GA Minutes 10/13/11

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GA Minutes 10/13/11

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Last names and emails/phone numbers have been redacted as this is a public forum. Email specific committees (on contact page) for more info.

Occupy Eugene
West Coast Dog and Cat Shelter
General Assembly Meeting #4
October 13, 2011

Welcome and chant
Opening Statement
Agenda Review
Committee Review
General Concerns

Comcast, channel 29 broadcasting meeting
Campbell Club Party is hosting a party on friday night with live music, accepting donations for Occupy Eugene, 17th and Alder starting at 8 p.m.
Review of Hand Signals

Adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m.
Approved agenda
Time limit of 5 minutes per committee update

Committee Review:

1. Legal Committee:
Lauren, CLDC
Will announce full details for rally and march at 9am tomorrow on FB, twitter
10 a.m. meeting with the Eugene Police Department
Those marching on Saturday will march to the location
Occupy location will be posted 1 hour before the occupation via social media, the website, and phone line
Day events will be family friendly, bring your families
Legal Phone number: 541-790-9137
Legal observers, lawyers ready to dispatch them
If in jail, call 541-687-9180 (CLDC)
Lawyers, legal observers will be onsite with bright green hats and armbands
Phone number people can call 541-525-0130 for general information, location

2. Collective Visioning
There has been no agreement to demands, goals, etc.
Do we have demands that can be seen as negative or are we coming from a more positive approach?
Topics on the surveys that were dispersed among the GA:
Get money out of politics
End 2 party system
Tax the 1%
End the wars
Fix the monetary system (Fed Reserve)
Re-regulate and investigate wall street
End corporate personhood (citizen’s united)
Fund health care, education, social services
Student debt forgiveness
Create jobs (Ag, Infrastructure, etc)
Moratorium on Home Foreclosures
Repeal the Patriot Act, restore Civil liberties
Stop global warming
Promote ecological sustainability
Fix the prison industrial complex
End discrimination

Questions- do we have demands? What concrete changes would be enough for the group?

Possible amendments:
Acknowledge GMOs as toxins

The collective visioning committee had consensus on their proposal to distribute their surveys (intended to get a better idea of the direction the group wants to head in), to have no established demands at this point, and to temporarily use the listed subjects as talking points about what the group is thinking when talking to the media.
The vote on the specific demands, and whether demands even exist in the group, is tabled.

3. Communication:
Media relations front includes sending press releases, make quick decisions, issue about what we want to say, press release about where we will be
Need to have a better relationship with collective visioning
Move On is having another rally at the same time
Official media releases need to go through the communication committee in order to create consistency and credibility
Need to do better at identifying other groups who want to join the movement!
The communications committee needs to make quick decisions on media releases, such as the SUV burning incident car SUV
On Sunday, we will vote on principals of unity- logistical, peace keeping, shall not condemn anyone’s actions to be as broad and diverse, shouldn’t say we aren’t condemn, but just say we are nonviolent
On Sunday, we will vote on principals of unity which include logistical aspects, peace keeping, and the acceptance of all the 99% and also emphasis it is a nonviolent movement
Communication worries will decrease when there are GA meetings every day during Occupation

Communications committee is empowered to speak for Occupy Eugene as long as they say it doesn’t disagree with what the GA has come to consensus on

4. Website Committee:
Just redid the whole site
Web url will change slightly, but everyone will be redirected if they search
Discussion forums will be up soon, with contact information for all committees
Concerned about transparency- will propose to GA about how access rights work, set of ethics
Important events, and a google calendar will be included on the website as well

5. Veterans Committee:
Want name/email for veterans
Vets show up in uniform, just a point of inspiration

6. Medical Committee:
Decided to form sub- groups that include first aid station, wilderness and survival people, prevention, donations committee
Need to talk to community outreach to get medical supplies
White Bird assistance for mental health issues will be at occupation
Have many registered nurses, first response team
Mind Freedom International would like to set up a peer support team
If interested in being involved, there are opportunities for people involved in all sorts of health issues
Street Medic (right outside student co-ops on Alder between 17th and 18th) will help medics be prepared for demonstration response from 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Will be wearing red arm bands at occupation
Meeting an hour before the march on Saturday, at the start of the march location

