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GA 11/12/11 7PM

PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:56 pm
by Luke Novak
GA notes 11/12/11 – 7PM

Review of hand signals, how GA works.

30 sec announcements

Brother from group “We The People” to end corporate personhood, need people to sign petition, petition passed around.

Vet Charley Knox, Vet tent now up, next to expression center, right now just physical piece of eye candy, trying to get people scheduled in to get vets and occupiers together.

Andy, from Portland occupy. If anyone has questions, he is here, involved in many committee's in portland. Questions about stuff leading up to tonights events welcome.

At march today, not even 100 people. Need more people involved. Need every person that can in the camp to support our actions.

Cameron and Robin from Occupy Seattle, if any questions about Seattle, we are here.

Man from cottage grove, just letting us know, they have our back.

Library would like to hold classes in geo-dome, the teachers being campers, whether ongoing or one time classes, or if there is something you would like to be taught, let the library know.

A day or two before marches, we need to come up with good slogans and chants.

Smith family bookstores announced they would be willing to donate textbooks to Library.


Jesse from medical – had meeting with fire chief, good meeting. Meeting Monday at 5:30pm, everyone welcome, will be facilitator there, consensus process will be loose to help get things done quickly. Meeting will cover EFD concerns, lead-in's, escorts, to lead EFD to where issues are. Need evacuation plan. OE medical needs – emergency security, evacuation plans, clinic vs triage, will be two separate clinics, walkie talkie usage, peace vs security, emergency phone numbers and contacts.

Vet committee needs volunteers for their booth.

Facilitators make agenda one hour before meeting in the geo-dome.
Suggestion to move to system where we can post agenda to internet before GA's. Agenda item suggestions can be submitted online, or at info booth.

Web committee, just launched new forum system, decision made not to transfer all old forum items to new system because of technical problems. New one is a better forum, with private messaging, polls, sticky posts, things that were requested. It is up and running, it should be seen as the primary tool online for discussion. Email lists should only be used for business purposes. Ask all committees to transfer meeting minutes to new forum system. In the new forum, under GA, to specifically log process decisions.

Agenda item – tomorrow's GA – there is no GA tomorrow, if there is a need for organization tomorrow, that can be done. Mon wed fri are regular GA's, Saturday grand assembly.
Depending what happens in Portland, we may need GA tomorrow.
Proposal to have GA tomorrow.
Proposal for some sort of 'round table' for people to share about whats going on at other occupy movements, especially ones under attack currently.
If people can plan to be here for facilitation tomorrow, that would be great.
Proposal that we have GA-LIKE meeting that could be decision making group if it needs.
Friendly Amendment – what if organizer meeting was earlier? Then can know if there does need to be a GA.
Curious how long people from Portland and Seattle will be here... they are not sure.
Proposal that we have organizer meeting tomorrow, to address possible occupation refugee's coming in, to have a plan for that, a logistical response. Discussion on how we respond to occupations under stress in general. 6pm proposed for this meeting.
We need a clear way of supporting movements that are in duress. Like mass emails. To let them know the world is watching.
Asking Portland representative, is there anything we can do when close-by occupations are being cleared out? Suggested that we save that conversation for after GA.
Time change to 7pm proposed. Consensus achieved.

OCCUPY DENVER under police attack as we speak. Moment of silence.

Anyone want to speak about location?
This item is on the agenda because a friendly amendment was added to the decision to move to re-discuss on 11/9. We have not had this discussion.
Anyone tonight in favor of moving? Loud NO's. Consensus not to move.
Tree presenting a modification by facilitator committee - “So we are trying to have an effective process for making decisions together. Specific point, when we do the shift from consensus to the 90% fall back option. When in consensus mode, set with three options, agree, stand aside, block.
Standing aside from a decision means you have significant concerns, but just not willing to block whole group. You are graciously agreeing to not block the whole group, and you should have a chance to voice your concerns. Abstaining is holding yourself aside in a less drastic way. When going to the 90% fall back, as it has worked now, anyone who stands aside has not gotten counted. When it comes to 90% fall back, people have option to vote yes, no, or to abstain.
Whats the difference between a stand aside and a block? Block is, “I think this proposal goes against the fundamental principles of this movement,” anything short of that is a stand aside.
When the overwhelming movement seems to be wanting consensus, then that is when we move to 90%.
Clairification. When in consensus there are four states. Regardless of what is done in consensus, you get to vote any way you want in 90% consensus.
Test for consensus for this proposal? Temperature check, indecisive.
80% proposed. Concerns voiced, tabled.
General feel is to table whole proposal. Tabled.


At march today, talked with girl who worked at lawyer firm. She talked with guy who owns the property of starbucks, he wants us out of here.
Facilitator: Not about camp security.
Girl asks why we hurry through the subjects, explained that some have to go home after GA.

Vibe check, deep breath. Conversation continuing from last night, procedures.

