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Occupy Eugene Coordinators Meeting

1. Committee Reports (30 min)
2. Structure of future Coordination Meetings (30 min)
3. Developing a Site Plan for presentation to Tuesday's GA (60 min)
Facilitators: Jennifer Frenzer-Knowlton & Jan Wostmann

Committee Reports:
Kitchen/New NonViolent Work Group Meeting Tuesday at 3pm at Growers
Communications: Guidelines for Facebook were developed. Will probably adopt for forum as well. Guidelines were read. Deleted posts will be posted in a “Deadhorse” forum section. These are already posted on Facebook. They are guidelines, but they will not be enforced unless they are egregious.
New event form available. Go to website, form tab. Comm Comm will disseminate your event via various web based modes. Tuesday at 5:30pm at Occupy V is the next meeting. Comm Comm needs more people to help. KVAK (Occupy Radio Station: What’s up with this? Rob will research this.)
Fundraising: Sam Bond’s event was GREAT show $551 raised. Two fundraisers on the 14th.
Finance: No report; approved two requests
Medical: Everything good.
Caretaker: Tabled discussion for later in the agenda.
Library: The date of Professor Chuck Hunt's Lecture: It is this Wednesday, January 11 at 7pm @ Occupy V. He’s looking forward to the event! He will be speaking about political activism and social change movements. He is a political activist, in the sociology department and is one of UO undergrad's favorite professors. Let's have a great turn out for him. The discussion should be very interesting and he'll fire us up!
Sustainable Living Research: Sunday 1pm is the next meeting
Legal: Nothing to deal with lately.
Visioning: Focusing on economic stuff
Facilitation: Working on scheduling a facilitation training.
Outreach: Working on a brochure, need all committees to submit info, description, mission/purpose, and contact info to for inclusion in a handout to give to volunteers.
Mayor’s Task Force: Next meeting, 10:15am at CALC; 8 representatives AKA Homeless Solution

Coordination Meeting Process:
Concentrate on Committee Reports and deal with issues that arise from the reports.
1. Every Coordination Meeting will start with Committee Reports or reports from Recognized Organizers. If any committee report generates a long discussion, the facilitator will table that discussion until immediately following the completion of Committee Reports.
2. The second item of every Coordination Meeting will be to resolve any issues surfaced by Committee Reports.
3. The third item of every Coordination Meeting will be items carried forward from previous Coordination Meetings.
4. If time permits, the most important/time sensitive item still on the Proposed Agenda Items document will be discussed.
5. Spot for General Announcements at the end.
6. If time permits, repeat 4.

Most things that go to the GA should go through the CM first, but not exclusively. Shall we arrange items on the agenda in the order of importance. Let’s not take power away from the GA. Group, support, and facilitator are elements needed to prevent hijacking of meetings. This proposal is to help structure CM meetings only and prevent repetitive nature. What about people who do stuff but are not in a committee? The purpose of this meeting is to coordinate with committees. What about announcements?
This meeting should also address bringing more structure to CM meetings. What are our official committees? Who is a representative
Some people don’t want to restrict silencing voices from people who are not in committees but get a lot of shit done.
Site Planning:
Appropriate uses for Occupy V: What are the problematic behaviors? Drinking here during the day, coming here intoxicated, talking to people they shouldn’t be talking to. Animals are a concern. Caretakers don’t want to deal with dog piss and dog shit. We are still embracing our Community Agreements. Caretakers can eject people who are violating the Community Agreements. How do we move people out of the door. What is appropriate use? Let’s not think about this as a long term place. We want to respect this building. We need to be able to let the media into the building. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. We need a phone here. We have a media hotline (Google Voice). Only rule Helen set: Nobody spending the night here. This could get Helen in trouble. There should be a space for children. We need one point of contact with Helen, not 20. We should “better” the building. Smuj, Sweet, and Obie from the Caretaking Committee had a meeting with Helen before she left town. Two people were given permission from Helen that they could stay after hours. Let’s get rules approved by GA and post them at the front door. Should we consider making this a “service animal only” place? Let’s keep this a child friendly place. Maintain the child space, don’t let adults invade the space and set up a table to play cards, and let’s not allow people to tell kids to STFU when meetings are going on. Kids can be noisy. Let’s not recreate the problems here, that we had at WJP. Let’s take down Helen’s phone number from the front window. We should get a Majick Jack to serve as our onsite phone. Everyone should leave Occupy V at 9pm when it closes, and lock the door. Is there a need for security here overnight? If the building is secure, is the stuff inside secure? We have more power here to kick people out than we did at WJP. The front is not an inviting area for the public. Let’s make it professional and inviting in representing Occupy. What if we need to stay past 9pm. How can we integrate people who have pets but not have the pets come into the building. There are liability issues around children. What’s up with the screaming business around children? There’s a grey area around showing papers for service animals. It’s illegal to tie up dogs outside. If Caretakers have to deal with problems, let them make the rules! Close and Open sign for the door. Blinds. We are not a day center, but we are providing food for some people and allowing people to hang out. We are a political movement! How can we operate without a central, indoor meeting space like Occupy V? We don’t want dogs tied up in the front because that will scare people away. Kennels would work well, but there could be problems with barking. Let’s prevent the front from being stinky and messy. People need to take more personal responsibility for their messes. If people are not helping to keep this place clean, then they should leave.

Who can research outdoor meeting spaces for hanging out.?
We are trying to offer community. The hangout space is important. How can we make that happen logistically?
The proposal being drafted will come before the GA. People with animals may most likely block the proposal. However, we can decide on legitimizing blocks as per process. How can we house animals? Remember: There are some legit service animals. We don’t want animals tied up in the back. There are homes in the back. Legally, there are only 2 dogs allowed in a kennel. Animals are not allowed within 20 feet of the kitchen. There is a need for a common area. We need more staff to work 9am to 9pm. We will clear the building at 9pm. Money for heating is trying to be obtained from OCF. Front area should not be a hangout area. Maybe an outside hangout space. We should try to find another back up place like this; another warehouse. If you have a service animal, it should be leashed and servicing the person. The stuff in here is not a free for all! What about if we approve certain service animals? What is your purpose for being here. What about if all the people who have animals get together and talk about the issue?
What about an “All Animals Must Be On a Leash” rule right away. The Caretaker Committee just made this rule, as they are empowered.
Hours of operation for Occupy V: 9am to 9pm
A staffing plan during hours of operation: Still needs to be worked out.
At least three people to draft the proposal for Tuesday's GA: Terry and Rob will draft a proposal on for Tuesday’s GA.

We need buy in from the GA and the owner to keep use of this building past March or May.
Vision for the building: More discussion needed.
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