01/07/12 GA Minutes

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01/07/12 GA Minutes

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Occupy Eugene General Assembly

Agenda Review
Committee Reports
Announcement: Coordinators Meeting Change (Karen)
Discussion: Visualize 100% March (Marcus)
Proposal: Homeless Task Force (Irene)
Discussion: Internal Fracturing Discussion
Discussion: Agenda Setting
Closure: Reflections

Co-Facilitators: John F. & Marcus F.
Minutes taker: Jennefer H.
Bambuser livestreamer: Falcon & Joshua (chaostheory6682)

Occupy Eugene Media Group: Documentaries, Art, Music, TV, Radio; gonna get a centralized location and site so everyone can participate. Email, YouTube, Facebook & link from media tab on OE website.
Collective Visioning Committee:
Monday 10am at CALC to prepare for City Council meeting. Short Open Assembly; 5:30pm food, 6pm Open Assembly at the City Council meeting.
Nurses strike is happening! Ask Art for more info
See Jennefer or Luke if you want to help “staff” office hours at the Growers office.
Occupy V: This is a communal space. If you want to do something cool here, do it!
Where Do We Go From Here Form. Please find them at the front desk at Occupy V, and fill them out!

Committee Reports
Visioning: Considering a campaign for Single Payer & Corporate Personhood issues. How do we focus our energy? Maybe stay focused on Tuesday at 5:30 is the next meeting.
Facilitation Committee: Meets every Saturday at 1:30pm at Cornbread Café. Temperature check on hand signal for Direct Response: Do we want to place this on a future GA? Group response: No. Current process for agenda setting: Jennefer does not gatekeep the agenda. Agenda items are submitted online via the form located on the website. Often, there is a tentative agenda that gets distributed to the oec_contacts list. However, the agenda is set at the Agenda Setting meeting which takes place ½ an hour before the GA. Further, there is an Agenda Review item on the agenda.
Coordinator Meeting: Usually meets Mondays at 7pm. This week, we have an action that conflicts, so it has been changed this week only to Sunday 6pm – 8pm. Do these change of meetings need to go through the GA or can the CM do this? No concerns.
Marcus is interested in organizing a “I am Billy” March modeled after the “I am Billy” photograph. What if we had lots of banners that celebrate that we are all part of this community? Let’s reconnect through this march. Any feedback? Marcus is the point person for this action. We are 100% message? When will this happen? Maybe Valentine’s dayish? Contact info: farleymft@gmail.com. You can also look in the forums for discussion on this idea.
Proposal: 1) GA ask OE Mayor Task Force representative to ask the City to uphold the Constutional rights of the homeless. 2) Ask OE Task Force Reps to allow input and report out in meetings in daylight hours where homeless can attend. 3) Ask GA to hold daylight meetings so unhoused can attend. 4) If the above 3 proposals are not consensed by the GA, Inform Mayor that Task Force is not discussing recommendations which may not represent all unhoused who have been participating in Occupy protests.
Proposals as submitted by Irene:
Reps = OE homeless task force reps
1) reps ask city to uphold homeless’ Constitutional rights (considering Pottinger decision)
2) reps hold sufficient daylight meetings so more homeless protesters can attend (published sufficiently in advance on occupyeugenemedia.org)
All homeless protesters from Occupy events may not be properly integrated, & reps tell mayor this.

4th, 8th, 14th Amendments are being violated—These are the ones of concern that are not being upheld. Some people don’t feel that this proposal should come to the GA and we should, instead, trust the Task Force.
There are 2 unhoused delegates on the Task Force. (Lotus, Sparrow, Libris)
Irene is bringing this proposal because 1) She is unhoused and 2) She can’t make the meetings and wants to so would like to see the meeting times changed.
Currently: GA has one daylight hour meeting (Saturday 4pm.) Other two GAs are Tuesday and Thursdays at 7pm.
Some people think that meeting days/times should be set by people on the Task Force. And that the OE representative who are unhoused should set the meeting time/days that are in daylight hours.
Why OE reps seem to be unwilling to consider recommendations? Is there a piece missing to this discussion?
Miami: No bed, no rest.
Big John has volunteered to bring Irene’s input to the Task Force as he is an OE rep on the Task Force.
Some of these ideas were suggested to be researched further by Irene.
Can we do anything yet before hearing back from facilitators?
Have we had proper representation?
Summing up: We want more participation from the unhoused, but we also don’t want to micro-manage the Task Force.
How can input be gathered from people who are not on the Task Force and submitted? Vagabond publication?
OE Task Force vs. Mayor’s Task Force
What is this purpose of these proposals?
How about if Irene passes on “information” to Big John who can bring to Task Force and perhaps the Task Force can give a report at a near future GA that includes a response to Irene’s info.
Temperature Check: Set up a meeting to discuss some OE internal fracturing? Should this item be placed on the GA? Do we want to even talk about the possibility of having a discussion item on a GA to determine if we want to have a separate meeting to discuss internal fracturing.
There is a working group on the internal fractures of OE-
Agenda Setting:
A proposal is being formed that includes adding “new items” to the agenda for item introductions. With group approval, the item will go in a stack to be placed on a future agenda. With a strong approval, the “new items” can be discussed at the current GA.
Feedback: 5 minutes is toooo long. What about 30 seconds – 3minutes?
What about financial requests?
What about more urgent items?
What about the “book” or “forms” for submitting items? People need alternatives to online form. Jennefer will make copies of the paper form and put at front desk and on bulletin board next to Growers office.
Can this idea be implemented with the current process of collecting agenda items?
Conclusion: Only one person thought this idea was not worth GA time.

Personal Reflections:
Tomorrow there is a Sustainable Living Research Affinity Group gathering 1pm @ Occupy V.
Are we treating Poling with enough respect?
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