Original OE intent ... Now OE

Gathers to analyze and address the relations between systems at different levels: the systems that emerge among us as members of the occupation itself, local and regional systems, and large-scale systems (national or international, for instance). We are committed to developing workable proposals for concrete action at all three levels. Our conversations aim to link the movement's practical and theoretical concerns together in the service of collective and individual growth.

Original OE intent ... Now OE

Postby TheGreatRenewal » Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:11 am

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*Coming together to ...
* Discuss, educate, take actions focused on ...
* The ga-zillion 'issues' from banks to plastics, from war to student loans, from fracking to campaign finance, from international trade agreements to gun laws because ...
* People want 'something' else. People want a great renewal to 'the world we want'
* We want everyone's voice heard
* KOTO ... know one, teach one


* Many people are arriving ...
* Homeless
* Runaways
* With mental illness
* With substance abuses

Presently 90% of Energy, Time, Money, Effort, Discussions are focused on the Now OE and only 10% on create the environment for the Initial OE. There is NO BLAME, NO SHAME, NO GUILT. We have what we have in the Now.

How can we create a balance so Initial OE can work alongside The Now?

Right now the process is basically being formed by an 'open' democracy. My extensive experience indicates that a 'functional' democracy would achieve this balance while still respecting the Initial Intent and dealing with The Now.


1) Open Democracy: Present form

* Everyone's voice heard
* Don't like 'rules' ... often default behaviors become 'this is how we do things'
* Don't want 'government'
* No hierarchy
* General Assembly: everyone speaks, consensus from all, small/medium/big decisions made.
* Committees make proposals to GA: everyone works on every proposal.
(PICTURE THIS: several hundred dots (individuals) come to a GA)

2) Functional Democracy: I observed in a number of traditional living communities and also in Mondragon worker-owned co-ops (256 businesses with 90,000 worker-owners). I put this forward for consideration.

* Anyone's voice can be heard when they join a Working group (ex:kitchen, decorating new fence, camp clean up), Committee (ex:finance,security), Forum/Affinity group (homeless, student debt),Teach-in (We The People, International Free Trade, Green Energy)
* Strong emphasis on clear understanding of 'this is how we do things'
* Strong stress on 'governance'
* Strong stress on 'self-management'
* Strong emphasis on circles
* Decisions made in Working groups, Committees that impact The Now by bringing balance between Initial OE with Now OE.
* Forum/Affinity group or Teach-in make decisions for their own group and for actions
* General Assembly (two types): #1) everyone welcome to attend and speak about 'gaps' that are not being addressed yet by Working Groups and Committees. #2) everyone welcome to attend but only appointed/elected/chosen representative from Committee or Working Group.
* Deeper understanding for #2 GA: A) Everyone in camp is encouraged to join one or more WG/Committee/Forum. B) Consensus and all voices exercised at this level C) Group appoints/elects one representative/spokesperson who has earned respect, has experience, can express the collective Voice. D) GA becomes another circle of smaller group. E) Everyone in group sits with their spokesperson. They can listen and have some whispered side-chat for point of order and clarification. F) New spokesperson can be different each GA. G) As people take more responsibility they earn more respect and exhibit higher level of consensus skills.
* Deeper understanding of #1 GA: a) open GA happens 2x/wk b) Only focus is on the 'gaps' existing Now c) Representatives from WG/Forums/Committees must be present but they can be a different person (a Listener and Reporter) rather then Talking and Consensus. c) Next #1 GA report on 'action of gaps'

There are so other dimensions that become more difficult to write in this online format.


1) OD ... everyone's voice heard all the time on all topics every time (image ... big circle).
2) FD ... everyone's voice heard in 'Groups'; Representatives of 'Groups' are heard in GA; If necessary clusters of 'representatives/groups' spin off to work; capability of moving to another tier for consensus. (image ... multiple circles embracing all funneling to circle with fewer people representing the multiple circles and possibility of clusters)


1) OD ... too many issues coming into GA. Feedback difficult to implement. Less connection between WG/Forums/Committees. Everyone equal at all levels at all times.
2) FD ... issues/decisions made in WG/Forums/Committees (those with like interest and knowledge); feedback easy, strong connection between WG/Forums/Committees. Everyone equal at WG/Forums/Committees. Earn respect and show skills in order to participate in GA and clusters.
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