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OCCUPY YOUR CONSCIENCE is an umbrella empowerment project being proposed to OCCUPY EUGENE. It is based on the idea that we, the 99%, as consumers and the electorate, are partners in all business and government decisions and thus we bear half of the responsibility for the current status quo. This concept is derived from the idea that thru our purchases we support or choose not to support specific businesses; and by our acts, or failures to act, we control or give up control, of government. By acknowledging our half of the responsibility, we also lay claim to our half of the power.

OCCUPY YOUR CONSCIENCE acknowledges that the current economic mayhem, catastrophic environmental practices and socio-economic injustices that have been brought about by the unfair and risky practices of business and government is leading to the destruction of life as we know it. It acknowledges that our beloved democracy is rapidly disappearing into a plutocracy, managed of, by and for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many and at the risk of a sustainable earth.

OCCUPY YOUR CONSCIENCE maintains that we, the 99%, can change the world non-violently and effectively by actively claiming our half of the power and changing our own participation. Behaviors and avoidances which have historically contributed to the destruction of the earth and the people who share it must be drastically changed. If we cease to irrationally buy products and services, and if we cease to allow the few to buy the government of xxxx million Americans, then we can stop the destruction.

OCCUPY YOUR CONSCIENCE will use the power of the masses of people, well informed strategies and effective tactics to effect change. It will be comprised of many different specifically targeted campaigns and will use a wide diversity of tactics, carefully designed and selected to be the most effective means by which to accomplish our goal. The campaign is primarily educational and motivational. When carefully strategized drastic actions of civil disobedience and mass protest are needed to spark or better arm the campaign, they will be utilized. At all times the message will be central and tactics or behaviors that distract from or compromise the message will be avoided.

OCCUPY YOUR CONSCIENCE seeks to revitalize the power of the people, through unified actions, to disrupt the status quo and to establish more balanced relationships between business, government and people; relationships that will foster an environmentally sustainable world in which people take care of each other in a humane way that respects our common rights and that bands us together in solidarity against any power which challenges our shared well-being. We must unite in solidarity. We must go viral! We are the power of the people and the power of the people won’t stop.
OCCUPY YOUR CONSCIENCE is a proposed project of OCCUPY EUGENE, in partnership with other organizations and individuals. Working Groups of interested individuals will be developed for each of the campaigns. Each OCCUPY YOUR CONSCIENCE campaign will be brought to the OCCUPY EUGENE Actions Committee for endorsement as a project of OCCUPY EUGENE and, when appropriate, endorsement from other organizations may be sought. Affinity groups are encouraged to participate; guided by the St. Paul Principles of respect for the strategies of the campaign. The first campaign to be proposed is “Know Who You’re Sleeping With”.
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