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Occupy Eugene General Assembly PM Meeting 10-25-11

Facilitators: John Flannery, Jeremy
Vibes Checker: Elie
Minutes by: Jennefer Harper

Agenda Review
Safety Principles
New Groups
Emergency Committee Reports
Regular Committee Reports TABLED
Other Items: General Concerns TABLED

Paul and John led us in a song: Water My Soul

Agenda Review:
Proposal: Have General Concerns at the end of agenda CONSENSED

Safety Principles:
A review of already established safety principles as drafted by Occupy Portland were shared. Some of these principles include: supporting well being and solidarity in order to create and maintain community; sometimes the individual needs and freedoms may have to come second in order to prioritize the needs of the group; There is a no-violence policy; no drugs in the common areas; cigarettes in designated areas only (though no zone has been created for ABP); no unwanted touching; follow health and sanitation guidelines.

There are biodegradeable dog poop bags duct taped to a corner post near recycling. Get ‘em if you need ‘em. Pick up your dog shit.
If you are not being serviced by Medical, stay out of the medical tent!
An occupier’s friend, who is a doctor, said he would bring his kids to the ABP OE site.
On the 30th, there will be a Breast Cancer Run at ABP. Let’s dress up and participate!
Let’s get serious about teaching and sharing our knowledge/principles. Start at OE, spread it outward!
Wednesday at noon there is a facilitation working group. Please come! Check at the info booth for location of meeting.
In case you haven’t noticed: It’s cold! Bring, use, and donate wool stuff.
Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm on KWVA (88.1), OE will be featured. Tune in and call in: 541.346.0645
Elder’s committee meeting Wednesday at 3pm at Cozmic Pizza. They will be discussing an action item: Transfer Monday (Nov. 5th) action event.
Rainbow Family hosts a gathering circle everyday at 3pm on the hill. They OM and stuff. They are trying to create a Homeless camp. Come.
A person announced that there are people on Facebook and watching the livestream who are in solidarity with the OE movement. Let’s get some info out!!
Elie (our lovely Vibes Checker) is missing her favorite tapestry scarf and her spiral notebook that has an OE patch on the cover. If someone borrowed these items, please let her know.
At 3pm on Wednesday there is a “spiritual” meeting.

New Group:
Paul (whose contact info is circulating on some handouts that were given out) is creating a Clergy Committee and a Peace Net Committee. Join!

Emergency Committee Reports:
Engineer Report:
We need heat sources donated. These cannot be open flames. They got tools.
The “boundaries” of the actual OE campsite at ABP has been measured and flagged to the diameters of 700 X 200 yards.

Tipi Report:
The Elder Tipi is set up, be there is interest in setting up a second tipi. This decision was decided against due to the uncertainty of moving.

Visioning Committee:
Purpose of committee: To bring vision statements to the General OE. They agreed to answer two questions: 1. What are we doing here? 2. What is true for us? Answers: 1. We are here to learn and to share what works for us all. 2. We are unhappy with the status quo and want to take responsibility for positive social change.
Next meeting: Thursday 5:30pm, Saturday 2pm. Location unannounced.

Library Committee:
We’re here. We made it happen. We have no meetings!

Kitchen Committee:
WE ARE OUT OF COFFEE! Bring us some.

This is a decision item.
Proposal: We will move temporarily to the University of Oregon Quad.
A long line was created of people who wanted to speak to this issue. Some people’s comments were not on topic. Below, I will list the pro’s and con’s that I extracted from the comments, and at the end of the list I will note significant off-proposal-topic comments.
Pro’s Con’s
The UO students want to contribute to the movement. No water
It is a highly visable location No electricity
It could be a symbolic site Will turn movement into a student movement and will then be turned into a cause that will be ignored
There is wifi There is a lack of parking
There are electrical outlets It’s unsafe
There is a need to reach out to students and we can do it easily there Hard to move kids/families stuff to
It would increase the amount of media, especially national media Hard for people to drive up and drop off donations
It’s a chill place The admin don’t want OE there
We need students; students are there Can’t have any drug/alcohol use
We could block the parking by camping in the parking lot by Kincaid St. We don’t want to obey other people’s rules or laws
There is student body representation support for the location move Moving dissipates strength of movement
The UO student body representatives have actually invited us. It is a high crime area
Too many drunk students
There are a lot of students on campus who feel “entitled” and this would be problematic.

Other note worthy comments:
Let’s not move too soon! (Note: At this moment the proposal has no time line.)
Let’s wait at least until Monday to move!
Q: Can we have two OE locations?
EPD says: We cannot have tent cities all over the town. We can’t have two sites.
Will this move be temporary?
There are only 11 beds in the city jail.
This Saturday is a Duck game!
People do not feel safe at ABP and want to move asap.
Things that some people have reported as happening here: death threats, rapes, children being taken.

Proposal: Let’s continue working on the relations we have already established.

some chaos here, once order is resumed, we continue with comments from people on the stack

Let’s consider other places on/around the UO campus!!
Let’s have a protest on the bridge EVERYDAY!
Camping vs. Protesting. Can we find a place that is a compromise? ABP is great for camping, but not protesting.
We need to consider other options!!!
Some people want to stay here because they like the gazebo.
Hey, let’s bring down some school busses and load people up and go into town to protest!
We need unity.
People are leaving ABP due to the lack of visibility the location has.
What about the park at 20th and Agate?
Please, let’s not move on Halloween.
Let’s move little camps at ABP closer in together. We are too spread out!

The facilitator tries to bring order and summarize:
These are the important questions:
Do we want to move?
Where do we want to move?
When do we want to move?

Findings: Most people want to move. Some people are opposed to moving to the UO.

A couple more comments are voiced before major chaos erupts:

Some people will follow OE wherever it moves.
We need to figure out what we are about!!

After much pause to reestablish order, another proposal is made:

Proposal: We will move, at least temporarily, to the UO.
(Note: No timeline embedded in the proposal)

Much side talk.

At least 5 blocks are counted. Facilitator attempts to begin to inquire with persons blocking for reasons for their block.
Loud crowd comments and erupting shouting prevents minute taker from recording reasons. Maybe one reason is stated before much emotionally heightened conversation breaks out everywhere.
Proposal: We will move Thursday to the UO.

Much loud discussion, cross talk, side talk.

At least 3 blocks are counted. There is no consensus. Therefore, a move for 90% consensus results. The counting begins.
First vote: 49 yes, 11 no

Much loud shouting. A second count is called for. We divide the room into two. Yes on one side, no on the other.
Second vote: 51 yes, unknown no’s (minute taker could not get a number of no’s.

Facilitator announces that we have NOT reached 90% consensus.

Much confusion, chaos.

Proposal: We will move on Thursday. CONSENSED

Proposal: We will table the UO discussion until Wednesday PM GA meeting. CONSENSED

Much unrest.
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