Daily Life ... Initial OE versus Now OE

Gathers to analyze and address the relations between systems at different levels: the systems that emerge among us as members of the occupation itself, local and regional systems, and large-scale systems (national or international, for instance). We are committed to developing workable proposals for concrete action at all three levels. Our conversations aim to link the movement's practical and theoretical concerns together in the service of collective and individual growth.

Daily Life ... Initial OE versus Now OE

Postby TheGreatRenewal » Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:39 pm

If we can't bell the cat then we're remaining in the Mind. We must be certain that what we imagine can actually be achieved and sustained. There are two Principles we must keep us on track: KISS ( Keep it simple, stupid) and KOTO (Know one, Teach one).



1) NOW OE:

* Mostly hanging out by the majority of people
* Lots of jobs that need to be done and only a few people doing them.
* Reasons why not enough people helping:1) No expectation or sharing Value/Principle of 'this is how we do things' 2)lack of skills 3) lack of teaching skills 4) issues related to being homeless, experience mental illness, having substance abuse or runaways 5) the default behavior in Camp comes from the mantel of 'open democracy' where inclusiveness with no hierarchy/rules/governance is encouraged; lack of understanding that 'rules' = 'this is how we do things has been promoted. This has led to no societal expectation that living onsite is about enlivening the Initial OE. 5)poor communication of what needs to be done 6) Lack of onsite process to get people involved.
* Some 'actions'
* Trying to develop intercommunication.
* Initial OE swamped by Now OE
* Unifying daily activity is meals


* People here to 'do the work' of Occupy Movement: study, education, actions, work
* Daily Schedule idea: Breakfast, clean camp; 1 1/2 hour (8 Spaces): classes, committee, teach-in and forums/affinity groups; 1 1/2 hour (8 spaces): classes, committees, teach-ins, forums/affinity groups; lunch; actions (whole camp or generated by class, committee, teach-in or forum); dinner; General Assembly (5 GAs .... appointed representatives and get things done more rapidly; 2 GAs ... totally open discussion of gaps etc)

Perhaps the site will continue beyond mid Dec. Every day is lost if we can not show people 'the world we want'.

I hear people say: 'We're working on it'. Yes, that is no different then what is going on in the 'world we have'. GOP/Tea Partiers/Conservatives/Libertarians believe 'we are working on the world we want'.

What is happening onsite is profound for many of the people there. There is a great deal of healing and much being accomplished. Seeing gaps is NOT criticism of what is. What is may lead to the world we want and if people are comfortable with the process then what I am asking you to consider will sound hollow. However, if you are beginning to understand the difference between 'open democracy' and 'functional democracy' and like it, know that it actually brings forward the skillful participation of more people then start to put it in action.

What would hamper that? Open Democracy ... set a proposal, bring it to committee, have it brought to GA, discussion and consensus ... that's a whole lot of 'government' and less 'governance'.

A 'functional democracy' put into place through self-management/creativity/ability for committees and affinity groups act on what they know, giving form to daily life, KISS, KOTO and work (in camp and on issues) can rebalance the Initial OE with the Now OE.
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