A Link to Our Document on Stewardship Teams

Gathers to analyze and address the relations between systems at different levels: the systems that emerge among us as members of the occupation itself, local and regional systems, and large-scale systems (national or international, for instance). We are committed to developing workable proposals for concrete action at all three levels. Our conversations aim to link the movement's practical and theoretical concerns together in the service of collective and individual growth.

A Link to Our Document on Stewardship Teams

Postby IraA » Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:37 am

Hi, Everyone,

Here is a link to our collaboratively-edited-to-be document on stewardship teams: http://piratenpad.de/teamstewardshipproposal. I've pasted in the original text of Jerry's proposal as we discussed it last Wednesday (11/30), with a couple very minor edits.

Please introduce yourself in the chat box the first time you check in, so that we all know who we're writing with by color :-). Also, don't be afraid to let the document get a little muddy--the beauty of all having different colors is that we can write responses directly in line with the text as it goes along, though I've also added sections for general concerns and reformulations of things.

I look forward to reading what you think! (Also, please send an email to oec_systemicchange@lists.riseup.net to be added to the listserv for our working group, which has now been activated :-).)


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