GA Minutes 1-10-2012

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GA Minutes 1-10-2012

Postby Martin C » Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:06 pm

GA Minutes 1-10-12

Facilitators: John M., Alley
Livestream: Mike Elliot
Minutes: Martin C.

Opening Morale
Intro Rap
Agenda Review
Committee Reports
Proposal: Financial request for Gas (Terri)
Proposal: Site Plan (Rob)
General Announcements
Facilitator Feedback

Peg Morton: 1-11-12 is 10th anniversary of detention in Guantanamo.
Huge demonstration in D.C. at least 310 demonstrations worldwide according to Democracy Now. She invites us to demonstrate about this/be in solidarity with these worldwide demonstrations at a peace vigil on Wednesday at old Federal Building 4:30 to 5:15. The vigil is a very respectful event.

*Report from nurse’s union event at fairgrounds (that took place tonight): county called off negotiations. Donna was only visible occupier, hopes for more occupiers next time.

*Dierdre: hairdresser offering services. has business cards. sees her work as aligning us with highest expression via hair. 20 years exp. unlicensed.

*2012 Lane County MLK Community Celebration
Monday, January 16th
5:00 - 6:30 pm
EMU Ballroom, University of Oregon
Keynote: Dr. Joseph White
Theme: Youth and Education

*Grace: a Cascadia Forest Defender: wants to start an eco-action committee: enviro justice issues focus. working on a statement (that would come back to the GA probably) about coal trains coming through whiteaker. talk to her after GA. will put meeting time on website when decided.

Jean: Wednesday 7 p.m. Chuck Hunt. Social movements class. UO professor, political sociology.

Jean: 7pm. 1/17 Knight law school. group: Strategic training & action research. teaching: principles of organizing. will be on calendar.

100 Occupy the Courts posters (designed by Rob Sydor & Gwen) need to be posted.

OE bumperstickers available from Jennefer Harper

1-20 Occupy the Courts. several openings for brief speeches by occupiers.

Committee Reports
Fundraising: Money from speakeasy event has now shown up.
OCF board: gave us $1,000 last night. Chewie says they like us, want us to have specific proposals for political work.

Co-Occupy: working on offsite cooperative. found possible place. meeting: friday at 11 a.m. at cornbread cafe.

New committee?: re-evaluating how we function. Concerned about cohesiveness, bringing more people in. wants meetings wednesday @4p.m. & thursday night at 5 p.m. at O V.

Caretaking committee: good wood out back was taken, firewood remains. meeting wednesday at approximately 9 a.m. (perhaps 10 a.m.). trying to make a proposal about occupy v rules. working on signup sheet.

Hospitality: still need people to wash clothes, organize etc. still need for clothes here at occupy V. families need clothes etc.
Need help building stuff for displaying, organizing clothes.
need new volunteers for positions like greeting at front door, etc. esp. as some key people going to D.C. Talk to Smuj.

Facilitation: tell Jennefer if you want to facilitate or be on facilitation email list. training will happen sometime soon.

Outreach: wants description, contact info, purpose & mission statement of different committees as handout for outreach volunteers to give out. really wants that.

Visioning: talked about: community bill of rights. coal project. concerns, work on statement about direct affects by possible coal train.
(but Coltrane is a great sax player)

Nonviolence resource work group: sponsoring ride to Salem for Oregon GA.
a place for 100 people to stay. some carpooling (more drivers needed).
2 events. GA in evening & rally at noon at capitol. 1-21. contact Big John

Proposal: Financial request for gas money for group going to Occupy Congress.
Group will provide medical support to event, livestream & network.
Asking for $660 in fuel (amount great enough to need GA approval)
Clarifying: do we have it in the budget. does group have contacts? specific things to do? outreach opportunities? intention to outreach? a place to stay (for one night at least) in DC area? Will they bring Occupy Eugene stuff, including OE and/or Occupy Oregon banner?
Answer to all the above questions: Yes
Concern: possibly not enough money. Amount changed to $800. Group will keep receipts, bring back change.
Concerns: sets precedent to fund future trips. very last minute request (but group talked to fundraising a week ago, fundraising too busy). a lot of money to spend for a few people. Loose proposal, nothing written down.
Pro: Solidarity with national movement, representing OE, Oregon, finding out about national movement all extremely important.
Restatement of proposal after suggestions, friendly amendments:
OE gives delegation $800 for gas money, understanding they will keep receipts and return unused money, make an attempt to get money from national travel fund, try to stay longer if possible to network more.
3 stand asides: (concerns about group being able to represent all of OE, about last minute proposal, about fairness, about precedent)
Process clarification: not consensus with 3 stand asides
1 person with stand aside clarified/changed vote to abstention
Consensus reached with 2 stand asides.
(Helen offers Prius for trip)

Proposal: Site Plan (Rob)
This was a complicated, long proposal. Discussion was chaotic & decisions were mostly difficult.
Basic proposal: money needs to be allocated to bring Occupy V up to code. A working group, with at least 4 people, needs to be formed to make this happen.
The front part of the building needs to be accessible and inviting to the public and open to the media.
The back area, or perhaps outside, could be a hangout space.
The bulk of the big warehouse space would be for meetings, with partitions to come to allow for multiple meetings.
The building needs hours of operation, an open sign, rules, enforcement of rules.
One rule could be that no dogs are allowed.

Subtopics of this proposal:
Allocation of funds to bring site up to code
site changes
dogs (needs its own category)
phone, internet

Allocation of funds/code issues:
Site needs a pushbar for back door. Some electric work. Exit signs. A few other things.
$500 asked for.
Clarification: money will be used for the code issues.
Consensus reached to allocate $500. No stand asides.

Site Changes (other than those needed to bring site up to code):
No disagreement about front area being nice. Clarification that Communications can worry about which media has access.
Agreement that info, reception and kids area should all be up front.
Near universal agreement to not allow dogs in kids area/up front (if they are allowed in building at all).
Disagreement about whether library should stay in front or move to potential back hangout area.
Disagreement about whether meetings should take place up front or not.

Workgroup: The proposal called for a member of finance to be part of the workgroup. Jan finance doesn’t need to be part of it. That part of the proposal was withdrawn.
Ideas about who should be on workgroup, self-nominations. Rob made it clear that it had to be at least 4, but not limited to 4 at all. Some discussion of a meeting time, but no meeting time was announced during the meeting.
Facilitator instructed interested people to discuss workgroup further after meeting.

Obi: problem with some who hang out at Occupy V stealing, being drunk.
Facilitators: caretakers already empowered to enforce rules at O V.
Some debate about whether the building should be open 9 to 9 or just for meetings.

Dogs: a dog bit a child recently. Concern that dogs bark, disrupt. Interest in banning dog from site.
Current rule is that dogs need to be on leash. Clarification that that means leash needs to be held.
Confusion about service animals. Caretaker felt unenforceable to allow service animals as people claim all dogs as service animals.
Concern that banning dogs will make space less accessible to many without houses.
Point of information: Service station has outside kennels.
Helen (site owner) doesn’t mind well-behaved dogs.
Concern that dogs are unpredictable.
Proposal: Dogs must be on leash, in control of person. Aggressive dogs to be kicked out, not allowed. Some kind of liability agreement/sign up will be used. No dogs in kids area. Will be revisited within 30 days.
Consensus reached.
One stand aside: concern that Obi, who wants no dogs, will have to enforce this.

Phone/internet: concern that Comcast is worse than other ISPs, less protective of privacy. Rob explained this was already decided at comm comm, asked for ideas.
idea: EFN provides dial up service for nonprofits. But we don’t want dial up & OE is not a nonprofit.
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