GA Minutes 12-29-11

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GA Minutes 12-29-11

Postby Martin C » Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:43 pm

GA Minutes 12-29-11

Facilitators: Getch, Luke
Minutes: Martin C.

Morale 5 min.
Intro Rap 5 min.
Committee Reports (30)
Announcements (10)
Mental Health Teach-in (10)
Medical Proposal (Sue) (10)
Corporate Personhood (Fergus) (10)
What is Nonviolence Rob
Moving forward Rob
Facilitator Feedback

Morale: Plaedo:

Intro Rap:
Consensus means: even if the most boring person is going on about something you disagree with, you try to listen.

Committee Reports:

-Co-creators of culture campaign. create community. on crabgrass. contact Plaedo.
-Help decorate O 5 walls
Movie night: Starting in January, Friday night movies @ O 5. contact Plaedo or Luke

Finance: approved 3 requests recently.
How to submit requests: go to website. menu: click on info. click on committees. go to financial requests. fill out form. click submit.
meetings open. 5:30 Thursdays & Sundays normally (not New Year’s Day)

Communications: Sundays 2 & Thursdays 5:30
working on statement about cleaning up and replanting w-j park
more comm help needed. more trainings soon.

Caretaking: meeting daily @ 2:45
9 a.m. to 9 p.m. open
2 people on staff all the time
work party Friday 12-30 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.. deal with clothing, excess materials
wishlist: cleaning supplies, janitorial mop, speakers for computer, clothing racks,

Outreach: meeting Friday 12-30 at noon at Cozmic. Help them reach the 99%

Engineering: first post w-j meeting Friday @ 6:00. to discuss future of engineering and projects here and some in outside community. need to decide what to do with wood etc.

Fundraising: meets 9:30 Fridays W Goat
1/5 Sam Bond’s
1/14 Cozmic jazz fusion bands mc alley &
1/14 We have a dream event: at 55 W. Broadway

Medical: mondays, tuesdays 5 to 7 & thursday nights, triage clinics, (calendar)
Fundraising for medical stuff to go to DC 1/17 needed.
Donations: inventorying what we have, then will list donations needed

Visioning: Saturday at 2 p.m. will talk about economics, about living economy.
exporting of coal at Coosbay. county pulling lands out of land use agreement.

Actions: new year’s eve 8:30 wayne morse free speech plaza. just fun, light. pretend to be the 1%. dress up as 1%. “walking satire”

nice crow bar missing
Randy Cain: donated some nice boots
Please get people to w-j to get stuff by dumpster before tomorrow morning (done)

new working group: principles of actions & organizations. will start with SPP discussion. will be on forum. meeting Tuesday Cornbread Cafe

Occupy Roseburg: will be occupying 1/2 to 1/8 on BLM land. want help, people to join them. Facebook page 541-375-0850. Patrick.

We have OE t.v. Sunday at noon next taping. help would be good. at Sheldon Comm. t.v. behind school. signs.

Jen: Fundraising: Sunday 1/15. 4 to 6. Crazy poetry, spoken word. Contact Jen Knowlton

New logo idea out in office area by Beatrice. New phoenix also on display. Crow logo idea. has bandanas.

Sam: apologizes for tone of some comments on FB. Respects all are working hard.

New year’s eve party at Occupy 5 with some members of Samba Ja. Bring instruments.

Article in EW slant: Howe about occupying City Council or County Commission seats?

movement supporting rights of people with/diagnosed with mental health issues
movement involved in Occupies everywhere
“nothing about us without us” = motto of cross-disability movement
climate crisis proves that normal behavior is the worst in our planet’s history
issue affects everyone, all have family involved.
mental health system worse than banks
office right by occupy office at Growers
seeking spot for person with mental health diagnosis to be on homeless task force
in 2012, movement will protest mental health, stipend available for person with social media expertise to help with this (contact David Oaks)
David suggesting a Forum/Teach-in. moderated.
talk about democracy & our emotional well-being.
not asking for decision tonight.

many problems at camp ongoing & systemic
could be solved if people w/o homes had addresses to apply for help
Sue wants to use this place as physical address to get people services.
doesn’t know legal issues.
comment: Whitebird crisis center and service station offer mail service.
for medicaid & food stamps “homeless in eugene” is good enough to be address.
not sure about social security and WIC.
talk to Helen.

