GA 1/5/12 Minutes

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GA 1/5/12 Minutes

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FINANCE- graffiti in porta-potties has been cleaned up. The porta-potty company called and said that they would deduct an 800 dollar charge because we did such a good job in clenaing them up.

TV COMMITTEE- Produced two new shows. Shooting more shows on Sunday at 10 am @ Sheldon Highschool. If interested contact Joe, they need more help to put together shows and videos. Also they put in an application for a News Hour Radio Show @ KWVA.

EDUCATION- Chuck Hunt a U of O Professor is speaking at occupy v about the history of non-violent movements on Wednesday the 11th at 7pm. We as occupiers have an open invitation to audit his class at the U of O.
Tentative cafe discussion style meeting about what occupy can do locally, at 230 on thursday at occupy v.
GTFF Graduate Teaching Fellowship Federation has a league of student volunteers waiting to volunteer en masse for an occupy project.
An idea for an Occupation Education Weekend to include graduate student teachers and workshops, was announced as a tentative idea.

NON-VIOLENT RESOURCES COMMITTEE- meeting at growers 1/6 at 2pm

CARETAKERS- Work Party on what to do with excess clothing being held on site tomorrow. Discussion on making a permanent children's space in front room of occupy v. Discussion on making a secure kitchen storage space. Discussion on getting things up to code, include... Pallets in the back need to go. The back door exit sign needs a battery. The back door needs a push bar. And we need an emergency Generator. Discussion on needing a phone tree or just a phone so people can get into contact with people on site. Caretakers ecourage everyone to treat this space as their home.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE- working on getting a DSL package for occupy V

MORALE- Announced that it will begin a Everyday Hero Shoutout at every GA. Shouting out two heroes every GA. This GA we Mic checked and thanked OBI and KAREN. SMUDGE was also thanked. Morale also announced the creation of a CO-CREATERS CAMPAIGN which involves a networking forum on all forms of art within all occupies. If interested contact Plato to be put on crabgrass.

OUTREACH- Meeting at growers on 1/6 at noon

ACTION SUB GROUP- Monday Night city council meeting. Occupy is showing up not as a protest towards city hall but as a Democracy Celebration. An occupy GA will be held at 6pm before the city council meeting. A call for a temporary occupy camp at city hall was made. If anyone wants to speak at the city council meeting contact Micheal Kerrigan.

STRIKE COMMITTEE- Possible Springfield Nurse Strike. Look on the forums for more information.

COOCCUPY- Meeting at cornbread cafe at 11am on 11/6

DOCUMENTARY NIGHT- a weekly event starting 11/6 from 6-9. The documentary The Corporation will be shown as well as the kid's movie Nausica.

TSUNAMI EVENTS- Sunday 1/15 4-6pm OCCUPY CREATIVE EXPRESSION, featuring occupy poets and speakers.
Saturday 1/28 4-6pm WILLIAM STAFFORD POETRY READING, an annual Tsunami event with proceeds going to Occupy.


Discussion on daily sign in sheet. Caretaker's committee proposes that a daily sign in sheet is needed for liability and participation issues. It would stipulate that whoever enters must sign in with a front desk volunteer and declare that they are there for a meeting or to volunteer. It also details that those who signed the list would be waiving their rights to hold the owner of the building liable for any illegal or uncommunity like actions.
Discussion occurred on the nature of the sign in sheet and what members of occupy would be agreeing to.
Discussion occurred on who would have access to old sign-in sheets as well as having an expiration date for the sheet's existence.
It was stated that no real names would be needed to sign in.
Discussion occurred over the legality of being held accountable for any offense by the police if they had access to this list. It was pointed out that regardless of the use of legal names, document could still be incriminating.
Discussion occurred over making another one-time waiver that could be signed to enforce liability but have it kept in a legal office only to be accessed by the law through a sub-peona.
Discussion occurred over where the caretaker's empowerment over these issues was granted. Caretaker's responded that they were only reiterating community agreements from the past. It was then pointed out that these agreements were not agreed upon in the past. Agreement was tentatively reached to discuss the document and not the issue of the caretaker's empowerment. However it was pointed out that the caretaker's empowerment was jermain to the discussion.
Suggestion to table discussion until legal informs us exactly of our rights in this matter

A new committee was introduced as the Eugene Philanthropic Network or EPN to facilitate the needs of the greater community through volunteering with occupy. A brief description was made by John who described the venture as a way to get things done without using the existing monetary exchange structure. For example if someone needed their house painted then those involved would paint their house. If a pothole needed to be fixed then they would fix it, etc.

Brad- proposal for OE Calender
Beatrice- Need more fabric for Bandanas. She is about 200$ in the hole.
Carla- City Club meeting at the top of Hilton at 11:45 free.
Kevin- traveling through occupies from wisconsin, holding a conflict/non violent transformation meeting tomorrow at 2pm at occupy V.

Meeting adjourned.
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