GA minutes January 24, 2012

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GA minutes January 24, 2012

Postby GrameenEugene » Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:11 am

Facilitator: Getch Notes: Fergus About 75 people, including four visitors from Occupy Portland

ACTIONS: Ninja action fucking kicked ass. Ninjas played Red Rover in front of the bank, and did silly things to confuse the cops. Held a massage circle around lightposts. Howled with a dog. Carla chatted up Homeland Security. Terry glued a crowbar to her hands and meditated in front of Chase Bank for two hours.

IDES OF MARCH OREGON OCCUPY CONFERENCE: Occupy Portland is hosting a four-day encampment (some housing available) March 15-18 to build a statewide Occupation alliance. There will be discussions, marches, General Assemblies. They would like a point of contact with every working group, and spokespersons for Occupy Eugene. They would like us to calculate the value of the services we have provided the community. Contact: Antonio
OCCUPY THE CORPORATION: February 29. To co-ordinate with Portland contact PDX Action Lab (360) 801-1216

OCCUPY THE LEGISLATURE: February 1 the legislative session starts and Oregon Occupy will be in Salem. Hopefully, 1000 strong. Organizers Jaime and Antonio. There are severe budget cuts looming, and we will be there to make sure our representatives know we are watching. Meet on the Capitol steps at 10 AM for meeting and networking, then spread out through the capitol in the afternoon. We have a space a few blocks away, on Marion Street, where we can rest and recharge. We'll go back there for a general meeting in the evening. Jim will be the focus point for the OE delegation to Occupy the Legislature. or

UO SOCIOLOGY STUDENTS: Passed out and collected a short questionnaire about why people were drawn to Occupy. They'll come back with results.

FUKUSHIMA MEMORIAL: Gather at the gates of the Hanford nuclear reservation in Eastern Washington March 11 to mark the anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and nuclear contamination for a memorial to its victims. Local windmills, many of them idle, can now produce as much power as Hanford's nuclear reactors.
A Nuclear-Free Occupy Eugene group is forming. Contact: Louisa (541)j653-4355

MEDICAL: Sue reported that they're planning to set up a medical tent downtown to provide street folks and other underserved peple medical care, and to remind our governing bodies that the people we helped at the Occupation are still here and still in need of support. They'll need help with publicity and setup.
Terry reported that, thanks to the Red Cross, he'll be offering 25 people free training in first aid and rescue status certification. They'll be making street first aid packs to hand out. Interested? contact:

PLAEDO'S BLESSING: Plaedo thanks you all for being part of Occupy. He especially honors Terry and the Medic team, and also Carla for her wisdom and commitment.

BOOK CLUB: Is reading Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, the classic on community organizing. Join them an hour before GA's at OEV

(new committee forming)MAAGIC (Mass Action for Affinity Group and Idea Co-ordination): Sam, Plaedo and Mary are setting this up to support large events and actions. Meet Feb 4 at 2 PM at Grower's Market.

COM COM: We had a long meeting Sunday talking about the agreement between Actions and Com Com about press release preparation and process. Still not settled. Several people from the NonViolence Working Resources Task Force are helping with facilitation, ongoing. Next meeting Thursday 5:30 at OEV we'll discuss how to keep PR consistent with our vision statement approved last Saturday.

MEDIA: Occupy TV has 8 shows recorded. One done by Jennefer and Gwendolyn shows next Monday at 8 PM on Channel 29.
Getch reported lots and lots of stuff going on. Videos posting on FaceBook. Podcasts are nearly ready. Getch will email URL's for I-Tunes podcasts.
Oregon Occupy Media Group formed at first Oregon Occupy GA in Salem last week. Occupy Eugene media is in the thick of it.

HOMELESS SOLUTIONS AND SUPPORT GROUP: supports the Mayor's Homeless Task Force. They're working on decriminalizing homlessness, removing barriers to shelter, storage facilities for homeless folks' stuff. Practical and long-term solutions. Some homeless folks just want to be left alone.

OCCUPY ART TEAM: will hold an Emergency Art Party to create art to display at the Friday Whiteaker Art Walk. We need artists of every description. Let's get together, create and party. Cover our walls with art! Wednesday noon? contact: Louisa: (541) 653-4355 We can sell posters and T-shirts to raise money.

(committee forming)HEALING AND SUSTAINABILITY: Sid would like to create a special place at OEV for healing and a sanctuary space. He'll be here Thursdays 7-9. Suggestion that he plug in to Occupy Your Heart and Mind Fridays at 11:45 and Saturdays at 2 PM. Wants to build information resources for alternative healing systems that work.

BAD ASS COMMITTEE: Wants YOU to come out for the Emergency Art Party (contact Louisa (541) 653-4355) and to meet and greet during the Whiteaker Friday Art Walk.

ART'S REPORTS: Support an informational picket at the AFSME building near Cozmic Pizza tomorrow (thursday) at 5 PM. 7th & Charnelton. They will also have information available at the Eugene Library and on campus. They could use some help.
Sweat-Free Eugene campaign is starting up.
A newly formed labor group looking at global warming is going to concentrate on the issue of coal trains coming through Eugene.

WE THE PEOPLE-EUGENE GRANT PROPOSAL: Fergus brought back the proposal for OE to endorse We the People-Eugene's grant proposal to the UO Morse Center for Law and Politics for a $10,000 grant to put on four $2500 workshops with the Community Environmental legal Defense Fund. OE would offer catering services and meeting space, if possible, and wold help with publicity. Long discussion, some mistrust of We the People-Eugene expressed due to their last minute pullout of the Occupy the Courts event at the US Courthouse. Two blocks and a stand aside finally worked out a letter of endorsement which expressed concerns with We the People-Eugene's lack of follow through on Occupy the Courts, but hopes to develop a collaborative working relationship going forward, and which assures Occupy Eugene at least 15 slots at the CELDF Democracy School trainings. Gwen and SilverWolf expressed special interest in participating. Michael Gannon will be the OE liason with We the People-Eugene (Fergus).

WILLIAM STAFFORD OCCUPY BENEFIT: this Saturday. Bring your poem to read, especially if it's by William Staffor. Get there early if you want to read. January 28, 4-6 PM. Donations

CARETAKING/SITE DESIGN WORKPARTY: Contact Gwen to schedule a workparty to turn the front of OEV into a functional workspace.

OCCUPY STORIES: We need to preserve peoples' stories about Occupy. Send yours to Getch has other websites which are collecting Occupy stories.
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Re: GA minutes January 24, 2012

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Thank you for taking minutes! :ugeek:
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