GA Minutes 01/03/12

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GA Minutes 01/03/12

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Occupy Eugene General Assembly

Facilitators: Marcus Farley, John Monroe
Minutes By: Jennefer Harper
Ustreamer: mikeelliot

Intro/Host Rap
Agenda Review
Committee Reports
Announcement: NY/Affinity Groups
Announcement: Sustainable Community Proposal (Luka)
Proposal: OE Graphic Image (Graham)
Proposal: Visioning Proposal (Fergus)
Discussion: Respect for Individual Human Beings as a Core Value of OE (Shelley) TABLED/WITHDRAWN
General Announcements
Facilitator Feedback

Story about fire, honored the four directions, and meditated on Native American drumming and singing.

Review of hand signals

Committee Reports:
Visioning: Processing ideas & thoughts of dividing space at Occupy V. What will our common space be after we lose Occupy V? Should we divide into smaller working groups?
Working Group/St. Paul Principles: What is an affinity group? What is non-violence? We can break them all up one by one and discuss them.
Finance: Approved all requests submitted before Sunday. Jan has checks, come get them from him. Finance requests taken by online form only.
Allies w/Unions:→ more info Thursday night.
Library: Hosting Chuck Huck on the 10th 7pm to 9pm. Chuck is a radical, professor of Sociology at UO. He will talk to us, we’ll have a discussion. Need helpers for Tsunami, poets, on 15th from 4-6pm on Sunday. William Safford poetry reading after that and they will give OE money! That is on the 28th.
Caretaker/Hospitality Support: There is a lot going on here today. We need more help with caretaking the building. There is a sign up sheet circulating. Please sign up to help with projects.
Non-Violence Working Group- Started. David Hazen is convening the working group. This Friday at 10am or 2pm at Growers. We will be establishing what our task and purpose is. Maybe providing resources to the group.
City Club is the 12th of January.
Communications: Sundays at 2pm at Growers, Thursday 5:30pm at Occupy V. That is their meeting times. Forms for events coming soon.
Allies- What is this group?? A group that acknowledges that there is inequality in the system and people who have privilege but acknowledge there is inequality and striving to relieve the system of it. Starting a listening circle.
Mayors Task Force: St. Mary’s Church at noon Wednesday. They are meeting, come listen! 7:30pm debriefing at CALC. Join us!
Outreach- Every committee: Please send us a description of your committee & mission/purpose so we can create a flyer to give to people who want to volunteer.
Caretaker Committee: Security camera out back?? Shall we shut down the site for lunch? There will be a “sign in” proposal coming to the GA. 5 signature were just gotten. (?) Release of Liability, and pledge that you will leave if you get out of hand. Names are not required, squiggly lines or “X”s are fine. This is so the owner of the building isn’t held liable. Will have a Greeter. The GTFs have offered assistance. What are the objectives/purposes of this site? We are in a private building right now, not a public one. The building was donated and we need to respect it. We meet everyday between 2:30pm and 3pm. The sign up is for people who are mainly here to hang out. Occupiers don’t have to “sign in” because they are Occupiers. Maybe shutting down from Noon to 1pm.
20 Acres on Fall Creek; want to make it available for fundraising events to not-for-profits groups. Brad 541.579.0057 @ 39307 Jasper Road (every Sunday available, at least). Across from Blueberry Farm. Secluded
Little Action for Friday: Art Walk. Wear scarf or tag. Come support art.
Derek Bell lecture series especially for People of Color, in general, not just in Eugene. Try to get Angela Davis for Inaugural Ball. Date to be announced. LCC has a diverse group.
What letter would you place on your body? What people would you like to take on you during your action? The Vagilutionaires did an action tonight.
Mel Bankcoff, ex-owner of Emerald Valley: Revsioning the Power of our Community 6pm 19th at 1st Methodist Church. Full or half page ad in the Register Guard will be going out. Who wants to donate funds for this? Connect with David Hazen to connect with Mel.
This Sunday, at 7th and Pearl: Victims of Gun Violence.

Announcement: Sustainable Community Proposal (Luka)
Drawing an example of a sustainable community. Luka will be at the GA on Thursday. He will get an email account so people can contact him.

Proposal: OE Graphic Image (Graham)
3 images were presented.
Two were composed by Graham, (phoenix), one by Beatrice (crow).
We have several logos. What’s up with them all? One for internal, one for external?
What goes into a logo? Is this Comm Comm business? We love original artwork! But, shouldn’t we have one logo that everyone can identify? How many logos do we want? How about a rotation? Let’s make a ton of art! If we are going to change the official logo, let’s have a contest!

Proposal: Visioning Proposal (Fergus)
Background on timber industry and Rob Handy given. How can we do an event to tell the community about events that are not being broadcasted by the Main Stream Media? Timber industry is funding conservative politicians. Mike Clark and Pat Farr are running against Rob Handy. Fergus will put information on the forums and people can add info to it. This is a good place to bring resources together. Let’s raise our concerns with politicians!

[Distraction here: A lady was yelling at the children to be quiet and telling them that “Children should be seen and not heard.”]

General Announcements:
Mayor Kitty said council people withdrew support because funders stopped giving money.
Beatrice: Will accept donations for red and black bandanas. Send pics w/bandanas to: Beatrice
Time People of the Year: Occupy Protesters!
Herbalist Wren: 541.342.6369
Blankets from old site being washed by Jana. Can people help Jana get free propane from St. Vinnies?
Occupy Roseburg is having an event this week. Mike is going down and can take some people
Compassionate Communication: January 7th 10am to Noon on this Saturday at Occupy V. Hosted by Kristin Collier
Thursday night at Sam Bond’s. Let’s Party! 8pm start time.

Facilitator Feedback:

Closing Morale:
Driest December and November ever and it broke the day after we left.
Extreme gratitude for the use of this building. Yay Helen!
Jim is here because communities are more important than corporations.

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