GA Minutes 12-27-11

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GA Minutes 12-27-11

Postby Martin C » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:02 am

GA 12-27-11
At Occupy 5 (O 5)

Facilitators: Jennefer, Marcus
Minutes: Martin C.

Opening Morale
Host Rap
Intro Rap
Site Update (Joshua)
Proposal: Request to City Council (Luke) not present, not discussed
Proposal: Symbol. Graham
Occupy V Space Reservation Process/keyholders (Helen)
St. Paul Principles Revisited (John M.)
Committee Reports
Discussion: OE Next Steps (Rob)
General Announcements

Morale: Fiddle playing

Host Rap: Be courteous to neighbors (of O 5) no parking at cornbread cafe. park in front or in back. don’t block cars in @ apartments. don’t use alley dumpsters for personal use.

Intro: hand signals reviewed.

Site Update: Joshua: cleanup going pretty well. lots of volunteers have worked hard to get everything done. Deadline 5p.m. tomorrow to get it finished. would love to see all of us there. need trucks.

Proposal: Graham: logo image for OE with black phoenix, green oregon map, red (& orange flames) with variation of black background & black bird.
suggestions: clearer flames, red phoenix instead of black, make it less busy
does look nazi. does not look nazi
let’s not spend all night changing this logo.

Occupy 5 Space Reservation Process / Keyholders (Helen)
OE rents o 5 from Helen
Several people have keys. Mostly different committee reps. Some keys stamped with letter of different committee. Will try to keep place open something like 9 to 9, eventually.
How to reserve space? Keep using google calendar (like w/dome)
2 rooms to reserve: Main Room & Front Room? Maybe even 2 meetings in back space. How to access calendar other than web
Can print calendar soon.
Email calendar? Comm. working on newsletter, could include calendar.
Develop site rules? Caretaking committee (below)

St. Paul Principles Revisited (William)
Cards w/SPP handed out:
100% consensus of SPP back at park blocks

SPP originated in ’08, designed to deal with different groups acting without interfering with each other.
question: how does it apply to us, on single group?
Answer: many affinity groups within/associated with OE

#4 = don’t talk to cops
does #4 = don’t talk to cops?
#4 does not mean never talk to cops. it means don’t give information to any law enforcement. but don’t talk to cops is a widespread strong recommendation. helps to keep you from self-incrimination, incriminating others

#2 = don’t do actions that interfere with each other
Actions serves as a hub, helps different actions not interfere with each other.

#3 No public
FB is public.
Coordinating meeting (12-27) discussed FB & SPP at length, sent it to communications.
#3 is vague
#3 is not vague
How is public defined?
Where do we voice dissent?
Forums? GA? There should be accountability to the group.
PROPOSAL: if want debrief at GA about action, put it on agenda & kill livestream during that agenda item.
need consensus to put it on GA agenda
don’t need consensus
should debrief actions at actions committee

Friendly Amendment: If issues w/ an action, debrief at actions committee, but if still a hot issue can go to GA. Livestream would be killed during that discussion.
Consensus reached. 1 stand aside.

More discussion on SPP
They are vague
They are not vague.
They require common sense
Didn’t we talk about Portland principles instead?
hard to put on happy face & not criticize outside OE, but that’s our decision.
SPP = Solidarity

note: Actions committee very important that includes a whole lot of the movement.


unless otherwise specified, meetings listed are at Occupy 5

Hospitality: still exists here @ O 5. Contact Smuj to help her organize donations. Can donations be delayed? She tried to delay them.
Clothing racks needed. “I need help. I’m only 1 Smuj.”

Caretaker committee: (Sweet): Welcome home. let’s take care of it. working w/ hospitality, kitchen, engineering & hospitality to keep space organized, efficient, etc.
Dishes area set up. If interested & want to help out, come to 12-28 11 a.m. meeting

Point of information: get your stuff away from the donation area if you don’t want to donate it.

Legal/Research: Wednesday next week 5:30

Visioning: Fergus: economic issues. co-ops. corporate personhood. Tuesday 5:30 & Saturday @ 2:00.

Clean up: We have until 5 Wednesday 12-28-11. Then we are locked out. Site re-hab will be ongoing. Talk of having a Rick Youngblood memorial gardens, etc.
Please come. Emphasis that we need to be there, not only to get stuff done, but to be together on site once more. Bring bags & gloves.

Actions: Monday @ 5 & Wed Actions @ ports. Move to amend. Will have info out.
Maybe Samba Ja here on New Year’s Eve. & a “Pro Action” for fun. 8:30 @ Free Speech plaza New Year’s Eve.

Engineering: different role now. smaller role. Will provide resources for actions, fundraisers. Could, for instance, bring generator to soup kitchen @ Poling’s house. Will have engineering meeting Friday 6 p.m. @ O 5. Discussion about what do with resources outside occupy--outreach to do nice things. We want to be nice to 99%. Talking of changing from committee to guild. Looking at making improvements to O 5 that don’t interfere with Helen.

Communications: Wednesday @ 5:30. will discuss FB. also a press release.

Homeless Task force: Wednesday 7:00 p.m. @ O 5.
We need some kind of process to decide who will represent. First step in deciding process of deciding who will represent.

Bad Ass Committee:
Starting January 1: 365 days of bad ass. different funny/serious/whatever action every day downtown. Prankster energy. Start at Kesey Square, spirit of pranksters.
“We will make revolution irresistible.”

Peacekeepers: working on getting them out into the community. Following the Joe principles “community or stupid”. Jose w/cahoots awesome deescalation

Medical: now has facebook group: Thursday 5p.m. medical clinic.

Facilitation: last meeting only Jennefer showed up. Saturday @ 2. location will be on calendar.
Question: facilitation trainings coming? not planned now

Outreach: still drafting purpose & mission. 2 pieces: outreach to public. also, outreaching to other organizations & occupies. occupies.

TV committee: last night broadcast. good feedback. not archived yet.
News program will be shot tomorrow. Will try to shoot around noon. Serena has agreed to be anchor. Plays at 8p.m. Monday & Wednesday. Need assistance.
If have pet topic. Try to pull show together = producing. Musicians etc. can give him video etc. Could show if have cable. Happy to teach people how to use equipment.
We can send text of a story. Can be about occupy related anywhere.

Elder & Children’s committee: looking for canvas roof on woman’s lodge 16 x 20 green canvas tarp. also seeking an inverter.
Daphne will hopefully have one cast off soon.

OE Next Steps (Rob)
suggesting tabling for next GA discussion on:
What does moving forward look like?
What does non-violent mean to you?
Do we occupy public space?

General Announcements

Wednesday 7 p.m. @ LCC Building 19 open meeting about future of postal service. On DeFazio’s website more info.

Part of medical team 1/17 wants to go to DC to provide medical support for people at congress. Needs help at fundraising.

Announcements: to exclude the public is to exclude the 99%. (left ribbon on floor)

Michael Carrigan: Roger (the vet who was one of the last occupying at Washington-Jefferson) is safely camping behind CALC. Stop by to say hi to him.

Tell Derek about private property we can occupy for reasonable price.

Some who lived at Washington-Jefferson Park still don’t have a place to stay.

Some tenters from Washington-Jefferson still need place to stay.

Adopt an occupier. Contact Smuj. People with space want biography. who you are. when you need space.

Community orchestra now exists

we could panhandle for donations

Rob Sydor found glasses in dome

Closing = Emergency Dance Party
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