12.23 GA Minutes

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12.23 GA Minutes

Postby laurenasprooth » Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:49 pm

General Assembly
Facilitator: Jennifer and Getch
Notetaker: Lauren A.
Livestreamer: Rob S.

Morale: “We are the mighty”-Ben
Opening Rap
Site report
Task force update
Work party
GA Schedule
Christmas Proposal
Committee reports

Site report

Fence around site at WJP, 3pm ppl couldn’t get in without id and vouch from Big John, 1-2 dozen ppl actively clean up. Some campers haven’t left, social services working with them.
Plan to close park for 6 months. Doesn’t look like we will be able to rehab park, but no verification. We will see.
Any plans for civil disobedience? At this pt no, 3tree sits, EPD chose not to arrest. Only allowing dedicated clean up crew on site, grumbly veteran Roger will not leave.
More cops there, it’s a copupy.
Louisa from Whit neighborhood association is working on turning land into pemaculture site, can still have an occupark!
Have we tried to compile witnesses for police dropping off rick youngblood? 7-11 clerk saw but did not testify, no proof. Do have proof that city used the injury of homeless man as excuse to shut down occupation.

Task force update-Joe

Mtg at CALC today to talk about the mayor’s task force regarding homeless. 11 ppl there, scheduled a next mtg this Monday at calc 10am. 458 Blair, near new day bakery. Looking to put together our proposal for how we wish or see potential solution to solving the homeless issue. Suggested ppl come to mtg and prepare written suggestions on what you think alternative site might look like or what you think city should adopt.
Wed 7pm @ 7th and Polk tentatively scheduled meeting to review what was done Monday. Hope to bring revised doc to GA Friday for review/comment to be consensed upon. Will be added to mayor’s packet.
Are there any homeless at the table? Not yet, making effort to do so.
Monday mtg is work mtg, bring stuff for document.
Task force is being formed by mayor and OE is allowed 4-5ppl. Pushing mayor’s office to have separate group from the task force to include more homeless
Answer is we built solution and at they tore it down? What we will try to say
Come ready Monday!
Jan 4th mayors 1st mtg, open public mtg 12-1:30pm 13th and Charnelton-may or may not take public comment , if they do want to have 3-4 ppl ready to present proposal and talk specifically to this at public comment. Public invited, space for large group.

Work Party
-John and Derick

Diesel has new apartment!!
Work Party tomorrow at 9:30am to continue to clean up site!!! Bring trucks/wheelbarrows/trash bags/buckets
Make sure hazmat team doesn’t have to work hard, and give them a great Christmas
Recycling containers still there
Piles of metal to go to recycling center, and stuff to go to dog and cat rescue
Bring your id to get signed in with vest
Initially only 5 ppl allowed in and got more flexible at the day went on
Everyone come to the work party!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mic check: they may have take our site, they make dragged our things off and dismantled our kitchen and laughed the whole time but we laugh harder and we love them, most of the time. One thing they can’t take away is our community, because we have come up with one of the most amazing things from this whole process in that we now have a group of ppl who can live together and are organized. We are still changing the world< I love you-Derick
***Group hug***
Community is the new currency, spend it, stimulate the economy

GA schedule-Moon

*Open Assembly Tomorrow 4-6pm dog and cat rescue

Proposal: Call the new site at 7th and Polk Occupy 5

-Derick stand aside-we have the opportunity to get so much more than 7th Polk building, also occupying growers, other places too.
-Keith-include quad lots, Washington Jefferson 6th place
No blocks, stand asides will accept term into their hearts
Consensus reached to call the 7thand Polk building Occupy 5

Proposal: Meeting schedule before included village meetings, with no more site we no longer need village meetings. New schedule as follows:
Mon-coordinators mtg
Wed-nothing (previously village meeting)
Thurs-Coordinators mtg
Friday- GA
Sat- open assembly
Sunday- nothing

