January 12 GA minutes

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January 12 GA minutes

Postby GrameenEugene » Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:58 pm

Getch facilitator, with Mary's assistance. Fergus notes.

Finance reported $200 disbursed, see their minutes for details. $355 now available for bail fund.
Co-occupy meets Friday at 11, Cornbread Cafe
Caretaking: have agreed OE V is not a place to hang out, but a place to work for social change. Dogs are still a problem; aggressive dogs are banned. Need more staff. Ronnie reported many are concerned that the rules are not clear, and are not being enforced reliably.
Media Working Group: contact Jana(541)606-6139 to join a new group getting together to do media and take some of the burden off ComCom. Now meeting 3 PM Wed, looking for best time. They are creating special FaceBook pages to cover specific topics to make information retrieval easier, looking at Twitter.
Visioning: Fergus will bring proposal from We the People-Eugene for OE to co-sponsor a grant application to do legal workshops on Community Bill of Rights to Saturday GA.

Rob was mostly responsible for an intriguing process by which the GA allocated our entire treasury for kool aid and coffee to illustrate how important GA attendance is. Show up!

Helen reported our neighbors at the Cornbread Cafe are very upset with us. They have loiterers in their parking lot hindering customers with rowdy behavior and fights; smelly people coming into the cafe and turning off customers; people using their parking lot. Their customers don't feel safe. These are people who were very supportive of OE. Helen does not want this site to be devoted to social welfare, rather it's about people being here working for social change. She agrees with Pete Sorenson that the homeless issue is dragging us down and distracting from the message of Occupy. Terry McDonald of St Vincent's says the same thing. Helen says we can be here until the beginning of May at least; possibly longer- even much longer if we can help her come up with the $5K rent appropriate to this kind of a commercial property. (10,000 square feet, including the two upper floors previously used for office space but needing improvement. We're now storing some stuff up there).
The GA divided into three discussion groups to talk about what people want to see the space used for and how to achieve that. We formed a task force on the site including Ronnie, Jana, Gwen, Jeremy, Rob, Obie and Mat. More at Saturday's GA.

Sabra is putting together a fraternal-type organization which could provide the kind of community living room some are looking for at OE, which is not appropriate to our mission of political activism.
DC Gifts: Jana & friends are working all night to make armbands for Terry and Mike to take to DC. Want to copy the cool block print in the lobby to take; need artist's permission.
Martin Luther King Day this weekend:
January 15 Sunday:
MLK Youth celebration at Hilton 4-6 PM. Inspirational teen speaker, spoken word, Indian music, reggae.
January 16 Monday:
9 AM March from UO football stadium to Hult Center for program, speakers.
1 PM March from Springfield Justice Center to Springfield Middle School for program, speakers.
6 PM Spoken word by youth of color, Taiko drumming at the Hult. Reception 4:30-5:30
January 18 Wednesday forum on language for a constitutional amendment UO Law School 7-9 room 175. We the People-Eugene (in conjunction with Occupy the Courts, We the People-Eugene present a panel of legal scholars discussing wording for a constitutional amendment to overturn "Citizens United" )
January 19 Thursday: "Empowering the 99%" Community meeting at First Methodist Church 6-8:30. 1376 Olive. We might want to attend instead of Thursday GA.
January 20 Occupy the Courts next Friday. Meet at Free Speech Plaza at 11, walk to Eugene Federal Building for rally from noon-5. Need a couple OE speakers, one from NonViolence
group. Need tent dancers, peacekeepers. OK to set up tents on Federal Bldg lawn.
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