GA minutes January 29, 2012

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GA minutes January 29, 2012

Postby GrameenEugene » Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:28 pm

Jan, John Flanery facilitators, Fergus notes. One person from Occupy Santa Fe.

Women's Committee: Geneva is re-activating, wants your suggestions for the best meeting time. (541)525-7919

Local Economy/Currency: Jeremy's group met last week with several local folks knowledgeable about local currencies, including from a social networking site on the gift ecomony.
Co-Occupy: Looking at establishing a community on a rural site. Meet next Thursday at 5 PM.(Jeremy)

Re-Occupy: (Sweet) Met Tuesday. Looking at what worked and what didn't last time. Working on goals for doing better.

Cooper reported some good art done on our murals for the Friday Whiteaker Art Walk. Want to do more? Paint and brushes stored under the stairs.

Homeless Support Committee: Jean reported a number of different subcommittees hard at work, looking at short-term to long-term solutions. Following Mayor's task force meetings.

Outreach: Jennefer reports meets Fridays at noon at Grower's Market. They have materials prepared for you to use when tabling. Get them your committee info to print up.

Media: Jennefer reports meets Sundays about 11; formal meeting at 1. Usually there all day. Come on down and learn how to run a camera. Back corner of Sheldon HS parking lot. Working on putting out a 'zine with photos, creative writing, art. Occupy TV 8 PM Monday Channel 29.

Vision: working on goals for OE. Working list: 1) houselessness; 2)Corporate Personhood; 3) Economic Bill of Rights for Eugene; 4) Tax fairness; 5) Single payer Health insurance; 6) A Living Economy, a la David Korten: Agenda for a New Economy; 7) preserve the biosphere; 8) Re-formulate the goals of the business enterprise; 9) peoples' banks; 10) election reform; 11) mortgage crisis; 12) student loans; 13) Patriot Act and NDAA; 14) create phone bank at OEV. Jerry will post on crabgrass.

Com Com: Bret reports they're publishing individual opinion pieces on the web page; will archive them in special section. Get 6 stars on crabgrass and you're in.

Kitchen/Bad Ass Committees will soon start producing weekly dances at OEV

Online newsletter: Larry Liberoni(?), Graham Lewis, Rob Sydor will be issuing a monthly newsletter online & paper. Hopefully to get to bi-weekly. To inform general public about OE.

NonViolence Resources Working Group: Meets Friday at 2 PM Growers' Market. Will be doing non-violence trainings and education. will do coaching for Actions (need coaches). Has a Mediation Working Group. Non Violence material will soon be in online library. Contact Big John: (541) 653-4232

Bret and Jennefer presented a proposal the OE host the second Oregon Occupy State Assembly. Contact them to get on email list or crabgrass discussion site. Eugene is a logical place for the 34 Occupy groups Bret's identified to gather. Either Feb 18 or 25. Start having monthly state meetings. Not a decision making group; discussions and networking. Bret will post a map of Oregon Occupies, please add other locations you know of. Milton reported Oregn ESSN is meeting earlier on Feb 25 in Eugene, and many ESSN members are also Occupiers. My Name Is Billy march will be that morning. Likely meeting time 3-6 or so. Please inform Bret or Jennefer if you can provide housing. Join the working group.
Proposal consensed on: 1) suspend regular GA for that day to hold Oregon Occupy State Assembly; 2) Form a working group to organize it.

Lots of things going on in February will benefit from co-operation between committees:
February 6: Roy Keene speaks at Cozmic Pizza on tax fairness and sustainable forestry. Vision, Actions, Outreach committees. This ties in with potential actions regarding McDougal Bros application for $500 K state economic development grant.
early February: Rob Miller proposes one or two Reflections and Retrospection gatherings in a large space like the WOW Hall to help us process our Occupy experiences, heal and move forward. He's collaborating with the NonViolence Resources Working Group.
February some time: startup work on Jean's Bank Proposal: Jean wants us to pick one global bank and really focus on them, research, information pickets, urging customers to pull out their funds, hitting them for cash, looking at their foreclosures and foreclosure practices. Actions, Outreach, Media, Com Com, Visioning committees. Jean's also proposing we find the credit unions most friendly to poor people, and urge bank customers to transfer deposits there. This campaign could go viral and nationwide.
February 25: Oregon Occupy State Assembly. We'll need to get OEV spiffed up. OO working group, Kitchen Committee, Facilitation, Media, Caretaking committees.
February 26 (?): Open House at OEV? Have tables for working groups to explain their activities and talk to the public, recruit members. Entertain & Network Oregon Occupy visitors.
February 29: Occupy the Corporations. Focusing on ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) writes all your favorite Tea Party legislation. Outreach, Visioning, Media, Actions committees.

Free Bradley Manning: Feb 1, United Methodist Church. 1376 Olive. 7:30 PM

Adbusters calling for Occupy Chicago for the month of May, when the G-8, WTO and NATO will be meeting there. Occupy will hold a Peoples' Summit to bring alternative proposals.

Occupy the Legislature February 1. Meet on the Capitol Steps at 10 AM. Lobby the first day of the legislative session. Legislative agenda is available online somewhere, apparently.
Carpools leave OEV at 7:30 AM, back in time for Bradley Manning event.

ESSN Global Warming Committee meets Tuesday Feb 7 @ 3 PM Cozmic Pizza.

Nat'l Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier. Feb 4.

IWW movie End of Poverty Cozmic Pizza Tuesday January 31 7 PM

Health Care for All meets Wednesday Feb 1 7 PM EWEB. Earlier for background material.
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