GA Minutes 1-17-2012

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GA Minutes 1-17-2012

Postby Martin C » Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:14 pm

GA Minutes 1-17-12
Facilitator: Jennefer
Livestream: Rob Sydor
Minutes: Martin C.

Opening Morale
Agenda Review
Intro Rap
Committee Reports
New Committees/Working/Affinity Groups
Discussion Item: Retaliation of Umpqua Bank
Proposal: Grant Application (Fergus)
Discussion Item: Re-occupying (Sweet)
General Announcements
Meeting/Facilitator Feedback

Opening Morale: Sweet described his recent experiences with Occupy Oakland. Marched in an FTP march. Described police responses. Told how people in OO were very active & more aggressive, with more experience. OO seemed to be built on previous groups. Lots of community support. OO still active in their former Occupy site. Not supposed to sleep there, but still actively there.
Announcement: soup was just brought to OEV
Committee Reports:
Finance has specific criteria for proposals for money. A proposal to spend the remaining money on kool-aid would have to come from an established committee & go through multiple meetings.
Communications: Statement: supports lane county nurses
Comm. working on different roles, spread sheet explaining roles
Actions: meeting at Serbu @5 for Nurse’s event. LATER CANCELLED.
During 11 to 12 @ Wayne Morse before Occupy the Courts possible tent monsters set-up.
Ninja march on banks on Monday: wear black, have fun, dress as ninjas noon free speech plaza Monday.
Occupy the Courts possibly moved to 1st Christian Church (due to weather)
Next Actions meeting 4 p.m. Thursday
Visioning: normally meets on Saturday, possibly not this weekend as Fergus will be in Salem.
New Committees/Working/Affinity Groups:
Healing & Sustainability. Sid.
Jerry: letter-writing group. to write letters to editors, talk about solutions.
(Scotty has a committee involving letters)

Discussion Item: Retaliation of Umpqua Bank (Pastor Doug Vaughan), Lutheran clergy member, supporter of OE, contributed a lot to our occupation at Washington-Jefferson. His story: Banks at South Umpqua. Just before OE bank protests on 11-17, he took money out of bank, mentioned he would spend some on groceries for OE. Noted shocked response at bank. On 11-17 people from OE protested at S. Umpqua.
After 11-17, he went back to bank. Learned from close friend who works at bank that
there had been many emails & meetings that came in the wake of the protest, and that OE supporters were targeted.
He has never had issues at the bank before. The pastor showed the facilitator a letter with a notice of default with a $3,000 fee. The default is false. He is not concerned though as he has a good lawyer.
S. Umpqua is the largest regional bank in the state with assets in the billions. It received 250 million in bailout money. Biggest lender to Arlie & Co. which went bankrupt. Does a lot of business with Guistina (timber), who’ve been fined millions over the years, possibly 23 million in fines.
-Good to focus on local 1% company.
-If they’re attacking our supporters it means we have them worried.
-Umpqua doesn’t have significant derivatives.
-encourages the pastor to speak out publicly.
What Occupy misses is that banks etc. get how they are because of professional politicians. “We lack true civil servants.”

Proposal: Grant application (Fergus) We the People asking OE to join in application for a grant to bring people from CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) to give workshops. We the People would administer grant. $10,000. 4 trainings of a day and a half. Each training could have 20 people. CELDF specializes on going into small communities, fighting corporate power in local communities. wants local communities to assert rights, keep corporations from rolling over them. They used to work on environmental regulations, found regulations were there to regulate environmentalists. CELDF helped Ecuador with its constitution, passed ordinances in
100 townships in northeast. Proposal would create several workshops.
We the People wants any collaboration OE wants to give, particularly wants OE participation and promotion of the event. Deadline for grant is next week.
Concerns: no timeline, budget, would like more details before approving.
Concerns about source of grant.

Discussion Item: Re-occupying (Sweet)
Presentation: Elephant in the room. OEV is not our home. City hasn’t followed through. We’re losing a lot of energy we need. Tired of seeing people, who participated and struggled with us, panhandling, missing.
-Hard to fight the power when don’t have a bed to sleep in. Wants to re-occupy on private land because it’s legal.
-Wants to re-occupy on public land because it’s about taking it to The Man & you need to go to The Man.
-One occupation made it an event, legit, can enforce rules.
-We should focus on fighting corporations, corporate personhood, in solidarity with OWS.
Sweet: every occupation has its own reasons for occupying. OO has homeless as a focus. “We inherited homelessness when we started to occupy.”
-Money city council voted for went to police or to St. Vincent de Paul & related groups.
-Re-occupying not practical given OE’s current internal divisions.
-Needs to be done well, without hurrying, with some secrecy.
-Some street kids left W-J when untrustworthy people moved in.
-Street kids believed in the cause, but didn’t have a good way to pursue it.
-Thanks Sweet for reminding us of sisters and brothers still on street.
-It would be great to re-make the world from the beginning, but not going to happen.
-If focus on homelessness, focus on causes of it.
-People upset with city should go to meetings of city task force & OE group focused on that task force.
Temp check on re-occupying: most showed medium or high interest in occupying.
Sweet will start a committee to look into re-occupying.

General Announcements

Bandana update: Beatrice has more fabric. new paint. possibly more bandanas soon.

Thursday night Methodist Church Empowering the 99%. 6 to 8:30

Documentary idea: Jersey & others talk to people about Occupy, find that they don’t like Occupy for misinformation. Could get homeless people to canvas people at their homes.

Co-occupy: someone with 20 acres of land coming to Occupy V to talk about it on Thursday at 11 am. Could be run as a non-profit, by-laws, govern selves, certain rules.
like dignity village, or an eco-village like maitreya.

Occupy T.V. will start podcasting. On Sunday want lots of people to go to studio for story about occupy eugene. at cctv studios at Sheldon. between 10 and 5

Donna encourages us to support nurses.

Set you goals high. Like our forefathers, Alexander the Great, etc.

Facilitator feedback: more time on proposals. set times at the beginning. much more civil than it used to be. could have been more focus on questions.
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