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This proposal achieved full consensus (with three consent-with-reservations) at General Assembly 11/30/11


To schedule General Assemblies and Coordination Meetings on alternating evenings at 7pm at least four nights per week, with Village Meetings two further nights per week: General Assemblies on Tuesdays and Fridays, Coordination Meetings on Mondays and Thursday, and Village Meetings on Wednesdays and Sundays. This would not affect the current scheduling of Grand/Open Assemblies on Saturdays. Neither Coordination Meetings nor Village Meetings would be empowered to make decisions for the General Assembly or Occupy Eugene as a whole.

To help make individuals, committees, and working groups more accountable to one another and the Occupation as a whole, and to increase effective coordination between groups. At present, a Coordination Meeting is especially necessary to help committees and working groups build support in Eugene, and build up the physical Occupation itself, in preparation for our ongoing presence beyond December 15th. Equally, a Village Meeting is especially necessary to help occupiers make collective decisions about the organization and norms of the Occupy Eugene village.

Logistical Considerations:
1. The Monday Coordination Meeting each week would be held offsite, tentatively at the Whiteaker Community Center. The location of General Assemblies, Open Assemblies, etc. would be unaffected by this proposal.
2. Speaking participants in Coordination Meetings should be recognized members of Occupy Eugene, with others welcome to sit in and bear witness. One of the Coordination Meeting's first orders of business will be to better decide on its internal organization, which should involve a closing period for input from witnesses.
3. Coordination Meetings should be focused, facilitated conversations, with the agenda tentatively set at least 24 hours in advance and physically and/or electronically available to all participants. One of the Coordination Meetings first orders of business will be to further refine the specific process for agenda-setting.
4. Minutes should be taken at each Coordination Meeting, including attendance, and made available to the Occupation as a whole.
5. Village Meetings will be organized by those who attend them, and should address issues of the physical encampment.

I was not given the full text of the proposal in its final form, as it was consensed upon with a friendly amendment, and so it is possible that there are inaccuracies here--especially as regards Village Meetings. I will remove this note as soon as someone gets me the full text and I edit this post. ~ Ira
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