decision-making minutes from GA#3

Please record all proposals having to do with GA process in this forum. The first post will remain and should be updated/modified as new decisions are adopted.

decision-making minutes from GA#3

Postby tree » Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:04 am

Consensus – discussed and agreed on a way to make decisions for the group. Consensus was recommended based on other occupation organizations success with it and after a long discussion it was agreed that we would attempt to reach 100% (pure) consensus on decisions and when someone disagreed, we would discuss it with them and attempt to come to an agreement this way. If this is not possible, we would turn to a 90% consensus. In this meeting, pure consensus was reached in every situation.

Hand signals were suggested and implemented for the meetings. Joanna will create Hand Signal images and send to group.

Hand Signals associated with the following:

Agree/Consensus: Agree with the proposal
Block: Serious decision to block entire group from moving forward. To block you deeply believe the move would be detrimental to the entire organization.
Abstain: You do not agree with the proposal or group decision, but are sitting out on the consensus so as to not get in the way of what the majority would like to do.
Amendment: You would like to add an amendment to the proposal or change it in some way without changing the fundamental aspects of the proposal.
Point of Process: When you would like to add something to the discussion. If there are many people wanting to speak, we create a “stack” where people line up to get a chance to briefly speak about the issue at hand one at a time.
Direct Response: You would like to respond directly or answer directly to the person speaking.
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