GA Minutes 10/15/11

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GA Minutes 10/15/11

Postby jamil » Tue Nov 08, 2011 3:35 am

Occupy Eugene
Occupation Site (8th-9th Avenue and Oak St.)
General Assembly #5
October 15, 2011

Proposed Agenda:
Hand Signal Review
Time and Agenda Approval (Consensus on agenda and time)
Agenda Setting Details (Consensus on Occupy GA times)
Committee Announcements
The St. Paul Principles (Consensus on St. Paul Principles)
General Announcements

Review of hand signals, consensus process
Using a full consensus as a first option and use the 90% majority rule as a fall back option

Consensus Reached:
Propose the GA would end at 8:30

Consensus Reached:
Agenda approved

After the meeting tonight, there will be a facilitators meeting behind the stage
If one would like to add an agenda item, email a day before the GA Want to get into contact a day in the future, email ideas, need more facilitators

Consensus Reached:
Proposal to have 7 am and 7 pm GA meetings everyday

Committee Announcements:

1. Communications:
Consensus Reached:
The communication committee will move all list serves to
Set up within the next two days to different list serve
Communications needs help with the website,

2. Finance Committee:
Occupy Eugene has account through Oregon Community Credit Union
Pay Pal button as well on
Can donate directly at Oregon Community Credit Union
donateoccupyeugene at gmail dot com

3. Sobriety Support:
Sober safe space in SW corner, white tent
People on committee will be wearing pink armbands

4. Engineering Committee:
Need to have qualified electricians to set up all electrical needs
Battery bank, generators, renewable energy are all needed
Equipment can be found in green easy-up tarp
Engineering meetings confirmed at a later time

5. Info booth:
Accepting donations of literature, zines for distribution
Please give copies of minutes to information booth
Street theatre, education needed to inform the public, make the information more accessible

6. Medical Crew:
Booth in the corner (Blue tent with Red Crosses)
Great amount of donations have come in already!
Will have one med. person at all times, roaming medics
Warm gloves, hats, hand warmers available
A meeting for the committee will be held in the tent right after the meeting

7. Sanitation Committee:
Need toilet paper, more volunteers
Located in green tent
Using Bucks Sanitation portable toilet until Monday, free of charge
Compost/recycling, trash
If want to take on compost, tell Luke
After Sunday, there will maps of public restrooms around the area for occupier’s use
Compost toilets?

8. Morale Committee:
Plato, Danielle
Morale amazing today! Want to keep everyone happy, peaceful, together
Open invitation to join morale committee (sing, dance, hug, make friends)
Morale committee meeting at Healing Hut after 7 p.m. GA meeting tomorrow
Tasks include sign making, street theatre, hackie sacks, face painting, dancing, singing

9. Peacekeeping Committee:
Wonderful crowd today!
Want everyone to stay peaceful
After GA, quick escalation training in the back near the cedar trees
Facebook page and forum, contact via email if one would like to volunteer
Forum on google doc to take a certain shift
Tables near medical tent

10. Kitchen crew:
Food not bombs provided food today
Please allow us to serve food
Please bring own kits- bowls, utensils
Old yogurt containers can be used
Dish washing station
Please pick up after your self
Thanks for donations
Cooked food would be great!

11. Collective visioning:
Trying to figure out it all, process surveys
Last GA handed out surveys, need to get more back
Still processing, will meet Tuesday at 5:00
Email chris for more information

12. Communications:
Katie D.
Meeting tomorrow at one in front of the stage
Need to discuss inquires from the media
Media/Speaker’s Bureau to talk to the media
Live stream on the web currently
Collective visioning surveys are on the web
Need to clarify the ideas they are thinking about

13. Student outreach :
Library near trees
Donate books at the library for check out
Small ziplock bags to keep the books dry
Quiet space, tutoring

14. Children’s Committee:
Tent for lactating mothers, children for sleep
Toys, books, coloring books, story times
Not a child care area!
Concerns about kidnapping can be directed to the tent (near the cedar trees)
Open to donations, maybe be adding activities

15. Mental Health:
Have mental health support sub committee
Mind Freedom international comfort zone next to nursing tent
If someone is in a mental health crisis, go to medical health tent
White Bird staff also helping

16. Legal, tactics, logistics:
Met with the cops and were supportive of the occupation
Tuesday Farmer’s Market can move across the street
Have legal observers 24/7 to monitor police presence
Make sure to have witness to take down notes
Legal number is 541-790-9137 if need a lawyer or observer
Know your rights brochures, trainings throughout the week
Civil Liberties Defense Center

St. Paul Principles:
1. Our solidarity will be based on respect for a diversity of tactics and the plans of other groups
The actions and tactics used will be organized to maintain a separation of time and space
Any debates or criticisms will say internal to the movement, avoiding any public or media denunciation of fellow activists and events
We oppose any state repress of dissent, including surveillance, infiltration, disruption and violence. We agree not to assist law enforcement actions against activists and others

Lauren background:
Principles of unity, meant to unite and strengthen a broad spectrum of people
Don’t want to have any sense of divisiveness and want to welcome everyone
Principles drafted and proposed
Condoning all things not the idea, but just creating respect and unity of all ideas
For example, if one group wants to have a silent vigil, another group won’t stop that

Consensus Reached:
Adopt St. Paul Principles

If committees need cash immediately, see Jamil cause there is cash available

General Announcements:
Healing hut is to be used for people to relax and take a break
UO Student Government Representative, Jeremy, would like to recruit volunteers in order to write a resolution in order to officially have UO support Occupy E
Smoking is a concern, please be respectful
Everyone pick up 5 seeds cedar seeds and distribute them in cans and buckets near the tress
Please limit side conversations during the GA meeting
Collective vision- focus on repeal of Grahm, Leech, Blily
Drew is working on the livestream and needs anyone with a lap top, desk top, wifi card, hot spots on her phone
Media table is under the cement structure
For positive PR, please act and help others act in an appropriate manner
Education committee is educating people about the issues, need to all learn about them in order to teach
Committees empowered to make decisions (90%, non-partisan, seeking diversity, going out to the community, talking to parties to pull everyone’s interest, want all support unique opportunity to fix the root problem if special interests can remain aside)
Anonymous reading of message on youtube
Richard suggests to go to a credit union on Monday, apply for checking/debit, do nothing until next Friday or following Monday, then everyone will ask for account money in cash
If the banks lock their doors, FDIC will take them over
Corporate greed and computers: the Uptick Rule (sell a stock w/out owning, don’t give up stock), call local legislators in order to demand the Uptick Rule be reinstated
Facilitators meeting has been moved to public library
If anyone has Droid, download the CNN IReport App- lets one livestream online and is stored in their account

Meeting was adjourned at 8:41 p.m.
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