7. Engineering:
Job to make sure all of resources are dry and warm
Would like to collect materials before the occupation
Build team will come up with different structures needed for various needs
Possible Donation Ideas include: Tarp, cortege, duck tape, bike inter-tubes, sand bags, cinder blocks, fasteners, pallets, gas stoves, bbqs, wood, charcoal, fuel, tables, chairs, pvc pipe, car batteries, pedaled powered generators
Bring your own equipment as well
If one would like to loan equipment and would like it, there will be a list of loaned materials but there is no guarantee it will be returned in the same condition
Build crew will meet at 5:30 tomorrow
Will meet an hour before the occupation in order to load materials
If someone has trucks/other large vehicles to haul materials in, please come on Saturday
If one has donated materials before Saturday, call Derrik and if during the occupation, just bring it to the site
Join the engineering google groups if interested
Operating procedure is to show up as low impact backpackers, then erect larger structures
Check out the wish list on the forum
Thank Aprovecho for donating stoves

8. Food Committee:
Been in touch with local restaurants and businesses
Need non-perishable items, want to have local, organic with veggie and vegan options, utensils, big pots, things to keep food warm, dish soap, big plastic tubs
Bring bowl, utensil for a friend and yourself
Seasonings, condiments, anything you can bring!
Donations of non-perishable items can be dropped off at the Rescue Center (call Derrik)
If perishable, drop off at the sight on Saturday
Food for Lane County, Food, not Bombs (will be at the Lorax)
If work for a local restaurant, ask management about day old food
Grower’s Market contact?
Any community supported agriculture?

10. Street Media:
Had organized presentation from 3-6:30 at Kesey Sq.
Handed out zines, literature
Lots of people from different demographics
Make sure we are in line with the GA, trying to balance between counter propaganda
At Last Stand tonight from 8-10:30 tonight, “The Corporation” will be showing
Springfield Farmers Market has agreed to let us set up!
Want to set up an info booth at an occupation, have a physical location to have meeting minutes, information, consolidate information, geographical spot

11. Sanitation:
Committed to having hand washing
Wish list on the forum
Keep in mind to police own person space, individual responsibility, public urination
Will be wearing yellow armbands at the occupation

12. Facilitation:
Discussing about meeting process
No meeting set yet, but look on forum for more information
If have experience, please join us
Don’t want the feeling that we only have some people speaking
Diversity of the group critical

13. Morale:
Open microphone at occupation
Concerned with spiritual/mental health of all
Creating posters, chants
If have any supplies, bring them!
Meeting times on the website

14. Artists and Musicians:

15. Peacekeeping:

16. Sober Safe Place:
Sober support who does not want to get high/drunk at occupation

17. Library:

Accepting book donations
Student outreach and have a quiet place to be!
Contact Chris to donate books
18. People of Color Committee:
If want to make a committee, just create it and let us know!
Had a call to action meeting, trying to start a communities of color committee/alliance
Outreach, interpreting, etc.
Cover culturally specific needs
Want to work with anyone
Is there a diversity committee? Maybe needs to be done…..

19. Allies of the People of Color Committee:
See forum for more information
Speak as an ally, want to talk to people who have privilege

20. Yoga

Family/ Child Care:
Shana or Gwendolyn

Open Forum (Announcements and Concerns):

Plug in with organizations, non-profits, unions
ESPN Gameday may be a good venue to spread awareness about the cause
Have contact with Peter DeFazio, who supports us and other occupy movements
Possibly start a political representative committee
Should issue a small press release to Kitty Piercy to clarify the group was not involved with SUV incident

Graduate Teaching Fellows, UO:
There was consensus to make the Graduate Teaching Fellows at the University of Oregon to be officially recognized as standing with us
Rescind the amendment to say “for” than “with”
Support mutual, beneficial contact between the two groups
Name of Representative- Steve McCallister GTFF,

Children’s Area needs donations!
Street Media Meeting is considering installing a radio station just for Occupation, and if interested, contact Daniel
One can complete the collective visioning survey online
Bring children!
Diane asked the group to enact supportive, moral rituals

Julie has set up a Pay Pal account, but need other ideas for liability issues (maybe set up a Bank Account committee)
Katie wants the group to be in a location that we will not be destroying local property, destroying or hurting local businesses
Suggestion to create a lactation tent for breast-feeding mothers
Suggestion to create a medical marijuana tent
Proposal to not have any drugs or alcohol in sight during the day
Possible amendment to make exception for medical marijuana (need to confirm legally)
Table proposal to next meeting, just rely on individual responsibility for now

Meeting adjourned at 8:00
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