GA 11-1-11

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GA 11-1-11

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11-1-11 Occupy Eugene PM General Assembly Minutes

Morale Opening
Principles of Safety
St. Paul Principles
Intro & Team Volunteers
Committee Reports
Discussion Process

Facilitator: Chester
Minutes Taker: Jennefer Harper
Livestreamer: Rob S.
Stacker: Guy
Live Minutes Takers: Aaron Madzick, Sam Rutledge, Gregory Walker
Scribe: unnamed volunteer
Sign Holder: Monet
Door Keepers: Jamil, Aaron M.

Mic check by a little kid; group song: “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For.”

Principles of Safety read.

St. Paul Principles read.

Hand signals reviewed. Some discussion regarding the use of direct response hand signal, and cautioning to not abuse the “move it along” hand signal. Let’s work on listening.

Committee Reports:

Visioning Committee-
It’s hard to come up with a vision. There are 6 folders in the Info Booth. Please share your ideas. The folders are labeled: 1. Visions, 2. Grievances, 3. Solutions, 4. Strategies, 5. Tactics, and 6. Questions.
We need daily and weekly actions. Think about: What is Oregon’s statement? Should the statement be the same one that is engraved on the capital building?
A challenge for the U.S.A.: How do we balance freedom with conservation? We must try to balance personal freedom and equality through justice. What we are doing is based on the foundation of this country.

Family and Children Committee-
There is only one member left in this committee, so obviously they need more help. Please sign up at the Info Booth.

Legal/Research Committee-
A new and hopefully permanent site was decided last night. We met with the police and city folk. On November 9th, there is a Council meeting. We hope they give us the green light. Let’s invite the City Council to have a walk through of the Occupy site and come to an info meeting. UO will allow us to stay until Saturday at dusk. There are a lot of events this Saturday. There is a rally at 11 am. The march is at noon and will go to the new site. We will continue dialogue with the cit and UO. Can we stay here until November 9th? We will continue to try to push the date of our stay. What is the role of the Occupy Eugene? The city counselors want to know. (fyi: Dallas bans homeless from their Occupy.)
Are there utilities available at the new site? There is no potable or grey water there. Irrigation exists. Washington Jefferson Park is ODOT property which is managed by the city. We requested resources. Lt. Kamkar is our contact with the city. Lauren R. has the legal phone. Dave Huban is our UO contact.

Allies Working Group-
Group wants to help the socially marginalized. Meeting this Thursday at 6pm.

Engineering Committee-
They are preparing for the new site. They have contacted permaculture, landscaping, and alternative building organizations/groups. A Pacific Dome has been donated. It is 44X44/30 feet. There is also a 26/28 feet tipi. Messages have been left inquiring of donations to : Rogue Dwellings and Nomadic Dwellings. Can we get some army tents? Kits for shelter? Japanese hotels? Perhaps some donations from Tine. We don’t want anyone in nylon tents in the winter. Tomorrow will begin the village building process. We will need to discuss security, utilities, etc. Engineering meeting at 6pm at WJP. Let’s help with civic planning. Come and help! The police are concerned that we need to set up our perimeters at WJP.
Peacekeeping Committee-
They are going through the neighborhood to talk to folks. Advocating for nice, natural perimeters. They will hold a 5:30 pm meeting. Maybe on Thursday. At the Wednesday meeting, Guy will facilitate. Let’s avoid the “F” word (fence).

Education Alliance-
The union of University of Oregon workers is marching. They will start at MillRace and march to the Johnson Building this Thursday at noon.

Financial Committee-
People can donate money online or through Oregon Community Credit Union or at the Info Booth, or live in person right now! (Give him your money!) We have about $2,000 right now. If you need money, submit a request at the Info Booth.

Kitchen Committee-
We need more people doing dishes. Some people are eating 3 meals a day but are not helping at the Occupy Site!! Take turns doing stuff, people! Hold signs! Help support the Occupy! Perhaps we should make a schedule. Breakfast is served about 9am or 10am. We need early morning coffee makers.
What’s up with the Volunteer Booth?
Some people are leaving because they are so stressed out.
One injury to one person is an injury to all.

Proposal: Let’s not make any decisions tonight. CONSENSED

Tonight, we made a list of discussion only topics. These topics were generated from the group, and we consensed to discuss them, but not make any proposals or decisions regarding them tonight. Below is the list of topics generated:
• Solidarity with other Occupiers
• How can we address lack of involvement? (Coupled with Volunteering discussion)
• Solidarity with Oakland (Coupled with Visioning Topic)
• Discussion of moving date proposal
• Occupy Eugene media & other organizations
• Broader representation of Occupy Eugene in the media
• What are we trying to do? (Brief collective visioning)
• Volunteer discussion (Info Booth and Volunteer Booth need to be the first stops for newcomers. Booths need to be ready for sign up. Involvement is not coming through.)
• Further site concerns

Discussion item: Washington Jefferson Park
• There are tweekers and drug users out there and there is concern for “bad things” at that location.
• There’s not enough exposure there.
• We don’t want the group to separate.
• Downtown, UO are preferred by some.
• If we do outreach before we move, it would be beneficial
• Location needs more discussion.
• Reminder: Initially, MillRace was a temporary site only.
• It is a paradox to protest and adhere to City/UO pressure.

Discussion item: Move date
• We need to clean.
• We shouldn’t move until Friday pm or Saturday am
• Let’s move asap
• Let’s consense on a date to move instead of being told what day to move.
• Engineering will move stuff the day before.
• Let’s push out the move date so we can plan.
• Let’s move asap so we can set up camp permanently.
• Mother Nature is working against us.
• Please help Engineering move infrastructure and then move your personal stuff.
• After you move your stuff, participate in the march!

Discussion item: Broader representation with formal groups
• The mayor met with representatives of Occupy Eugene.
• This morning there was a meeting with the City Manager.
• There was a request for the Legal/Research Committee to announce meetings so a broader representative from Occupy Eugene can attend and participate in meetings.
• Can Street Kids, Elders, etc. select people to go to these meetings?
• Let’s invite the mayor and City Peeps to the GA’s.

Discussion item: Visioning
• We are re-creating society.
• We should hook up with other Occupiers.
• We are the 99%
• What kind of wonderful things can we do here locally?
• Solidarity!
• Take your own action!
• Talk to your friends in other cities.

Discussion item: Volunteering
• Keith is now our Kitchen and Volunteer Guru!
• What are we going to do about people doing nothing?
• We can’t force “them” to do anything.
• Why are “they” here?
• Shall we invoke social pressure?
• Let’s haggle “them.”
• What about handstamps?
• Pregnant women and children should eat first!!!!!!!!
• Let’s reach out beyond our camp.
• Beware of drainbows. “They” exist.
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