We do not need vandalism we need education.

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We do not need vandalism we need education.

Postby abin22 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:49 pm

Our problems stem from a primitive economic system. Occupy must focus on the solutions. Such as Co-operative worker owned and democratically controlled economics. Yes we need to demonstrate but we need to use these events to educate the public. We helped shut down a nuke plant with music and shows. We effected real change. Because we focused together, on each others projects, one at a time. I must say I was hoping to get occupy to focus on the Workers Economic Bill of Rights because it would absolutely put the capital power back into the hands of the people. My point is that Occupy will have to focus on solutions together and not be scattered. I propose we focus on this Bill of Rights and show the workers we are on their side. Even the police are workers and they have the right to collectively bargain with their employer. That is the 8th right stated in the bill. Obviously to me we can start a movement based on this bill as evidenced by the almost 10,000 views we got on this forum in about 9 weeks. I was hoping to add focus and legitimacy to the Occupy Movement, because it is based on economics, with the workers bill.
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