Open Assembly1-9-12 City Hall

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Open Assembly1-9-12 City Hall

Postby Martin C » Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:50 pm

Open Assembly City Hall

Facilitator: Sam Rutledge
minutes: Martin C.
Morale: Plaedo
Livestream: Mike Elliot

Sam asked for and received permissionfacilitating.

Introduction to consensus
Committee Reports (10 min)
NDAA Discussion 30 min
Closing morale:

Sam: consensus = nonhierarchical
Everyone brings a piece of the truth.
Every piece of the truth is valuable.
We all owe each person a chance to share that piece of the truth.
Consensus can be painful & slow, but can lead to a greater wisdom.
Compromise is what we get sometimes, but greater wisdom is what we want.

Committee Reports
Communications: works on internal & external communications, the website & videos.
Neighborhood Action: looking at foreclosures, talking with people in neighborhoods facing foreclosures.
Sustainable living: New committee meeting soon (couldn’t hear meeting time--will find out & share soon)
Medical Upcoming medical clinics at Occupy V: Tuesday & Thursday 5 to 7 p.m. 7 to 7:30 Saturday. Noon to 2p.m. Monday.
Going to Occupy Congress--medical & livefeed for us. Need financial support for this.
Morale: We try to keep people inspired. Encourage culture. OE writing group, theater group
Everyday hero shout-out: Diesel who cooked & served food today.
Jean who works really hard.
Finance: Maintain spreadsheets that show where money came from and where it goes.
Process financial requests, write checks.
Homeless committee: has been meeting for some time. 8 on Mayor’s task force.
1st meeting of city’s task force exciting so many actually homeless people at meetings.
Announcement: People can speak at city hall tonight.
Library committee:
poetry reading at tsunami at Sunday 15th 4 to 6
Wednesday 1-11 @ occupy V, Chuck Hunt, social movements, how change happens
kitchen table conversations thursday at 2:30 about politics.
NDAA Reports
Just signed into law by Obama. Very big bill, assault on habeus corpus buried deep within it. Indefinite detention of citizens suspected of terrorism.
1032 says no U.S. citizens, but only deals with military police required to detain you.
but 1031 says they can detain us, just don’t have to. After detention has happened, if someone know you’re detained, only then can seek judicial remedy. Formalizes something they’ve been doing for a long time. This mainly makes it harder to fix this in court. Another important aspect: how broadcast in media. Used to scare us. In 1800s shot union workers, so better? Used for fear. Not true that our civil rights are suddenly gone. Just another hurdle in way of civil rights--though very real hurdle.

Questions: his reading says it only for Al-Qaeda? Answer: Al-Qaeda or any other allegedly terrorist group.
Only if give substantial support to group? Vague
They don’t have to provide proof. You are the evidence against yourself.
Legal definition of terrorism? Probably yes. no one knows.
Comments: Obama objected because might limit executive power. It had lots of support in both houses, but both of our senators & our U.S. Rep voted against us.
This shouldn’t affect what we do. Indefinite detention an issue since Patriot Act.
Wants to know relation of National Defense Security Act & relation to NDAA.
Question: wants to know if it’s being challenged in court. Answer: can only challenge something in court if it’s been used.

Suggestion/motion agree to end OA at 7:20 to get into council meeting on time. No objections.

General discussion topic: should we limit OE to few issues, or keep it very broad/whole lifestyle.
99% is mosaic, we’re all part of it, stay inclusive.
People will work on what they want to work on.
Original purpose of OWS: banks/ New Deal roll back like Glass-Steagal, but heart of it is money corruption of congress. thinks focusing on that good, but yes work on what you want. Campaign finance #1 issue.
All interconnected & related to economic injustice. Work on all issues but connect them to root causes.
Hears from outside OE perception that we have no focus, but strength that we focus on much, but focus that money controls everything.
Concern that skilled core organizers work to include, empower more people. & self criticism can be a good thing.
More participation is a good thing.

Closing: Plaedo Morale rap.
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