12-21-2011 GA minutes

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12-21-2011 GA minutes

Postby Martin C » Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:52 am

GA Wed. 12-21-11 onsite around dining area

facilitators: Lauren A. & Sweet
minutes taker: Martin Champion
morale: Sweet


1.Today’s EPD meeting report
Request to city council: Luke
Adopt an occupier
Christmas celebration: Getch
committee reports

note: the meeting was without facilitation until Lauren & Sweet ably stepped in. There was much contradictory information. The most important topics discussed--the update on what the city and cops were planning to do, and on what we had to do, were discussed once before John M. & Allie reported from the meeting with the city, and again with them present. I’ve done my best to make this all make more sense than it sometimes did at the time.

“We don’t know where to go”
“government can move our bodies, but not our souls”
issue: list of homes where people can stay?
people are angry
proud of accomplishments such as kitchen
unfortunate we have to go

*We need people with washers at home to take some of the many, many bags of laundry piled at info booth home to wash very soon. The clean laundry could then go to Occupy’s warehouse space, the old AAA building, 1274 w. 7th

*8p.m. after GA: legal observer/copwatch training at Occupy’s warehouse space, the old AAA building, 1274 w. 7th

*Egan Warming centers will apparently be open Wednesday night.
(clarified that this is not the wet housing the city may be planning--apparently that is 6 or more weeks away)

*There will be a march Thursday, December 22. People will gather from 4:00 to 4:30 at OE’s warehouse space, the old AAA building, 1274 w. 7th

*A candlelight vigil will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday, December 22 across 6th from the OE site (that is, it will be in the block of Washington-Jefferson Park north of 6th st.).
Text alert system: sign up! very important so we can gather quickly. Sign up with Lauren A. or with Rob Sydor. text alert system # 23559 @oe_actions
OE renewed its commitment to nonviolence at Tuesday night’s GA.
Derek has the day off Thursday & is coming to help break down what needs breaking down.
We are just taking time for the holidays. We will be back to occupy in many forms and places.
People coming from Whitebird & Looking Glass. Some kind of alternative food distribution will be set up.
Car camping has been doubly expanded. Possibility of camping without a car in some places until April 15th.

1.Today’s EPD meeting report
More on what will happen/needs to happen with site very soon
Christmas celebration
committee reports

Today’s EPD meeting report: John M., Alley
The park is closed. The notices on the tent simply make it very clear the park is closed. This doesn’t mean we will be removed right now. The EPD is not planning on removing us yet, but they can change their minds. EPD is very concerned about kids, dogs and cats on site. Having any of these on site past tomorrow morning would likely lead to being removed immediately. Kids, cats & dogs must be gone by noon Thursday.

Reports said police don’t intend to arrest people tonight. However police are showing that they are ready to arrest people for the slightest infraction. Don’t trust cops. Don’t talk to them. Don’t believe them.

Possible reason for contradictory information: the cops onsite sometimes don’t immediately understand what is decided by administration.

Unless you are detained you do not have to give your name. Ask for their name and badge number. If you are filming give notice verbally or they will arrest you.

A fence will soon go up on the 6th street side and police will control access.

More on what will happen and/or needs to happen:
Engineering facility (under bridge, south of kitchen) should now be housing sleeping bags & tents brought by St. Vincent de Paul for people to take as they leave. If Lt. Kamkar sees continual decamping and no major rowdiness, we will have some time.
but there is no reason moving out shouldn’t be quick or efficient. All property left onsite at any point that the police decide to shut us down, any property left here will be taken by cops, probably to the dumpsters.

Labelled items can be stored at at OE’s warehouse space, the old AAA building, 1274 w. 7th. The space is not for housing at all, but for storage and organizing.

There were some reports that police would take down the kitchen and engineering Thursday. This contradicted other reports. Diesel said the kitchen will be open for breakfast. They plan to serve lunch and dinner.

Adopt an occupier:
information will be at Occupyeugenemedia.org website.

Christmas party: Smuj & Ralph working on it. contact them. There would be nothing wrong with bringing food to share.

Committee reports: finance & sanitation: don’t tag portable bathrooms. Will cause $800+ in fees (other reports were covered in announcements and other discussions)

Other business:
A suggestion of a gathering of northwest occupiers somewhere at some point. Contact Antonio at: sustain2021@gmail.com Antonio wants a liaison between OE and Portland.
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