GA Minutes 2-7-12

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GA Minutes 2-7-12

Postby laurenasprooth » Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:54 pm

**Very sparse minutes; we need more minute takers and a more diverse group of people taking minutes!!**
**Please come to the MINUTE TAKING WORKSHOP this Saturday, February 11th, 12 -1pm at Growers**
**or just take minutes and use the template given on the forums under GA minutes**


General Assembly Occupy Eugene

Facilitator: Getch
Note taker: Lauren kinda

Agenda Review
Committee Reports
Discussion: Oregon Learns (Art)
Quorum for GA's (Jan)
Discussion: Meidcal/state assembly funds
Discussion: Should OE adopt a statement of principles or accept a diversity of tactics?

Committee reports (a few Juicy highlights)
Medical: med tents every week now, come this Sunday to the park blocks!
Non Violent Resource Group-there is a subgroup called the sustainable relations group that is doing facilitated listening sessions. They are drafting an explanation of what they are and how they work (passed around sheet explaining)
Morale: booking bands for occupy oregon
Neighborhood actions: Next meeting Thursday 5pm growers. Sunday reality Kitchen.
Legal: back in action! Lauren is back and they are doing lots. next meeting wed 5:30pm OE5

New Committees
Occupy Food and Garden committee (Sue and Sabra)-Wed the 15th 7pm OEV

Climate Coalition-wants occupy on board for their meeting Feb. 15th at 8:00 Maitreya 1641 W. Broadway. Talk to David or John F.
Paper at Growers now to make tiny tents. Make them during your meetings!
Every Monday 6pm Roy Handy/Roy Keene talks on the Forest Cozmic Pizza, they are great, go!
Minute taking workshop! Saturday, February 11th, 12 to 1pm Growers
Kesey Square Revival is looking for street peacekeeping team, talk to John and Alley

Oregon Learns[/b
Bill designed to restructure Oregon's educational system
UO may be privatized
Come to a meeting wed 3pm at the EMU to hear/discuss interim president of UO speak about it
Come to Oregon investment Baord meeting @LCC thursday at 5pm. There will be carpool to Lane
*more info to come on website on this. For more questions email Art

[b]Proposal on Quorums

Last Saturday's GA there were very few people, discussed having a quorum


-should have a second proposal to make 1 GA a week
-change language to at point of consensus
-we can always amend the number in the future!
-If there is not a quorum, then it can pass at the next GA without a Quorum as long as the proposal has not changed (so as not to hold up business)
-If we publish proposal and people still dont' show up then it is their fault, lack of quorum an't stop us from doing business after 2nd GA
-Remember quorum is the least possible number

Temp check: 25 people for Quorum:
4 stand asides-should be higher/too small to be representative/25 ppl can really alter the org through a single GA

Temp check: 30 people for Quorum:
4 stand asides: too high

Amendment: proposal must be presented on OE contacts at least 24 hours before GA
-not in line with facilitation process for agenda setting, they have a form

Tabled until Saturday
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Re: GA Minutes 2-7-12

Postby laurenasprooth » Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:56 pm

I can't find the actual proposal, Plaedo had it and I am trying to get a hold of him to post it. Post it if we have it! Hopefully we can get up soon.
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