Concerns around proposal for GA schedule

Burnout, too many meetings, maybe not two coordinator meetings, better to have work done in committees and try harder to get everyone in one place at fewer meetings as opposed to scattered over many meetings, more solidarity.
Important to have as many mtgs as we can now, revert back later
Ga’s instead of coordinators meeting
*Friendly amendment* to do away with coordinators meetings and just have GA’s
Amend friendly amendment:
Reason we had open assembly was to include ppl not coming to site, no site, do not need open assemblies
Current location not accessible by bus
By keeping ga’s only a few times a week more ppl likely to show up, fewer ga’s.
*Amendment*: do away with coordinators meetings
Current, evolved proposal: no coordinators, GA tues, thurs, sat
Need at least one coordinator mtg a week
One GA a week have at a different location, Grand assembly for more discussion, more ppl will come with no camp talk not like current open assemblies
Leave breathing room for committees, less coordinators meetings

Current proposal:
Sat-GA 4pm

Occupy 5 default location for GA’s unless otherwise noted

Stand aside: 3 GA’s may be too much, will go with it
Reservation: grand assembly Sat is not easiest location for wow hall
Consensus on new schedule

If coordinators need to get together able to leave possibility meeting, and no negativity against “special” mtg, felt like we get done. Could happen and not a special secret cabal
Support for ability to ad hoc meetings
Can naturally turn into grand assembly

Christmas Proposal

Proposal: a lot of people here without anyone to spend Christmas with.
Christmas day Christmas Potluck, 2pm Occupy 5

Family invited
Whiteaker Christmas also happening
Advertise past GA
Show Christmas movie? Joe has projector
Reality Kitchen can also have it.
Check on Reality Kitchen but stick with occupy 5
Show up early and help clean the place up a bit
Key to building? Hammer out details later
Bring your favorite Christmas movie

Committee Reports

Site clean up and rehab crew: Official committee now! Carla does not want to head, but can be liason with city, likes official shit, forwarded proposals to mayor/city council/chief/city manager. Spoke to manager and said be patient. Parks have expressed interest in native plants. Continue to clean up site
Medical-thank Terri, Charlie, Sue, Carla, Jerry, Geneva, did a great job. Thanks to peacekeepers
Mic check: this is not the end!
Engineering: thanks to all who have helped in engineering, lots of pallets, pallet house projects possibly, small cute alternative house in your backyard? We will build it for you! And in the process teach ppl how to build! When we get a new site, man will it be great, we have learned a lot
Bad Ass committee-continue on
Communications-12pm growers mtg
Fundraising-Jan 11th cozmic pizza fundraiser coming up in Jan..details to come
Library: collection for a burial fund for the family for Mr. Youngblood, talk to Art, Scotty, Teri, need $700
Peacekeepers: continue to be involved and still work, find parts of the community that require work and work on not letting issue escalate to require police and hold space. All of Eugene requires peacekeepers. If you identify with that role as an ongoing task we will schedule a meeting soon.
Peacekeeping training? Sure
Nonviolent communication training: soon, 6 hour training for free, invite police OE city counselors
Legal: thanks to Lauren R. Great work on city council meeting, largest crowd I have ever seen.
All make a big effort to be at first city council meeting of the year. Dig your soap box, you can talk about anything.
Facilitation: need m ore facilitators. Need male minute takers!!!
Outreach: join the committee, we have bumper stickers on donation basis.


The Egan warming center open tonight, all night.
TV program Monday 12pm at community access TV studio, Shedlon High school. Round table discussion about your experience with occupy. Different crowd. Joe will send info to get out.
Mic check: Very special thanks to dale and Karen, the sexiest members of our occupation. We would have been shut down a long time ago if it wasn’t for them.
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Re: 12.23 GA Minutes

Postby Karen_M » Sat Dec 24, 2011 8:20 pm

Lauren, thanks for taking minutes. Thank you to everyone who takes minutes!

But I have a quick correction: In the proposal to name the new 7th and Polk site Occupy Five, we decided to spell it with a roman numeral V, Occupy V.

I think people really like the V. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it wasn't mine.
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