GA Minutes January 31 2012

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GA Minutes January 31 2012

Postby Ross » Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:06 am

Occupy Eugene Meeting Tue 31st
+ Building needs to be vacated by May 1 and looking for people to form committee to find alternative location
+ Visioning Com has list of goals they are looking for input from, through riseup visionining committee to help prioritize what OE will work on
+ Legal looing for green hats, needs them back! If anyone needs legal observers please let them know
+ Moral shoutout to Gwen for caretaking for the space and Getch for facilitating tons!

Committee Reportbacks
- Occupy Medical: Park blocks this Sunday, noon – 5pm, medical care
- Communications Committee: 5:30 Thur meeting for input, looking for folks for University of Oregon interviews, trying to develop criteria for what goes on website, training folks on press releases
- Bass Ass Productions: party on Saturday to raise funds for Occupy Eugene
- Downtown Cop Watch is in affect, lots of support, need more folks to help keep cops accountable – get ahold of John Monroe
- Occupy Oregon event in Salem tomorrow, meet in the morning at 7:30am to leave at 8:00am
- Outreach: meeting at Friday at noon at Growers, looking to get signs for businesses or other supporters to put in windows that say ‘we support Occupy Eugene’
- Facilitation Com: still looking for folks, meet Sat at 1:30 at Cornbread Café
- Foreclosure Actions: national movement now, actually stopping the banks, meets at Sunday at 11:00 at Reality Kitchen at 245 Van Bureun ( across from Ninkasi )
- Magic: Mass action affinity group for large scale protest: first meeting at sat at 2:00pm at Growers Market
New Group Forming
- Group for visual display for economic inequality – series of flags laid out, one thousand white flags, and then 1 for the 99 percent, or number of homes forclosed upon like flags of all the home foreclosures in Lane County

- Will OE declare health care as human right? How many issues in our society are affected by the extraordinary costs of health care? Strategic move for OE. Establishing a group consensus would grow the movement towards universal health care – nurses are striking currently in part due to lack of health care – if you can get health care for people then that opens room for other organizing victories
o Health Care for All meets tom at 7:00 at EWEB – Vermont got single payer first by declaring this same thing, and then working from there
- Oakland Non-Violent Training Workshop in Oakland on the 18th and 19th Will the GA support this, or pay for carpooling down?
o This training will also be in Seattle
o Suggests that we get more information on how best to proceed?

General Announcements
- March on Sunday – street organizing – was very successful, prison solidarity action as well
- If you will be downtown on Friday come talk to Alley or John – Keezy Sq. Revitalization Project – around noon!
- John Zerzan’s comments recently disparaging
- Occupy Solidarity Social Forum is up in Olympia on the 18th and 19th
- Portland is having four day conference to define what Occupy is -> March 15th – 18th
- Empowering the 99% march in four weeks, to focus on UNITY – Feb 25th
- March against ALEC is late in Febuary, Tango Down is planning event
- Roseburg could use help on this Saturday to give food and hugs, in Eagles Park at noon every Saturday

Park blocks this Sunday, noon – 5pm, medical care
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