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OEFB Moderators Ideas - posted to OEFB 12/26/11

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:15 pm
by Shelley Jensen
A discussion of using moderators for the Occupy Eugene Face Book page (OEFB) will be probably be discussed at a GA soon. Who knows, perhaps it will be Tuesday (Dec. 27, 2011)?

Here is text of a possible proposal – I am not posting it to the GA agenda as a proposal because the Allies Group has not had a chance to meet lately. I have been reading ideas from others so this is what I have pasted together.

If someone else wants to build on this to create a proposal, perhaps these ideas will be useful:

• That it be tried on a trial basis (i.e 2 weeks) that automatically sunsets unless extended by GA vote.
• Existing administrators would be ask to work together as a moderators team. More people would be become a moderators (administrators).
• An additional Facebook page would be set up to hold the posts that might be or have been removed. The new Facebook might be called OEFBA. It would be open for public viewing but could only be posted to by administrators/moderators, allowing for complete transparency for anyone who cares to look at the work.
• OEFB members could send a notification to any moderator to communicate about problematic posts, but moderators will hopefully be on line enough to see the items about which some of us are concerned.
• There are two types of posts that are of concern. The first is just generally offensive material that is violent, homophobic, racist, sexist, unredeemably vulgar, etc. Any post that seems like a likely candidate to be removed on this basis will be reposted (as it were) to the OEFBA site. When moderators are on line – they will check the OEFBA page and comment on the post. Once five or more different moderators have posted that they agree that the post should be taken down, it will like an open ticket. One of the moderators has to take responsibility for it. That means: note it in the discussion, take it down, and send a notification to the person who had her or his post taken down with an explanatory note. The moderator will attempt to set up a cordial communication with the person to let them know what is going on, why the post was taken down, and try to welcome that person into the OEFB community. If after a long time, the moderators feel that the person is just a provocateur with no potential for contributing to the conversation, the moderators can vote to remove a person. Input would need to be taken from the rest of the FB community before this action would be contemplated. A vote of seven moderators would be needed.
• The second type of post that is of concern involves personal attacks and/or sexual harassment of an individual. These posts will be taken down with a vote of three moderators, an explicit warning will be sent to the person, and if the person does not change the undesired behavior immediately that person will be removed from the community. One written warning and enough time to respond would be expected before a person was removed. The name of the victim should not be publicized and should be removed before reposting to OEFBA.
• No decision of the moderators will be as individuals. There will always be a discussion, which will be open for public view at the OEFBA page.

These suggestions can be modified in any way that makes sense. I offer them as the best I can figure out at this moment, based on the input from the various individuals who chose to contact me. If you agree with this post, or if you have suggestions, please send me a notification message.