12-31-2011 GA Minutes

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12-31-2011 GA Minutes

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Occupy Eugene
12/31/11 General Assembly

Plaedo timekeeper 

 Opening Morale (Taylor)
Intro/Host Rap
Committee Reports
Discuss: Open Assembly: Plaedo
Discuss: Visioning (Dan)
Proposal: Apology for Misuse of OE’s Name (Gordon)
Discussion Item: Where does OE go from here? (Rob)
Discussion Item: Interpreting the St. Paul Principles
General Announcements
Facilitator Feedback

“They may shame me
They may criminalize me
they may beat me
they may jail me
but they will never change the person i have become
or the person i will be
my oath to the occupation”

Have the most ass-kicking revolutionary year we can.

Agenda review
Consensus reached on agenda.

Committee Reports:

Visioning: currently discussing: real accountability for police & prison system. Governors’ crime comission. small scale eco-villages.

Caretakers: Sweet. Been gone, other people did amazing job fixing up the place.
Will be consistent projects to work on place. Doors open 9 to 9. Front area = communal hangout, esp. for former villagers. Drop in & do projects when you’re free. Meeting/briefing at 2:45 everyday. Current focus: scrap yard. Haul materials away.

Communications: meets Sundays at 2 p.m. at Growers & Wednesday @5:30 @ Occupy V.

Morale: Plaedo: First installment of everyday heroes shout out:
Hurray for Jennefer for working hard at setting the agenda, facilitating.
Sweet: works hard. care-taking
creators of culture campaign still going. crabgrass (forum o.k. too)

Medical: got lawyer for nonprofit to accept donations (to get them to Occupy Congress
have 50,000 waiting. email Terry about participation.

Hospitality: Smuj: thank you for washing clothes. donations pile more manageable. considering still whether we’ll have free store. 1/2 10 a.m. work-party.

Adopt an occupier: not limited to lodging. any kind of help. going well. Continue to contact Smuj. helps understanding between housed & unhoused.

Homeless task force mayor: Next meeting Wednesday 1/4.

Outreach: next Friday at Growers.

Facilitation: looking at more ways to bring in agenda items

Discuss: Open Assembly @ City Council: Plaedo
1/9 occupy city hall. maybe 90 minute meeting in front of city hall before city council meeting. speaking at city council forum, relevant comments, respect cc process. hopes for food. street theater. music. wants more ideas:
wants nonviolent action. peaceful. important to use hearing time effectively.
limit # of speakers, assign topics to 5 to 7 people. lots of enthusiasm. loved vigil.
tent monsters?, but nothing illegal. yes, pop tents. liked stations (info booth, kitchen) people show up! respect that organizer of even wants it to be very peaceful. candles. was meeting where cc was going to discuss oe. nothing on agenda about us. wants everyone to sign up to speak.
will it work to organize speakers, or need to do ahead of time? ask M. Carrigan
where OA? meeting or protest? not so sure about tents, maybe intense right now.
further discussion at Actions meetings.
11 people who spoke last time were effective. the “media circus” was not positive of the vigil again. have tent monsters, but be very careful about how & where.
but appropriate symbol. homeless people can register to vote in Poling’s ward.

Discuss: Visioning (Dan) (10 minutes)
(not asking for decision tonight)
idea: invite county commissioner rob handy to forum to discuss timber industry & county government. (could be on OE t.v.)
-distrust of politicans, wants nothing to do with them, anti-endorsement.
have you contacted handy? no. he might not want to do it.
-inviting to speak not endorsement. could be anyone. could be recurring.
-dialogue is good.
-dialogue maybe not good.
-we will have projector soon. can be used for such forums.
-turn it around. an hour of us speaking concerns first.
-very interesting county topics to discuss: gerrymandering. gravel mining near dexter. value to talking to politicians on OUR terms, not theirs. CTV is available.
strong concern/potential for block: dealing with politicians doesn’t help us be inclusive, maybe only politicians who support us

