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City Club Discussion of Occupy/Occupy Eugene

PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:39 pm
by TheGreatRenewal ... cle_id=301 ... cle_id=306

I heard this young man speak at a Peace Conference on Sept 11 in Berkeley.

ONSITE ... enlivening The Ga-zillion

I'll be trying to put up signs for 8 Class Spaces, a big white board with scheduled 'times' for people to sign up for.

9-10:30am ... classes (how-to); affinity groups (people being foreclosed and those interested);teach-ins (the 'study' of 'specific issues'); committees (many about 'the site')

11:00-12:30 ... same as above

Afternoon ... actions (any class, affinity groups, teach-ins or committees can take individual 'actions' or coordinate with others.

By bringing more 'form' to the Time and diversity onsite then perhaps a 'balance' between the Big 3 Issues facing OE and all The Ga-zillion we must move along to investigate.

OFFSITE ... Enlivening The Ga-zillion

How do we get BIG? We open up to ALL The Ga-zillions, organize and coordinate: studying/learning and taking action.

We forget that 'taking action' is best done in the form of 'working toward' rather then 'fighting against'. If 'Action' means 'protest' then we are NOT creating the 'world we want'. If we want something then we must live it at every moment with consistency.

AFTERNOON .... Actions

What if people started 'doing' good things around town as 'action' associated with any specific of The Ga-zillions?

Every action we do absolutely must be an opportunity to 'educate' and 'inform' others about that specific Ga-zillion. As much as possible, every 'action' should be reflecting the 'world we want'. Sorry we cannot use words like 'revolution'. We can use words like 'Re-evolution'.

If we want the 'world we want' then we must live it even when other factors are not right. There is no 'perfect' BEFORE we live the
world we want' ... we must live it in tiny ways. Imagine the work force we have at camp and in community once it gets organized to 'actions' that improve the community without waiting for 'things to get better'.