf's to read Gene Sharp's book Dictatorship To Democracy which I mentioned at tonight's GA.
It is a short easy read and should be required reading for everyone interested in peaceful resistance. This site The Albert Einstein Institute,
has links to this & other Gene Sharp must reads. Gene Sharp was also the founder of The Albert Einstein Institute.
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