Proposal: Apology for Misuse of OE’s Name (Gordon) 20 minutes
Presentation: We’ve done amazing stuff from start.
City struck us down, bad. They struck us, our opportunity. but opportunity diminished because of bad P.R. after Poling Christmas action. Mayor, Ortiz against us now. Problem videos etc. implied it was OE. against having protest at private home. saying fuck the police was hateful.
Proposal: issue an apology. effective & right thing to do
Discussion: we did lose support, but disagrees apology would help. to much acceptance of political violence of denying heat to villages. instead, focus on more actions to push this out of memory. was emotional reaction to what happened. terrorist charge silly. apologizing gives credibility to terrorist charge.
-we can’t apologize for something didn’t know about and took no part in
can express compassion for all negatively affected, can do so as citizen of eugene and of OE.
-terrorism charge not silly, sucks.
-free speech is not terrorism
-if right wing folks go to abortion clinics, you can go to Poling’s house.
-absolutely against apology. not useful & city council kicked out families.
-we dealt with city in good faith, though constitution was permit, were screwed. people w/o homes freezing, w/o food. security for poling. fuck him.
-will show solidarity with all actions, even if disagree.
Gordon: agrees Poling is bad, people angry, but this is wrong direction for us.
-apology would be speaking on behalf of tangodown without their permission.
-OE GA didn’t do this so we can’t apologize for it.
didn’t like action, supports nv action by anyone. this is core issue: who we are.
don’t pretend we agree if we don’t.
-attacks at critics are what most upset about.
gordon was attacked on FB, videos removed from OE page. respect him for stating his views. not in favor of proposal
-if affinity groups can do what they want, than gordon can do what he wants, and apologize.
-need statement, but not apology. too weak. define actions: opt in vs. opt out. look at concept of after fact we can endorse action, but people can’t just do what they want in OE name. Need to discuss SPP principles more.
-let’s stop talking about it, move on, do next kick ass action to bring attention to next time. stop bringing attention to this.
vote to extend time: 10 minutes
respects everyone. suggests Gordon have 1:1 discussion (G says he was told to fuck off)
what acceptable in future?
Dave, make it a learning experience. stay off FB. use forum, in person, email.
move on, no apology. new events using consensed on parameters.
-predators pick off people outside group.
-people haven’t had a chance to heal from death of Youngblood, loss of camp.
-efforts to get services to people without shelter might be hurt by bad p.r. from this action.
Facilitator: not enough support for apology or disavowal. would be blocked
Bring back to other forums, work with people. mediation available.
healthy debate, good job us.

Discussion Item: Where does OE go from here? (Rob)
Very open discussion. temp check. support conversation
Mediation available. contact Jen knowlton
-healing from past important part of direction in future.
-have restorative justice discussion with police
-recapture heart that was born at occupations (at occupy V?)
-refocus on money. thinktank, mayor’s commission on alt. money. Sacred Economics book, by charles Eisenstein.
-love revolution, focus. no hurtful actions then. take back idea that earth belongs to everyone. wants space for homeless.
-More political action. get money out of politics, state, local.
reach out to other oregon occupies. ballot initiative.
-expand encampment idea into neighborhoods. community. skill shares, like on buidling houses. gardening. trade work for space. have little communities. which is the revolution. not so into politicians, into community. bring occupy community to actions. bring resources
--need discussion about our political views with city council. corporate personhood. affect political conversation. actions important, also display our intelligence. govt. fears our political abilities as much as our action. actions can be infiltrated. we can take government back if put real people in office.
start with what we agree on corporate personhood. will be proposal soon.
--Self Education: around nonviolence, training on how to use tactics & strategies. materials exist.
-strategy diff from tactics. people can help us. sharpen our abilities.
--we should look within, study what we could’ve done better. we had 4 rules, not enforce enough. not talk about failures but what we could’ve done better. be honest & open.
-can’t shame people into unity. do stuff to make unity. need talking points.
we’re the 99%. will have disagreement, that’s o.k. wants people to admire our transparency, bluntness.
--create peace corps that helps people get sustainable lives here. instead of military. teach people to fish. grassroots movement peacecorps rivaling military.
--nv education very important. Ghandi calls it a weapon.
--state ballot measure: would make corporations who give money to political campaigns, lobbying, would need to reimburse amount to dissenting shareholders.
--have lots of resources, diverse people, provide tangible alternatives, skillsharing, Eugene Philanthropy Network. help people, single parents, anyone.
also boycott stuff.
--rumors of unionizing at Walmart!
--education of selves & others. need 1 or more documentaries here a week.
lots of misinformation within. we need to understand the issues.
educate the community. reach out to people who don’t come here. use media.
news program & discussion program. need help.
ask for grant
letters to weekly. get a column at the weekly. to counter b.s.
--diversity is our strength. counter myth that we need 1%. show we can manage ourselves.

General Announcements
Occupy free expression poetry event: contact Jen Knowlton.
*Chuck Hunt, professor, willing to talk about NV principles in social change movements.
*Occupy Roseburg. 1/2 to 1/8. BLM
*Jim wants to be adopted after Occupy Roseburg.
*missing bullhorn. electronic. loaned out on night of vigil. last s
*large crow bar missing. top portion of women’s lodge.
*working on permit for Occupy Courthouse. getting criminal background check on organizers. hoping on festive day from 12 to 5. think party. positive. show good intentions. (street theater. flash mob)
*Tuesday 1 p.m. working group on SPP at Cornbread
11 a.m. Free Speech Plaza before 1/20 event
noon Growers constitution class. JM will let them in.
first documentary night next friday. kid’s movie in front room. movie tba. 6 to 9 p.m.
Jennefer still has bumperstickers by donation basis.

Debrief on 1/29 VO action: 5 minutes agreed on.
Concern: if Poling could be ready to understand artistic idea, would be in harmony. commenter has spent time in shelters. had not seen video. concerned we’re using women without boundaries?
response: most support VO action. explanation 5 women had silent protest on sidewalk and banged a gong. no sexual abuse. no prostitution or drug abuse. not reality. “insulting as fuck”
Facilitator says argument is over.

Closing: Megan: song: lyrics translation
“those that we call they. the world we are envisioning is for all of us. so join us”.
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