GA Minutes 10/17/11

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GA Minutes 10/17/11

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General Assembly Meeting
October 17th, 2011
Notes taken by Shanti and Jamil (credit primarily to Shanti; i.e., all mistakes )

Agenda Review
Morning Report
15-sec Announcements
Committee Reports
Approved: An item specifically about Saturday Market if it is deemed necessary.
Intervention Training
Open Mic
Morale Committee:
Breathing and chant

Amendments to agenda:
Propose to make separate item for a legal agenda for discussion of Saturday Market (after committee reports and if necessary) (Consensus Reached)
Stack on whether to make an amendment to the agenda-
- Want to discuss Saturday Market with or without legal before committee reports
- Support of having the entire group make decisions
- Committees are delegated to do this
- Lauren; tasked with the legal team, secret kept from law enforcement, in direct communications with Saturday Market, law enforcement not welcome
- Facilitation; the agenda items are time-critical so please consider that there are other important items.
- No announcement about kicking out Saturday Market

Morning Report:
Long conversation about quiet hours, perhaps 11 p.m.- 6 a.m., 10 p.m.- 7 a.m., 11 p.m. -7 a.m.
Drum circle until 10:30 (some thought it was late)
Possibly move the drum circle
Needs to maintain to be an area of free expression
Peace Keeping
Issue with a woman who was eventually taken away by the Police
Peace keepers have authority to call the police for safety, as a final circumstance (Consensus Reached)
Loophole to St. Paul Principle [!]
Temporary use of this site
Express ourselves as mightily as possible while we can
No night time swing shift
Two volunteers for tonight
Problem with cigarettes, trash
AM GA Meeting; usually 30-40 people
No limit to GA discussions (Consensus Reached)
Will organize events to happen during the day
All events listed at information booth with dates, times, locations
15- Second Announcements:
Song circle and heart circle
Committee Reports:
1. Sobriety Support
Recovery Meetings in the tent
2. Build-Team and Engineering

Proposal to contact Green Recycling (Consensus Reached)
Giant Solar Truck-EWEB;
Proposal: get information on using it. (Consensus Reached)
Find someone with gray tape if one sees anyone that is unsafe
Can join committee freely
Put donations behind the information booth
3. Sanitation

Can sort all recycling now, need all clean materials
Get portable toilets cleaned tomorrow and Friday ($15 each, $75 each day)
Please donate (can donate through Occupy or through Buck Sanitation)
Extra bins for trash (need to keep recycling separate and do not throw away glass)
4. .Collective Visioning

Meeting tomorrow at 5:30 in front of the stage
Surveys at the information booth, can drop them off there too
5. Medical

Meeting at 6:30 at Oak St. side of the fountain
Thank you for donations
Need to field shifts
If one has any kind of first aid training, please help
6. Kitchen

Health department came by
Needed to get a permit, but assured it was not going to be a problem
Will do the health, sanitation check
Proposal to get a permit (Consensus Reached)
Does this effect people donating food/what kind donated?
Only one person needs a permit for the kitchen (one person with Handler’s Card at all times)
Dishes moved from the kitchen
Great donations of huge propane stoves, good flow of donations
Need regular volunteers to serve
After GA meeting, please help with dishes
7. Information Booth

Committees submit minutes
Everyone will have access in a couple of days
Concern that committees are closed, but sign up for volunteering
Contact list for all committees is available at the information booth
Need volunteers for greeters and table
All donations sent to the information booth
8. Peace Keeping

List of minimum guidelines to call the police:
If there is substantial danger at the site
If someone is brandishing a weapon with the intention of assaulting someone or currently assaulting someone
Need female peace keepers
If need a peace keeper, mike check a peace keeper
Next meeting tomorrow at 5:3- next to the medical tent
9. Facilitation

Can go to information booth to put agenda items on agenda
Meet after the general assembly meeting, behind the stage
10. Website

Moved list serves to
If one wants to get involved, go to a meeting (have a calendar on the right)
11. Morale

A small group of committed individuals—we have great strength
We need to bring more energy in; get new people involved
Have a concert to bring people in
Proposal: On Thursday from Noon-6pm; reggae, folk; hip-hop?
12. Legal and Logistics

Police called last night, tell the community that if the police get called, they are not allowed to physically remove (unless charges are pressed on the individual)
Can’t call the police and have them remove unless they arrest the person (unless the individual is suicidal)
All of us need to learn to deal with situations
Trying to deal with sensitive information, trying to keep things secret
Farmer’s Market
Agreed to go across the street to be in solidarity with us
Would appreciate it if we patronize the market tomorrow
Tasked with coming up with potential protests and actions
Field trip for a protest
People who have ideas about protests should join legal, logistics
Will share ideas on the next night’s GA
If the Buck’s portable toilets are not cleaned, the police will shut the camp down unless we have them cleaned
Jaywalking also may be a legitimate basis to end the occupation
Lane County Mental Health
Volunteered to be with us 24/7 (Carla)
Questions, concerns, shadow opportunities
Some issues need to be kept secret for the sake of the Occupation
Don’t want to be disempowered by information leaked to law enforcement
Facilitation note: If one has an agenda time, please present ideas 24 hours ahead of the meeting via forums/information booth)

A. Saturday Market
Lauren: Decided we will not be interfering with the Saturday Market this Saturday
Legal works with engineering, there is communication
Some people want a “leave or stay” decision
Concerns over committees and their power
Saturday Market Vendor- Can’t move booths over to Freedom Plaza, only going till November 12th
Concern over hurting business
Need to trust legal committee, no reason for distrust
Suggestion to give this to legal and engineering
Tension is building between us, community, gives us the chance for us to be in the spotlight; if we trust legal, we can use this as a tool.
Issue: transparency; what’s going on. I haven’t been been invited.
No legal meetings have been conducted after the march
Confident legal has a great idea; question about if we are leaving or not/condensing
Need to trust our leaders
Did occupy rally/march have a negative influence on the Saturday Market?
If we break down, will we be able to rebuild?
If one wants to continue discussion, come to the meeting at 5:30 at CLDC office (5th St), make sure to bring I.D.
Proposal: Table the discussion of the Saturday Market until Wednesday (Consensed upon)
B. Tour of Shame
March around financial district, stop in front of each one, more mobile than the Bank of America protest
The tour would be conducted on each day of the week
List of 20 proposed sites, suggestions through the forum
Each night, throw out ideas. Then do it the next day; at lunch hour.
Would occur during lunch hour
Has UO been considered? Yes!
Friendly Amendment: Withdraw money on November 5 from banks we tour (Anonymous)
Tour of shame does not adequately address the very local problems that multinationals create.
Proposal: Tour of Shame (Consensus reached).
C. Concert Proposal
Proposal: To hold concerts with reggae, hip-hop, rock, folk, jazz, country, dubstep, etc. this week on Thursday 12:00-6:30
Friendly Amendment: To have a concert next week as well (Consensus Reached)
Freindly Amendment: We do the concert at the main stage accross the street. (Rejected)
5:00 Concert Meeting tomorrow
D. Daphine (Elder’s Committee)
E. Trainings with Zack Schwartz: Psychologist; Traing for country fair
Meeting tomorrow for Compassionate Intervention Training (7:15, but would be utilizing one hour of GA)
Friendly Amendment to move the GA meeting to 6:30
Speakers Bureau at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow; Infoshop (booth)
Morale Committee: Concert Meeting at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow; Infoshop (booth)
F. Morale Chant
Joseph with “People United Will Never Be Divided”
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