Fergus has drafted op-ed calling city of Eugene support for amendment to constitution,
end of corporate personhood
Concerns? State it’s not the only issue OE is working on.
We approve this op-ed. It can still be edited on crabgrass quickly before deadline.
Consensus Reached. no blocks or stand asides

This was the first of 3 discussions under this heading
Part 1: What is nonviolence?
Lauren A., JM,
Nonviolence a founding principle of OE, OWS
What is it?
Not just about physical violence
Also about intent, spirit
What agreement, disagreement do we have on definitions
How much do we need?
What do we need for transparency/accountability in this
do we need guidelines
one example: D.C. Principles, adopted from vets for peace ... principles

(notes were taken at length. minutes take may post them separately. very interesting discussion)
below is an attempt at a brief synthesis of a complicated 90 minute discussion:

definitions of violence:
extreme words can be violent
an action can be violent or nonviolent depending on motivations
people experience sounds physically
hard to draw the line
economic violence
sending jobs overseas
causing village of people to be cold by banning fire
action intended to be mean, cause fear
acting without thinking about likely effects of action (such as fear, conflict)
supporting violent system, paying taxes is violent

definitions of nonviolence:
MLK & Ghandi
change people hearts to make change
active, creative action
aikido: using oppressors violent force against him
follow golden rule: not doing to opponent what wouldn’t want done to us
golden rule not applicable because we’re in asymmetrical system
nv is a principle
a methodology, body of knowledge based in MLK & Ghandi. trainings available

effectiveness of nonviolence:
ows sitting down to meditate made police look silly
J. Lennon: authorities know how to deal with violence

effect of violence (in word or any way):
leads to more intense police response
leads to fear

all are violent to some extent:
will fight if our children attacked

how to be nonviolent:
need self esteem and self confidence

movement is nonviolent because it’s not violent like american, russian revolutions
movement will lead to some pain regardless of our tactics, due to backlash, change

can be violent in words, otherwise, without intent. i.e. conflict with family

need nonviolence trainings:

instead of defining violence/nv, just decide on our boundaries

we can work together despite different definitions
How can we go about working together despite different definitions?
we need agreement on our message
a request that groups not call selves OE until this worked out
some actions, o.k. in same movement, wouldn’t have been there
--MLK & Malcolm X did not disavow each other.

if you yell fire in a crowded theater, without meaning for people to be hurt, and people were hurt, was it violent? Don’t know, but it sure wasn’t effective.

police & others also suffering from economic meltdown
people don’t yet know they’re in the movement
win hearts & minds

good to challenge sanctity of the home of a person who hurt other people’s homes.
this sounds like an eye for an eye
this is not an eye for an eye

good to challenge ideas about private property based in magna carta

some ideas of nonviolence are passive aggressive. look pretty but playing dirty.

rude vs. polite
we should be rude, break norms, sometimes to make strong statement
being polite doesn’t work
nonviolence not about being polite

we learn when we experience pain
we learn from some kinds of pain, not others
we want to create dynamics that lead to learning
not that just lead to pain, fear without learning, change

“give ourselves a break”

“antidote to fear is love”

“let’s AIM toward nonviolence”
Do what is “most effective with the least harm”.

”This issue has split us up. We can agree that this movement is founded on love, not hatred.”

CLOSING: kid's put on a play
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Re: GA Minutes 12-29-11

Postby DonnaR » Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:54 pm

Well done Martin
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Re: GA Minutes 12-29-11

Postby Martin C » Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:10 pm

Thanks Donna. I posted them from the arm chair at ECC. See ya.
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Re: GA Minutes 12-29-11

Postby Secret Identity » Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:13 pm

acting without thinking about likely effects of action (such as fear, conflict)

I didn't know thinking was violence. I'm pretty sure words aren't violence either..........
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Re: GA Minutes 12-29-11

Postby Martin C » Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:16 pm

no viewpoint was agreed to by everyone. i just tried to concisely represent all the viewpoints I could so the discussion could continue. it was a really good discussion. many views were expressed AND listened to.
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Re: GA Minutes 12-29-11

Postby Secret Identity » Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:21 pm

Your minutes are great btw Martin! ty for being so viligant in being the one to take minutes so often! If I ever comment on your minutes know it is not directed at u by any means! You kick ass!
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Re: GA Minutes 12-29-11

Postby Martin C » Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:57 pm

Well "secret identity", thank you for continuing the conversation.
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Re: GA Minutes 12-29-11

Postby laurenasprooth » Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:21 pm

WOW he even got the link to the Occupy Washington DC principles and posted them in the minutes...what a guy.
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Re: GA Minutes 12-29-11

Postby emeraldopalite » Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:09 am

Props to the male minute taker!! :ugeek:
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