GA Minutes 1-14-2012

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GA Minutes 1-14-2012

Postby Martin C » Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:09 pm

GA Minutes 1-14-12
Facilitators: Jennefer, Jan
Minutes: Martin C.
livestream: Janna
Location: Occupy V

NOTE: Occupy V is the location of every meeting or other event listed in these minutes, unless otherwise specified.

Agenda Review
Intro Rap
Committee Reports
Site plan report (Rob)
Proposal: Schedule (Rob)
Computers for Growers office
General Announcements
Facilitator feedback

Committee Reports:
Co-occupy: wants to co-habitate cooperatively. looking at property
Meeting Thursday at noon.
Local Currency group: Growers Market Tuesday noon
Communications Sunday 2 p.m. Growers. Show up to help. Do website, press releases, Facebook, twitter, teach crabgrass etc.
Caretakers: personal belongings in this building need to go. You can sign up for shifts as greeters. Staffing determines how much building can be open.
Also, everyone is a caretaker. Anyone can clean up a mess here.
Visioning: working on vision statement. tuesday at 5:30 here next meeting.
Action: Wednesday 4:30 p.m. Solidarity with Nurses union: Meet at Wayne Morse Plaza 8th & Oak. March to Nurses union 5p.m. rally at Serbu campus, across MLK blvd. from Autzen, where County will be meeting
Wednesday 7 p.m.: ESSN program at UofO. Activism training.
Occupy media trying to get ideas into action. Seeking pictures, other media to produce cool stuff. Meeting at 4 Thursday, unless they decide on a different meeting time based on a poll on the forums.
Occupy V site plan (report, discussion, multiple proposals) (Gwen)
(much more information about this in previous minutes, at least on 1-10-12)
Renovations coming:
Pick up your personal stuff from Occupy by Tuesday 1-17-12
Occupy V will be closed except for meetings from
Donations needed:
24 2x4x12s
double doors
white paint: 2.5 gallons
rainbow colors: 1 gallon each

Discussion: Idea that building is not for hanging out.
24/7 occupiers need opportunity to be informed, involved
Rules broken, chaos, more than caretakers can do.
Please help caretakers.
library is education space, good kind of hanging out. library committee people needed to facilitate that hanging out.
9 to 9 has been intention
Too much: not enough people to staff it
Needed: need availability for outreach to public, media
Need few hours with highly trained people

Proposal: The primary purpose of this space is meetings, education & workgroup meetings. This is not a hangout, day center or resource shelter.
Friendly amendment: list of tasks posted daily
Friendly amendment: anyone who wants to actively participate encouraged to do so.
Consensus reached
2 stand asides: 1. text should just say people should be here to further the goals of occupy. 2. needs to think about it more.

Proposal: 1/15 to 1/21 Occupy V will be closed. but scheduled meetings will happen
Consensus Reached.

Create a safe adult free kid zone: Consensus reached

Proposal: creation of lounge area, constructed like kitchen storage area, in other SE (back) corner of building. For smaller meetings and for lounging, potentially
Concern: doesn’t like name “lounge”. Answer: doesn’t have to be called the lounge.
Consensus Reached.

No entering building if visibly intoxicated
Consensus reached.

No firearms
Consensus reached.

Comcast: commercially zoned. comcast business $250 to install. $59/month.
(Communications has researched thoroughly, this is best available deal. installation would be less with contract, but that’s not practical.)
Consensus reached.

Proposal: GA Schedule (Rob)
Very few people showed up at Thursday’s GA. Fewer at GAs in general.
3 GAs a lot of time.
Proposal: 1 GA a week at 2 p.m. Saturdays.
Question: when would the most people show up?
Tuesdays best attended.
Some wanted fewer GAs, some wanted the same amount. Talk of 2 GAs.
Friendly Amendment: Tuesday 7 & Saturday 2.
Temp check: mostly for 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Change to 4 p.m.
Restate proposal: dropping Thursday GA
GA schedule will continue Tuesdays @ 7 p.m. & Saturday @ 4 p.m.
Consensus reached:
4 people consensed with reservations (quorum might solve problem. work on getting more participation instead of fewer meetings. it’s o.k. if only a few people make decisions sometimes.)
Stand-asides: 1
concerns about Coordinating Meetings (Coordinating meetings weren’t part of proposal, but they were discussed at times)


Fundraiser tonight: Cozmic tonight, 7 or 8 p.m.
Poetry reading Tsunami 4 pm Sunday 1/15

We need more participation

We the People Eugene working on grant to bring people to town to learn to work on local ordinances. Hoping OE would help We the People with event. WtP also finalized program for Occupy the Courts.

Thursday 1/19 Empowering the 99% 6 p.m. 1st Methodist Church. Discussion of problems & solutions. Ad in R-G. We should really

Wednesday from 6 to 9, Film on How to start a Revolution. here

Flier: Library committee & nonviolence group. Free Bradley Manning 2/1 event.

What we want still not clear, but we want to change constitution. 175 Law 7 pm. Wednesday. John Davidson. DAve Fidanque. Stan Taylor. Wants to change

Donna gathered 9 garbage bags of clothes, needed help taking it to her truck right after meeting.

We should have a bring-a-friend night.

Egan Warming Center open Sunday night.

Portland city council came out against Citizens United.

Personhood: concern that when we talk about personhood people might not understand.

Committee idea: healing & sustainability, will come to Tuesday GA.

Fridays 11:45 Friday meditation.
Also at 2:30 Saturday

Lots of opportunities coming up to help with work at Occupy V.

Feedback for facilitators:
Thinks space is made for participation.
Group should pay attention to what is being discussed at any given time.
Nice that facilitators allowed some room for talking off topic.
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Re: GA Minutes 1-14-2012

Postby Martin C » Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:46 pm

Correction: Site plan report & proposals were brought to the GA by Gwen.
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