Clarifiying question, earlier in the occupation there was an agreed upon procedure of removal. What is it? Does it exist?
Understanding as a group we can surround that person, confront them about an issue. Ask them to change behavior, or leave the occupied space.
We adopted Portland principles, and Portland actions, at a previous GA, brought to my attention that these actions do exist.
Were those actions consensed upon at GA? Not determined.
They are on the website. Maybe?
Point out an incident where she had to address and speak to EPD, there was a man who had to be escorted outside of camp. Not sure what the incident was, but EPD brought him back after he had been excluded by camp. There must be game plan for security. These people have addiction issues and such, they are a part of the 99% that the system has failed.
Had medical emergency last night, medical responded, we were hampered in being able to do our job effectively. Group of people surrounding us, blocking us from properly helping this individual. Med responders met with opposition when trying to respond to a serious medical emergency. How do we provide security to medical response?
There are procedures in emergency response that need to be followed.
Talked in Peace Keeper meeting about helping first responders. When PK says they need space, they need space.
Went to egan warming center, really good conversation with guys from Cahoots. They can come here and train people. Come to safety meeting @ 1:30 tomorrow GA tent.
Rumors that EPD are waking up homeless and taking them to OE instead of processing them.
Any peer pressure related methods we agree upon are falling upon deaf ears (the people that need to hear this are not attending the GA's). If we are to come up with this system, must have full community support. We need to do a lot of outreach to connect our community as a whole, all these tactics at their core operate when there is a community.
Quick announcement. Issue going on now, three gentlemen, wearing masks, two had shovels, going around camp looking for 'treasure.' If you see them, they are suspected of theft of missing items in main tents. Some sort of conflict happened, with others. A large crowd would help with these issues.

***CODE RED CALLED***, all GA headed toward incident, incident quickly deescalated.

Back to GA.

Talking about that procedure. To some degree that will work (group of people), depending on level of coherence (in the case of substance abuse). Its a math equation of sorts. 1000 of them, 100 of us, what is the procedure? 100 of them 100 of us. Can we deal with that? No. What is it that you need to function, to continue to move forward? What is the procedure and protocols that we can integrate into this community so that we are not so vulnerable, if indeed police are dropping people off, and such.
Circling method may not be appropriate for every individual.
Points on securtity, in next 24 hours I am going to get a CPR class for anyone who wants to get certified. Anyone who wants to get certified, come tomorrow. Would like to create a woman only space. Any help is appreciated. **She was given a 16X16 tent for that by Blackhorse.
Proposal to expand meeting, to 9:15pm. Consensus.
Major concerns in Portland, there was severe lack of transparency in physical structures, there was a bike chop shop, child prostitution ring, hard drugs. Consider physical structures and their transparency.
Strongly agree with idea of limiting discussion. One of our weaknesses is to suggest that the GA would be a place to be informed about 'rules' of OE. Info booth for that.
At Portland occupation. Early point was very positive. After that, went downhill, park blocks were large, you couldn't see anything even in daylight. Things that killed them were physical transparency, vandalism. You need to make it so that people can come and volunteer. If they could come get a cup of coffee. Make it a community space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why are we having a GA discussion about security? Reminder that we are having a safety meeting tomorrow.
We do need to be able to draw boundaries. We need an effective removal process. We need a feedback loop for the whole community, if 20 people say this isn't working, they will respond. If we can't draw our boundaries, then this all goes downhill. COMMUNITY. We also need more people here for our occupation.
A good idea would be if we had a welcoming committee. Having people that can greet people wandering around. Let them know what we are doing around here. A way to identify who is a Peace Keeper? So that you know who people are.


Karl, karenykarl [at], one representative of the entire political population in this area. With The good news, I think occupy Eugene is a total game-changer, you are the hub, the center of a great wheel, 40-50 interest groups who are in solidarity with you. We began to get labor unions, the democratic party, including church groups, environmental groups, to see what can we do, in support and solidarity with OE.
The bad news, at our coordinating meeting, which will be an ongoing meeting, we meet at helios office 120 W broadway, contact person Cary Thompson, who is in charge of an internet billboard of interest groups in support of OE in the community. It was brought to our attention there are very powerful political interest groups that want to see an end to this encampment by Dec. 15th. We need, and have, a lot of time to mobilize the interest groups to get the political atmospherics in the city coucil to try and extend this Dec 15th deadline. I cant hot-line the governor, but there needs to be a hotline of information as to what we are trying to do in Solidarity with OE
So do we have a list of their (opposition) concerns so that we can address them?
Its the usual filthy hippie scum anarchy bullshit. You see some of the guys with anti EMX billboards, some in the tea party, they just want to shut you down.
Do we have any idea what kind of tactics they would use to shut us down? Can we expect infiltrators?
I don't see that happening on an organized basis. As far as specific actions, there will be action in the Eugene city council on Dec 15th concerning whether our permit to camp will be extended. Its possible if enough people call and say 'shut them down,' they will. First tactic should be that you contact the city council asking to extend our stay here.
The last time we made a call for people to contact the city council, people made violent suggestions, which led to at least one of the NO votes, we need to communicate only in positive ways.
Back to good news, if you think of the 2000 people that marched with us on Oct 15th, those are our core constituent supporters, who connect us with the world.

Out of time.

End of meeting.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:36 am
by KatieDee
thanks, Luke.

I'm going to cover this in minutes training (coming soon!), but be sure not to include email addresses as you have here in minutes on the forums (they will be magnets for spam).

Write email addresses like this: luke [at] luke dot com so they won't be farmed by spam bots.



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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:46 am
by jamil
Fixed the email address.