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What happened to 'End the Fed' ?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:13 am
by a protester
Can somebody tell me why the leaders of the Wall St. movement aren't focusing on the cause of all our problems - the FED?

The protesters don't even know that the 'Federal Reserve' is a private corporation that has more power than all presidents and legislators put together, so how can the American people know. The media is controlled by the government, which is controlled by the 'Fed', yet what is wrong with our leaders that they're not informing us all.
The Rothschild-controlled 'Federal Reserve' literally OWN us, and that should have been our #1 priority from the beginning, but it's not even mentioned!
We should be marching against Chase Bank, the #1 stockholder in the 'Federal Reserve', and telling the public what Chase is doing to their own customers. We have to get the public to understand the terrible threat to our survival, and that we're on the same side, and using Chase can help accomplish that.
I need an answer - What's going on here?